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  1. pinkhairedmom

    Egg free breakfast ideas?

    Well that was majorly random. Who said anything about using dairy? From what I have read, it isn't part of Whole 30 anyway, and even if it was, I'm intolerant of dairy and eggs so that leaves out most protein powders because soy and hemp are VILE. My smoothies are all fruits and green veg with coconut water or plain water as a base. And Yes. even though you're supposed to "chew" I'm still doing them because with crohns disease I don't digest foods like normal people.
  2. pinkhairedmom

    Egg free breakfast ideas?

    One thing I did not do right to day was eat enough calories early in the day. By the end of dinner I'd only had about 600. It's just SO DARNED HOT and humid that I didn't want to eat. So then this evening, I was really hungry. Will have to work to balance it out better tomorrow, but with only being able to handle so much fiber at once, it's a challenge.
  3. pinkhairedmom

    Egg free breakfast ideas?

    LisaLulu- I have a teenage son who is in training for the Marines. I feel your pain. I've taken to buying him his own pork tenderloins and chicken leg quarters just so the rest of the family has protein to eat. LOL
  4. pinkhairedmom

    Egg free breakfast ideas?

    Smoothies may be discouraged on Whole30, but they're encouraged on the crohns diet. I'm walking a fine balance here. Rules that apply to most people could cause me to end up in the hospital on remicade or methotrexate and massive steroids and antibiotics. Fiber is NOT my friend and I don't even have a colon to worry about cleaning out. In order to have fruits and vegetables at every meal, I'm going to have to smoothie or juice some of them or I won't be able to do it at all. For me, extracting the nutrients is more important than the fiber. Life of a crohnie. I'm very lucky that I've been able to go for quite a while without a big flare. I've had one that tried to kill me. I'd like to avoid going back there again. I only weighed 86lbs but I'd rather be fat than that sick.
  5. pinkhairedmom

    Egg free breakfast ideas?

    Thanks everyone! I think I did pretty well today. I made a green smoothie for breakfast. Not much protein in it, but it was a good way to use up stuff that's coming in out of the garden. Today's version was mostly melons (a bit of watermelon and cantaloupe) with cucumber, and a hand full of mixed greens. Normally I would have thrown in an egg so that was hard to get past. No taste difference obviously but the lack of protein had me starving in about an hour and a half. I should have added some avocado, but I was out. For lunch I had some salad made from previously cooked kale and broccoli, with a mustard vinegrette I made and some pork I cooked earlier. Dinner was chicken breast tenders cooked in EVOO with just salt and cucumbers. It's been too darned hot to eat too much today. I did buy some ground pork so I can make my own sausage patties, for a more breakfast-y vibe. I LOVE breakfast food, and Whole30 or no, these test results just killed 90% of that! LOL I'll live, but life without stinky cheese may be a little less bright.
  6. Hi all, I finally got the results of my RAST testing and will begin my first Whole30 round in the morning. I've been fighting serious allergy and joint issues for quite a while, plus I have crohns disease so trying to figure out how to eat in a way that will make my body happy has been a tedious and ongoing process. Luckily according to the RAST test the only Whole30 food I definitely need to avoid is eggs. I have a level 5 reaction to whites and a level 4 to yolks. I'm very sad since I raise my own duck and chicken eggs! Other than that, I avoid seeds and some whole nuts (almonds, peanuts, macadamia nuts) but can have others and can have all nut butters except peanuts. I have to be careful of too much fiber because it can cause a blockage, but as long as I'm strategic, I like most vegetables and fruits. Breakfast is where I'm clueless. I've been eating an egg sandwich (now egg, dairy and wheat intolerant) or omelet 95% of the mornings for the past 5 years. Thanks in advance!
  7. pinkhairedmom


    Thanks all, Starting Whole30 tomorrow. I've been waiting to get results from my RAST testing and one of the results I got back is that at a level 6 (the highest) for Candida. I knew it would be high as I have crohns disease and have had MANY rounds through the last 28 years of steroids and antibiotics.