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  1. Katsass - I know exactly where you're at because I'm sort of in the same place. Deb's comment above is right on - it's ok to not be ready. I'm feeling better after my first Whole30, and I am slowly making my way closer to the AIP. Slowly. I know I'm not ready to commit right at the moment - we picked 18 kilos of walnuts last month, and Francy gave us 24 farm eggs last week! And I'm going to India for 2 weeks in November, which will put a big dent in all of my new eating practices. It's just not the right time. But, as I did with the Whole30, I'm exploring, reading, learning... yes, convincing myself that this will be the next step, it will be a good thing, and I'm trying to get my head around the extra limitations. Fortunately, my man is ready and willing to give the AIP a go as well ... so much easier in two! But we probably won't start until mid January. Until then it will be Whole30 and Paleo. Good luck with your choices!
  2. Is this why the suggestion with AIP is to eliminate for 3 months, instead of just the 30 days for the Whole30?
  3. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    Hi everyone, Here we are! Footy-chic, I think it's great that you feel better this time than last... means real long-term improvements and changes, and not short-term superficial ones. Kate, we're certainly extending, but don't quite now if and how. I think the next 30 days will be Whole30 with a very gradual reintroduction, starting with the compliant foods which we chose to eliminate. So today, for example, we had some coconut milk which Fiorenzo has always had issues with. And then we want to try potatoes, and peppers. I added up the receipts.... oh my, we overblew our usual food expenditure this month! Eating this way certainly costs more than our old grains-and-legumes based diet. So we need to find ways of economising on cost but not on nutritional value. But we're soooo happy! Fiorenzo dropped from 75 to 69 kilos, which was his weight 10 years ago when he was at his best! And apart from that one night, no acid reflux pills. I'm down 2 kilos but I don't know from where, as I really don't have any weight to lose. All of those sistemmic inflammation aches-and-pains seem to have gone, I've way, way less congestion, the horizontal lines are disappearing from my nails, energy is great, and I'm hoping that healing is happening on deep levels. What's more, we found it great for our relationship, a really good thing to do together, with all the curiosity, concern, compassion and care that has gone along with it. So, yes, we're continuing because we want to stay feeling good and feel even better, and we will gradually move from Whole30 to the Paleo life. Hope you all stick around on the Whole30 forum, and thanks for sharing this 30 day nutritional adventure. I've truly appreciated the support here on the forum. Best, Angelina
  4. Angelina

    Missing dessert? Eat this!

    We shared a frozed banana after dinner one night. It was the first time we'd ever eaten a frozen banana. it was so good we knew immediately it was SWYPO! So we haven't even thought about it again... but know the option is there for us when our Whole30 is over and we are off-roading, but staying on-track.
  5. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    Hi everyone, Great to read your stories, sounds like everyone is seeing out these last few days with enthusiasm and a little trepidation! We're going well, and are thinking of extending it to a Whole45, just to give our bodies that extra bit of healing. Nowiswhen, that it so so great that your pain disappeared for a while, and I hope it is continuing for you. Last Friday my middle finger started swelling again, and Saturday morning it was really sensitive, but by Saturday night it was fine again! I haven't had the flu-like aches'n'pains in my joints since the first week, which is amazing. I still have all my lower-back, sacroiliac joint stuff going on, but I feel that now I am able to isolate the sistemic inflammation/auto immunity situation from the postural/structural issues, when before it was impossible to separate them because it was all happeing together and everything was confused. We went to Gino's for dinner last Friday. The food we ordered was Whole30 compliant - mixed salad, grilled galletto (male chook) and pork ribs - but that night Fiorenzo got up to take the acid reflux pill. He was so disappointed because he hadn't had the need since Day 12. But that passed and he's stopped with them again. We don't know what triggered it. Maybe just because Gino adds more salt than we ever would at home, who knows? Kate, I can so relate to you with regards to the baking. It's the only thing I really miss, and the program has woken me up to how much I love a sweet treat every now and again. I think Nowiswhen's advice about baking for others is brilliant! It's so much about being able to indulge every now and again, but to not let the Sugar Dragon get control again. And to also to experiment with different, Paleo-compliant ingredients when we are off-roading. I found a Stevia plant at the plant nursery the other day! I bought it and planted it and will harvest and dry the leaves before the first frost, and I'm really curious to see if I can use it instead of Stevia drops or powder. I bought Elana Amsterdams 'Paleo Cooking from Elana's Pantry' just before starting the Whole30 - she has such wonderful ideas using almond flour, and coconut milk, and cocnut flour - and this is how I plan to explore adding, just every now and again, a little baked something into our lives. Fiorenzo doesn't miss sweet at all - he's known since he was a kid that it gave him acid. But every now and again he misses a good, cold beer when he gets home from work. What neither of us have missed, and we thought we would, is dairy - cheese in particular. We realised yesterday that we hadn't even given it a thought since we started the Whole30! Best wishes, everyone! Hang in there! A
  6. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    Good luck Nowiswhen! Be strong, you can do it! Just try and get your meals back on schedule, if not for hunger itself, then for the hormonal cycle. Maybe when you get those cravings try drinking a big cup of herbal tea to take your mind off it. And try sitting comfortably and just concentrating on your breathing: the length of the inhale, the length of the exhale, the sound, the quality. And then slowly start to increase the length of the exhale..... This does wonders to reduce stress, which will also affect the cortisol levels... Have compassion for yourself, but be strong and disciplined at the same time. You can do it!
  7. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    And this: Do I Really Need to Start Over?
  8. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    I found this on the Perfect Whole30... it's worth a read
  9. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    Don't be demoralised, Footy-Chic - the program is sooo challenging, on so many different levels. Yesterday after dinner my old mucous congestion was back. Why? I thought, what have I eaten wrong? I'd added some pickle cucumbers which I'd bought to make Tartare Sauce, and when I double-checked the label I saw that there was 'anidride solforoso come residuo' that is, sulfur dioxide as a residue. I'm in the middle of another inflammation wave, and I've had confusion over the 'natural vinegar sulfites ok but added sulfites not ok, sodium phosphates etc etc... maybe I was just too exhausted to translate the label correctly, certainly I didn't have the energy to look the damn thing up on Google or the forum. Hence the congestion. But worse... Beating myself up over whether I'd blown the whole program on day 19 by mistakenly consuming an off-limits food. After the first week I stopped buying what I thought was an innocent dried meat, because I asked the ingredients, and yes... conservatives with numbers. For that, we thought we'd just go for an extra week. I think the 'rules' are really important. One needs structure, and yes, as Melissa and Dallas say, it eleviates the stress of having to decide. But I realised at a certain point last night as I was tossing and turning in bed that I was entering into a 'punishment' mentality with regards to a very simple and innocent mistake. In the early hours I had another cake-eating-guilt-inducing dream! But I don't want to feel like I've 'failed' my Whole30 because of accidently eating non-conforming pickle, nor that I have to start again from scratch. What we do know is that it won't be over for us on the 30th of September. We'll keep going, because despite this new round of inflammation, we are noticing so many positive changes, and we are regarding this as an education. And as with learning anything new, one is bound to make mistakes along the way. As Fiorezno says, 'If you do, you make mistakes. If you don't do anything, you don't make mistakes.' What's significant is that you didn't want to even finish the bread. What's important is that I was able to pinpoint the cause of the mucuous. And I think what's important is the commitment to see it through to the end, and try not to buy too much into the punishment and reward mental scheme.
  10. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    Oh wow! Zucchini strips! Revolutionary!
  11. Angelina

    Day 17 - serious lack of energy

    It's not simply pre-menstral or ovulation hormones? I had to have an afternoon little lie down around Day 17, and a snack... and then I realised it was just the monthly cycle hormones saying hello...
  12. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    Hi everyone, Kate - I'm about to make your steamed zucchini strands for lunch. I'm going to mix through with Basil Pesto and top with little meatballs. Thanks for the suggestion! People around us are certainly curious about this Whole30 thing... I think because we are speaking so positively about what is happening for us, but also because people can just see with their own eyes - moving more easily, feeling stronger, glowing skin, and Fiorenzo is looking really good. Hasn't had his pill since Sunday, woohoo! The only resistance I've come across is from those who are in the 'medical industry'... but even here, maybe curiosity will slowly melt the cynicism. One can be hopeful! Donna R, Footy-Chic, Nowiswhen, and everyone commenting about the hunger thing - my problem before the Whole30 was that I was always hungry. I was 'healthy' - vegetarian based diet with a good rotation of wholegrains - but starving every 2 hours. I'm sure that the only reason I'm not overweight is because I didn't give in to those pangs - I knew something was not right - Fiorenzo is much bigger than I am, we'd eat exactly the same portions, and he'd still be going strong when I'd be ravenous. I now suspect that this was all about the hormones and signals being way, way confused by the carbohydrate waves (even if they were 'healthy' carbohydrates, they were still broken down to glucose), and the lack of dense nutrients. I was also not eating before teaching my evening classes so as to have an empty stomach, and coming home to eat dinner before going to bed. If I was still hungry after a huge salad, I'd finish with one or two bowls of (vitamin enriched) cornflakes with soy milk. Oh, how I had it wrong! So the Whole30 has competely changed things for me. I'm now eating before class: protein, veg and fat - and telling my students to do the same. Best thing is. I'm not ravenous when I get home, and can go to bed without eating. If I'm not hungry at breakfast, I make sure I eat the full meal anyway. I'm convinced this is the best way to get those hormones realigned. Same for Fiorenzo. He's never been hungry at breakfast, and at the beginning needed to really make himself eat. But now, I doubt we'll ever revert back to our way-too-light breakfast. Oh, Kate - I started a journal before the Whole 30, and fully recommend it. I'm taking a photo of all my meals, that helps me remember if I don't get a chance to write it down straight away. My journal is: Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner, Practice, and Inflammation. At the end of 7 days on the Whole30 we fill out a progress sheet. It's great to maintain the commitment, and very interesting... All the photos are on my Facebook if anyone is interested. Hang on, I'll see if I can post a link: Here's holding up a big glass of sparkling water with mint, lemon and lime to us on Day18! Cin cin! A
  13. Angelina

    Starting on 1st September

    Wow, it's been great reading your news over these last couple of days... sounds like there are so many great, postive changes happening... And hope that those of you who haven't logged on are still on track and keeping strong. Footy Chic - is your Tiger Blood kicking in? We are also thinking about how we might go about Off-Roading after 30, but to be honest we're not that fussed - we're enjoying how we're eating, and will maintain most of these new habits. The reintroduction phase is going to be interesting, but we might also hang in there for a bit longer, if we feel that it's necessary to see results. Newkime1 - good on you for making it through the party. I think I would have taken Kate's option and just skipped the event. Although I have, pre-Whole30 - taken my own food to a Pizza Party because I was avoiding gluten. We're finding that everyone is very supportive, very curious, and a couple of people are thinking of giving it a go. Yellow Daisy: grill the zucchinis so that they have toasted black lines on them, squeeze lemon juice over them while still warm (or vinegar if you're using it), olive oil and finely chopped mint. Yum. I also like zucchini with basil pesto. Someone said Bored with Eggs... We're trying to get past the idea of 'Breakfast' and just think 'Meal 1'. So this morning it was left-over beef strips with vegetables. I actually really like fish for breakfast, that's been a surprise! Day 15... I don't want to get too excited, but I woke up this morning with less pain than I've had for ages, and the day went well. I am so hoping that the Immune System Fire Brigade is starting to get the burning under control... Onwards!
  14. @Katsass, thanks for opening this... these questions are on mind as well. I have an auto-immune 'issue', meaning that my blood-tests are postive for auto-immunity, but the numbers are too low for the rheumatogists to take a look at me. I have inflammation somewhere pretty much all the time, but mostly in my lower back and hips. On Day 5 the inflammation disappeared from my middle finger, this is good Now I'm Day 12, achey, and patient... I was also wondering about the egg thing, but think the advice above is good: do the Whole30 first and see what happens. Personally, I'm skipping the nightshades and also the seeds which were a big part of my pre-Whole30 diet. But I can't get my head around reducing eggs at this point. @ Deb thanks for posting those links. What does FYI stand for? Best wishes, A