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  1. quotidianlight


    My boyfriend hates sauerkraut so imagine my surprise when his eyes shot open and he gushed over my last batch. I had to practically force him to try it. Lmao, fresh, homemade krout is the best! He said it reminded him of fermented green mango from home when he was little. My last batch was a little too salty but it just took longer to ferment and the flavor is amazing. I just spoon out what I'm eating and put the rest back to keep fermenting. It's 3 weeks now and a lot better than last week. I used green cabbage though.
  2. quotidianlight

    Worried about adrenal fatigue - tips?

    I forget if it was paleo view are paleo bites but I have listened to several podcast that recommend women not going Low Carb when also in adrenal fatigue. Whole 30 isn't inherently low carb so I would try keeping carbs between 50-100 a day and see if that supports you better as you fight this. Imo very low carb without enough fat can cause body stress but probably more for women than men.
  3. quotidianlight

    Worried about adrenal fatigue - tips?

    Omg *head slap* onions are higher carb too! Smh I always forget those.
  4. quotidianlight

    Worried about adrenal fatigue - tips?

    There are lots of starchy cards besides orange fleshed American sweet potatoes. Practical Paleo had a great list. Make wide use of all the winter squashes. Other types of sweet potatoes like Japanese. Purple yellow. True yams, turnips, fufu etc. There's more to starch than sweat potatos:)
  5. quotidianlight


    I watched a great presentation on cinnamon a long time ago and it was very interesting. Cassia is about the only cinomn you can get in the us. Even when labeled as a different type it's often mislabeled or cut with Cassia.
  6. quotidianlight


    Cassia cinnamon is the bark rather than bean so I wouldn't worry but maybe Melissa will duck in here and clarify.
  7. quotidianlight

    Paleo Chowder Coconut Milk

    Traditional fish sauce didn't have sugar. I think we probably spread sugar the same way we spread spam. The sugar is added AFTER fermentation. I use Rufina fish sauce. It's really cheap even off amazon. Lasts forever, no sugar and has good flavor.
  8. The yokes are less allergenic and more nutritious than the whites. Eat them and if you must toss anything, toss the whites.
  9. quotidianlight

    My 16-month old is not a fan of this thing.

    I love all the thoughts people have given but here is my head scratching thought. Maybe it isn't that he doesn't want food but rather your milk is more nutritious and he's craving it. Many things pass though breastmilk and you may have more delicious and/or healing breast milk that before. It's just a thought but nursing during the day a little longer and being strict at night may heal his little gut from your prior diet faster that less nursing, paleo nibbles and crackers supplements.
  10. quotidianlight


    In a week you'll feel like a magician
  11. quotidianlight

    It's alive!

    Woot! I just gave away a scoby for the first time today. My neighbor was damned near giggly when he left. I hope you're first batch comes out perfect.
  12. quotidianlight

    Breakfast, faster

    Lmao! Little kids are awesome.
  13. quotidianlight

    What other than crossfit??

    Kettlebell are AWESOME! They are cheap, work the whole body, don't hog space and are fun. I'm working on the kids form while my foot recovers from surgery and can't wait to swing with my babies. I'm also getting a slackline for rehab. Used one once at a rock climbing gym and it ate me for dinner.
  14. quotidianlight

    Nutritional yeast?

    For some reason nutritional yeast never tasted like cheese to me. It always just tasted like nutritional yeast lmao. I think I'd feel fine using it for flavor but not as a cheese substitute on on in something I might have used cheese on before whole 30. I guess motivation is a bigger for me. So... I'd feel fine using it to make kale chips since I'd never us cheese on them (yuck) but using to make a cream of broccoli mock cheese soup would be out for now.
  15. quotidianlight

    Breakfast, faster

    When my twins were small they were the same way and the one think that helped and has given benefits even to this day was in let them in the kitchen. They were so excited about helping me cook they wouldn't be quite so impatient. They were around 4 or 5 when I started giving small jobs like beating eggs, turning on the electrical teapot or handing me spices. They're 14 now and cook better than most adults. Not sure of your kids ages but it's an idea to get them interested and busy.