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  1. Family of 12 here.... I'm on my 4th Whole30. The first one, the whole family did it. We ate great - my husband loved it, because I was the one doing the planning and cooking ;-) We ate a lot of salads for lunch, kind of like a salad bar where I would put out greens and then lots of toppings for them to choose from. Right now I am the only one doing it and I have to say it was easier when we all did it. I am making Whole30 dinners for everyone but they make their own breakfasts and lunches on weekdays so they eat differently for those meals. Usually eggs for breakfast - often scrambled with sauteed onions, peppers, and mushrooms and sometimes potatoes. Dinner is usually a meat with some veggie sides. In the cooler months when we've done it, soups and stews were good. Applesauce, fruit, and nuts are good snacks.
  2. Family of 11 all starting on October 1

    We had a great 30 days... I would love to continue, but my family was ready to quit. :-) I have always eaten fairly healthy, so it wasn't a huge stretch for me, but I have added back in rice and some other grains (had oatmeal, etc), but we found quite a few new recipes that we all like.
  3. Storing bone broth?

    I can all my stock - it is VERY easy and lasts forever, shelf stable so it doesn't take up any freezer space, doesn't cost to store it, and you don't have to worry if you lose power. You need a pressure canner but once you get one you will use it for all sorts of things!!!
  4. snacks?

    Thanks! They do get hungry... but then, so do I, so I wasn't sure if we should work toward no snacks for them or not. I have been more lenient with my younger ones.
  5. Costco run and bacon

    We don't have costco here but we do have Sams... the tuna is compliant? I haven't been able to find any without soy...
  6. canned tuna?

    Everything I can find has soy in it... either soybean oil, or vegetable broth made from soy. I did find some on amazon that is in olive oil - didn't get great reviews but that's what I am thinking about getting if I can't find anything else. Suggestions?
  7. snacks?

    I know that the ideal for the Whole30 is 3 big meals a day and no snacking in between.. is this the best plan for children, too? I don't expect to have any problem with it, but my kids seem to get realllly hungry between lunch and dinner. We are on day 3 and that has been the only real struggle for them. Thankfully they are used to eating healthy so the food changes are not really a concern, just wondering if the no snacks between meals applies to children as much as to adults. I'm sure they can do it if it is really helpful, just wondering how much I should push that...
  8. elevated thyroid antibodies?

    Heather, I have the mthfr defect... what is metanx?
  9. Family of 11 all starting on October 1

    That looks great, TinaH - thanks!!! I just bought a bunch of butternut squash at the produce auction this week, so that is perfect. I have never used pinterest and don't really know how to utilize it - any suggestions?
  10. Family of 11 all starting on October 1

    I think using the slow cooker would be great... especially since my oven doesn't work, maybe I should have mentioned that! I do have a broiler, just not a regular oven... and I've found it works well for many things, just not baking. I have a roaster oven, though. I'd love some slow cooker recipe suggestions if anyone has some!!!
  11. Family of 11 all starting on October 1

    Great ideas, thanks so much! The quick and easy meals are definitely something I need!
  12. Family of 11 all starting on October 1

    I was not planning on keeping a food log - I haven't even looked into that! Yes, we do homeschool, that will make it much easier. My oldest is in college and commutes, so he is looking for ideas of lunches to take - he is voluntarily doing the program and I'd like to help him succeed. The skillet fish/veggie idea is great, thanks! Do you put everything in at once?
  13. I am excited about my whole family (hopefully hubby will comply when he's away from home, but the rest of us definitely) starting the Whole30 program next week! At the same time, I feel like I REALLY need to preplan as much as possible - food for a large family gets expensive fast, and although we have always eaten healthy, we do rely on inexpensive filling foods like rice a lot. My children love salads and veggies, so I don't think compliance will be much of an issue as long as I have the right foods on hand. Here's where I could use help - I have some health issues and sometimes feel awful, which is another reason I want to have as much planned ahead as possible. I'd love any input or suggestions!