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  1. Jeni32

    Coconut aminos?

    Can we have coconut aminos....original, teriyaki or any other flavors that might be available? Really needing to change up some flavors. Thanks a bunch!
  2. You guys I'm on day 10 and all i want to do is eat some freakin chocolate. Lol and maybe a big bag of cheeto ( bad spelling sorry) balls. How do i not give in? Is it really worth it?
  3. Alright everybody...I am starting this journey TOMORROW! I'm excited BUT really nervous. lol. I have failed and let myself down too many times. I don't and can't let that happen anymore. My health is not where it should be. I am about 75 pounds over weight and all sorts of things don't feel right in my body, so the time for change has to be NOW. I'm also really excited to make new friends on here. Can't fail with great friends by your side, right. Thanks in advance for being so wonderful!!