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  1. Here in Chicago I love the Whole30 Delivered option via GrubHub! However, I can't find any nutritional info??? Am I missing it? Do I have rocks in my head? Or are these recipes documented somewhere else??? https://www.whole30delivered.com/ Thanks for your help, Team! -Lee
  2. I'll be visiting NYC the week of September 9th, and this info is super helpful! Anyone else have any updates, or favorite NYC Whole 30 options?
  3. BTW - the 'parm' was made from Cashews & Garlic and was GREAT!!!
  4. So, I got the email this morning telling me I could order officially licensed & approved Whole 30 meals through Grub Hub in downtown Chicago. HELL YEAH!!!! I didn't even waste 5 minutes, I immediately pre-ordered my lunch for delivery at 11:45am. I got the "spaghetti & meatballs". It was awesome! WAY better than what I'd cook myself, and this was LUNCH!!! Yay! However, I can't seem to find any info on ingredients or nutrition info. The Whole30 Delivery website (via Lettuce Entertain You) is actually pretty thin. I'm doing the Marty Kendall Nutrient Optimizer th