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  1. Well Fed's chocolate chili

    The chili does come out rather thick. The good thing about chili is that you can always add more stock and make it the consistency you like. I also think chicken stock would work just as well. All the flavors marry well so I don't think switching broth would make a difference.
  2. I survived Texas Roadhouse!

    It is great knowing you have a local restaurant that will cater to your dietary needs. Fortunately I have a few in my area.
  3. Coconut aminos

    Yes, definitely not a soy replacement, but I found it to give my food that umami you get with soy sauce. I plan on trying a stir fry with cauli rice and chicken next week with it next week for dinner.
  4. Roasted Winter Squash or Pumpkin

    I have used zucchini noodles for other things, like meatballs. Not sure if it would work with roasted veggies, since it is just another veggie. I eat them as a side dish now. One other thing I made once that would be paleo/whole 30 friendly, is to roast a butternut squash and then puree it with some chicken broth. Add salt, pepper, a little ginger and you've got a fantastic soup! I can't wait to make that when the weather cools down.
  5. Roasted Winter Squash or Pumpkin

    I make roasted squash often. It is yummy! In fact roasting is my favorite way to prepare most veggies. I love roasted brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, cauliflower, broccoli, asparagus(my personal favorite), etc. etc. I used to make a pasta dish where I'd roast a bunch of veggies and then toss with pasta with parmesan cheese and some of the pasta water. Simply but delish. Obviously no longer an option, but I still love the veggies!
  6. looking for Ghee - homemade recipe anyone?

    Thanks for the clarification! Ghee is clarified butter taken a step further in reduction. Got it.
  7. Coconut aminos

    I tried some today and I liked it! I am always a little scared to try new foods but I was not disappointed today. I had precooked a batch of ground turkey the other day and I mixed it in with sauteed zucchini. I was feeling like I wanted chinese food, so I added a tsp of coconut aminos and a tsp of toasted sesame oil. It was yummy! I was tired of only gearing my meals toward Italian style cooking, with tomato paste and garlic. It was a nice change of pace. I will definitely be using the coconut aminos again!
  8. looking for Ghee - homemade recipe anyone?

    Is there a difference between ghee and clarified butter?
  9. Tuna and vegetable broth?

    I have resorted to buying solid light tuna instead of the usual solid white albacore. There is no soy in the solid light. I don't understand why they would use it in one and not another. The only ingredients are tuna, water, salt. There's nothing in the list about broth with soy like the others. Oh and I did check whole foods, but I was not about to spend $7 on a can of tuna.
  10. What can I do with ground meat?

    My mother made stuffed cabbage last week. Instead of the traditional rice mixed in with the meat, she used rice cauliflower. It was pretty good. The sauce, however wasn't whole 30 compliant because it had a little bit of brown sugar in it.
  11. Possible side effects?

    That's what she suspected and why she ate fruit. It's weird that these feelings persist even after eating some carbs. Will it subside eventually?
  12. This question is actually for my mom. She is not on the whole 30, but she is pretty much following the protocol. She's eating very little carbs, no sugars, grains, or dairy. She's been doing this for a few weeks now. Since yesterday she's been feeling weird, she describes it as almost an anxious feeling and is wondering if it's the diet. I guess it's possible. It's not low blood sugar because she tested her sugar and it was fine(she's pre-diabetic so she tests frequently). She ate an apple and it helped for a while. It's keeping her up at night too. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Thanks!
  13. Slow cooked brisket

    I actually will be making that recipe on Tuesday, along with roasted root vegetables and green beans almondine.
  14. Slow cooked brisket

    I have made this recipe before and it's awesome. I don't make the gravy and it's still awesome.