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  1. Hi everyone, Hoping someone can help me troubleshoot this. This is my 5th W30...but it's been about 2 years since I've done one. When I think about previous experiences, I remember feeling pretty darn good once I got through the rough patch of the first 5-10 days. This time seems different to me...I'm on day 13 and while I'm experiencing some positives (e.g., I'm more regular and less bloated), I'm still extremely tired (waking up to an alarm after 8+ hours of sleep with big bags under my eyes) and I'm finding it hard to feel motivated and focused. I know I'm not at "tiger blood" yet in t
  2. Hi everyone, This question is more about food freedom after finishing a W30. During my W30s, I’ve always felt amazing but typically, I slide back into old ways. After my last W30, I continued to keep the foods out that upset my system but I did add back in rice and popcorn as it didn’t seem to have any ill-effects in reintro. I’m now a couple of weeks in my food freedom and I’m feeling pretty exhausted if I’m honest. I’m not eating rice or corn every day so I’m not sure it’s that. I’m wondering if it’s because I’ve moved off the meal template and, maybe, my body doesn’t have enough fat or