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  1. SuzyQ1515

    Hubby and I start today 1/11/2016

    I also started yesterday. I have done this twice before and felt great both times, but haven't made the habits stick. This time I'm 6 months pregnant and I have to control my sugar cravings. They have been so powerful and I know they are a huge part of why I'm feeling so bad. I look forward to checking in with y'all from time to time. I definitely need support this time.
  2. SuzyQ1515

    Started Friday, October 10th

    That is awesome! Day 14 for me and I ran over 2 miles pain free, which is a first in a longtime!
  3. SuzyQ1515

    Started Friday, October 10th

    Okay...I'm on Day 6 and I think I can do this I'm not cranky and oddly not hungry or snacking like crazy. As a life long "snacker", my cravings have gone away but I do notice I am hungry for my meals when they roll around. The one side effect I don't like are these very vivid dreams. Has anyone else had vivid dreams? Thanks!
  4. SuzyQ1515

    Started Friday, October 10th

    Thanks for sending me to the forum. I will definitely check it out.
  5. SuzyQ1515

    Started Friday, October 10th

    Thanks DJ. You men and your ability to lose 7 pounds in a week!!! I think the headaches are starting to subside and I am definitely not as "hangry" as I was a few days ago. So you don't think it is a big deal to smoke weed on this program? I only ask because prior to last Friday I was a regular drinker and weed smoker, but I haven't used either. Hmmm, something to think about. I really appreciate the support and the information. Keep it up
  6. SuzyQ1515

    Started Friday, October 10th

    Hi all, my name is Susan and I started this journey last Friday and right now I am feeling committed, but frustrated and head-achy. I did not expect the severe headaches I have been experiencing and already have broken down and taken a few pain killers. My main purpose for doing the Whole30 is the horrible ache in my right knee every time I run and the huge amounts of Aleve I have consumed the last few years to fight the pain. In addition, I have gotten a bit soft around the middle (muffin-top) and I am ready to see it gone. I know I can do this and I have shared with the people closest to me that I have started this process. I am most concerned about social settings and I do not want to be a hermit for the remaining 26 days of this experience. I look forward to feeling better soon and taking control of my body and my mind.