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  1. Here in Chicago I love the Whole30 Delivered option via GrubHub! However, I can't find any nutritional info??? Am I missing it? Do I have rocks in my head? Or are these recipes documented somewhere else??? https://www.whole30delivered.com/ Thanks for your help, Team! -Lee
  2. LeePutmanJr

    NYC Whole 30 Tips

    I'll be visiting NYC the week of September 9th, and this info is super helpful! Anyone else have any updates, or favorite NYC Whole 30 options?
  3. LeePutmanJr

    Whole30 Delivery via GrubHub in Chicago

    BTW - the 'parm' was made from Cashews & Garlic and was GREAT!!!
  4. So, I got the email this morning telling me I could order officially licensed & approved Whole 30 meals through Grub Hub in downtown Chicago. HELL YEAH!!!! I didn't even waste 5 minutes, I immediately pre-ordered my lunch for delivery at 11:45am. I got the "spaghetti & meatballs". It was awesome! WAY better than what I'd cook myself, and this was LUNCH!!! Yay! However, I can't seem to find any info on ingredients or nutrition info. The Whole30 Delivery website (via Lettuce Entertain You) is actually pretty thin. I'm doing the Marty Kendall Nutrient Optimizer thing where I track all my food in Chronometer, and some specific info on nutrition would be nice. Anyhoo - the food was great, and I'm super excitied to have this option!