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  1. claws

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    Day 1 done. Happy belated birthday Patty.
  2. claws

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    Looking forward to the journey with everyone.... Whole30 Rock on!!!
  3. claws

    Newbie, starting Sept 3!

    Hello there.... I too will be joining the big group starting on September 3rd.
  4. claws

    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    Hi Everyone: I was suppose to start yesterday 1/2/2016 ; but my mindset wasn't in the right place. Trying it again today; Lots of irons in the fire......emotional issues (relationship), physical issues (achilles tendinitis since June 2015-under a MD's care), mental issues (stressors)...... I'll continue to follow the thread..... Peace, Love and Happiness everyone....
  5. claws


    I'm thinking that I might join you; but I might be a few days ahead on the start date (maybe/maybe not)...I was suppose to start yesterday1/2/2016 ; but my mindset wasn't in the right place. Trying it again today; however, I like your start date 1/11 better. Suffering from achilles tendinitis and allowing multiple stressors to naw at me..... Lots of irons in the fire right now... I'll continue to follow your thread and let you know shortly.
  6. claws

    Join A 2016 Whole9 Challenge!

    Hi LucieB: Touche, Touche, Touche................... LucieB Posted 17 December 2015 - 04:07 PM Claws -- there's 31 days in January so starting Jan 2nd is still a Whole30 in January
  7. claws

    How about a Whole9 Challenge?

    Ditto to kirkor's take-away... I'm in too but will be one day behind...Will Start Whole30 on Jan 2nd....I have PLANS for Jan 1.....
  8. claws

    What are your non food rewards?

    New outfit Books as I like to read Go to the movies Manicure/Pedicure Massages New shoes Road Trip like going to the beach
  9. claws

    How about a Whole9 Challenge?

    During the Temperance challenge... I realized that "something within my life needed to change and it was me".....From physical changes to mental changes...... Life is such a journey and I am working on "living in the now" instead of worrying about the future.....Life is what you make it......I worked on not getting on the "pity pot of poor me boo hoo, boo hoo boo hoo hoo". I am working on living one day at a time and enjoying one moment at a time.......That's all that I can do....I have to remember that my ability to stay alive is rolled up into "one breath at a time". Thank you to each and everyone who stayed the course and completed this Whole9 Challenge journey. What a wonderful journey it has been. I hope to do it again one day as I know that I will learn even more about myself each time I embark upon a Challenge as such as this. Kind Regards, CLaws Peace, Love, and Soul cybermates........Peace, Love, and Soul
  10. claws

    How about a Whole9 Challenge?

    The Personal Growth factor has concluded; now on to Temperance: I worked on my spirituality and did some service work (volunteered) during the Personal Growth month. I now have hobbies and pursuits that are not related to work. I've created some boundaries that are helping me to have a Balance between, work, family and self. I still have lots and lots of work to do in this area but at least I've started.... November is all about Temperance. It is the last piece of the puzzle, soooo is everyone ready to forge ahead and complete this Whole9 challenge? According to Temperance seems to be the most ignored Whole9 factor. Quote: "Temperance means “moderation or self-restraint,” but this isn’t your typical “everything in moderation” stance. No, it’s more about applying critical, introspective practices to your own life, and creating awareness about your own habits and preferences. It means taking a good, hard look in the mirror, and truly owning what you see—whether you like it or not. And if you don’t, it’s about being brave enough to take that first tough step and do something about it (hopefully, with the support and aid of your social in-person network). Temperance, to the Whole 9 group is knowing when it’s totally okay to do something “less healthy”—to be moderately immoderate." Let's get this PARTY started everyone... Let's get this PARTY started.....
  11. claws

    How about a Whole9 Challenge?

    Hi cottagequeen: I've been feeling the same way as you and have been writing a gratitude list as well as thanking God for the good times in my life as well as the opportunities for growth (bad times) I've been dealing with.... I too am so very terribly burned out at my current job but as you the position pays quite well. I will be reading the 4 Rituals That Will Make You Happy............Therefore, thanks in advance for the article. Whole9 on everyone...
  12. claws

    How about a Whole9 Challenge?

    Hello there my "How about a Whole9 Challenge" mates.... I would say that I ended the "Time to embrace the natural environment" challenge on a high note. I've been at a conference in New Orleans, La, since Saturday and have had the opportunity to walk/jog many many miles outside each day alone the RiverWalk near the Convention center. On Wednesday, 9/30/2015, I caught the trolley to Bourbon Street and the French Quarter area... I started out during day light hours but didn't end up back at the hotel until the sun had set...... . I walked around seeing the sights, lost my trolley pass so walked backed to my hotel........Wonderful adventure..... QUESTION:...Does hanging out on Bourbon Street and the French Quarter areas count as "natural environments"???Ha Ha Ha....... I'm ready for month 10's challenge...."PERSONAL GROWTH".............. "laissez le bon temps rouler"....... "let the good times roll"
  13. So yesterday I decided to see how the non-gluten grain of Rice would fair with me.... No issues at any of the meals whatsoever.... Happy dance.... Boy, I am finding this Re-intro phase to be harder then the actual Whole30 process... Gee Whiz.. Today (Monday and Tuesday) back to Whole30 ROCK ON.......