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  1. AussieMell

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Wow thanks for the tips again guys! Who knew you could buy these things online! Yes, I am waaaay behind the times in terms of my online shopping. But I love going to the ships holding things in my hand reading ingredients etc. This Whole 30 has already opened up a whole new world of food to me. Currently making the Salmon Cakes - they smell awesome! Can't wait for lunch!
  2. AussieMell

    Sourcing food in Australia

    You guys are awesome! Thanks so much for the tips. In regards to the curry paste. I was looking at the Ayam and other brands at Woolies when doing my shop yesterday, but I couldn't find any compliant ones. They all seem to have sugar when I look at the ingredient list. IS there one I can use while doing the Whole 30? Might have to try an Asian grocer for a bigger range. The Melrose Coconut oil is the one that I have, we used it when making our fritatta and I am getting more used to the smell, I haven't found the taste over powering so that is good. I found the Macro Brand Coconut Cream and Milk at Woolies too. Same size can, compliant and a little cheaper. Will keep an eye out for the Ayam brand on that front as well. So besides a curry, is there anything else you use for coconut milk/cream for? First day today was a success - I think I need to be more mindful of my snacking though!
  3. AussieMell

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Thanks GoJo09! Your responses were very helpful. Yes, I think I'll survive without the Coconut Aminos for now then. I have my bone broth on the stove as we speak, though I'm lucky I had a pot big enough! I purchased some coconut milk and coconut cream from my Go VIta store today, they were $3 and $4 a can respectively for 400ml cans. It is the Spiral Organic brand. This seems really expensive to me though. Anywhere I can get it cheaper? Or brands anyone can recommend? Thanks heaps.
  4. AussieMell

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Hey Guys, I am new to this and starting my first whole 30 on Monday 1st of September. I have slowly been stocking up and trying out whole 30 ingredients. I bought Coconut Oil the other day. So just to be sure, I would use this to cook with, instead of say Olive Oil, or those nasty vegetable oils? I grilled some chicken with it, which tasted nice. Wasn't the hugest fan of the smell, but I guess I'll get used to it. I am going to check out my local farmers market this weekend to hopefully get most of my veggies and fruit for my first week, I think they have free range eggs there too! I remember reading about coconut aminos in the book, but will have to go back and remind myself what they're all about. Also, I am going to go to the the butcher to pick up some bones to make a bone broth over the weekend. Are there certain types I should use? Don't want them to give me dog bones ;-)