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  1. Alexian28

    March 30th Starters

    Hello! I started my 2nd attempt yesterday. Stopped at day 26 last time as I had an unexpected road trip, then left town for work for a week. My results were way less than stellar last time. I'm hoping to stretch this to a whole60 or 90 since it's obvious 30 days (well, 26) isn't even close to sufficient.
  2. Alexian28

    Another cycle change question

    I've learned my whole life that the luteal phase doesn't really change that much. I started whole30 a month ago to change my eating habits and nourish my body in a healthy way (and lose a few lb!) before we try for our second. A little over a week into my whole30, I started my period 5 days early, giving me a luteal phase of 7 days. This month, same thing, 7 days. Apparently this is my new norm. How am I supposed to believe that doing whole30, a great healthy way of eating, caused me to become infertile?
  3. Alexian28

    breakfast veggies

    Raw veggies dipped in Dreamy Avocado dressing! I hate stuff in my eggs (except sausage) so I never do the scrambles.
  4. Alexian28

    Whole30 for Lent: starting February 18th.

    Haha, thanks. I like it too! Day 5 today, still feeling good. Why didn't I want to kill all the things? I tried making the carnitas from Well Fed last night. They were tolerable at best. The meat was super dry and way too citrus-y. Next time I'll just stick to my crock pot. I'm nervous because today is upper body day at the gym and I have a super-tight tendon in my left arm. Trying to quash tons of water today to fix it, but I'm stuck at my desk all day and I don't think typing at the computer is going to help matters. This weekend will be my first whole30 weekend, and I'm sort of sad about it. We usually go out to breakfast Sunday mornings at our favorite local cafe and I'm not sure I can resist their super awesome best ever bacon so I'm thinking of just not going. I'll have to give this some more thought. I hate stuff scrambled in my eggs and they don't have any good veggie sides, just fruit, and their hashbrowns are cooked in butter. Blah.
  5. Alexian28

    Chicken Broth?

    I was reading the Swanson's Chicken Stock box and it just lists "chicken stock, all the veggies, parsley" as ingredients. (Can't remember all the veggies). I assume it's compliant although I didn't buy any.
  6. Alexian28

    Whole30 for Lent: starting February 18th.

    Wow this thread blew up fast :-) How's everyone doing today?
  7. Alexian28

    Newbie starting on February 15, 2015

    I'm kinda sad that I'm a day behind! :-P I'm a bit concerned that I don't have KILL ALL THE THINGS as if I was doing this wrong, and I'm not. I'm actually scared to wake up tomorrow in case it kicks in. Maybe the exercise is helping?
  8. Alexian28

    Tube-feeding a two-year-old Whole365??

    Sounds like you're doing a great job! I make my daughter's coconut milk, it only takes about 5 minutes, and you could thin it out as much as you need to, if you're looking for an alternative to goat's milk that still has healthy fat. I order the unsweetened shredded coconut in bulk online.
  9. Alexian28

    Newbie starting on February 15, 2015

    Sounds like you're all doing well! I was so exhausted last night I didn't get up to work out before my daughter was up, so I packed gym clothes to hit the Y after work today. The Day 2 headache this morning went away after a good breakfast and some water but I can feel the lethargy today plus I'm sore from lifting yesterday. I did have a bit more bounce in my step this morning though! I've been so sleepy, despite mostly getting enough sleep, the past few weeks and it's hit hard today. I really just want to sleep all day instead of work. I felt liberated yesterday and today not having to eat every couple of hours.
  10. Alexian28

    Whole30 for Lent: starting February 18th.

    May I hop on board? I'm starting a couple days earlier but would love to have some buddies!
  11. Alexian28

    Starting tomorrow the 16th.

    Welcome! I'm starting today too! Perhaps we can make our own thread!
  12. Alexian28

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Hello everyone! I hate to report that I need to leave you all for awhile. I hope to come back in a few months, and I will carry what I've learned from whole30 and all of you forward until I return. All the best!
  13. Alexian28

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Livin hope you feel better soon! Mad I hear you about the candy, we chose to not hand candy out this year just so the extras aren't in the house! Kaha that sounds scary. I agree with Md, electrolytes are probably wacky. Lots of potassium today, calcium, magneisum, it'll help. 2 gallons is a ton of water for anyone to drink in a day. Md I'm running out of food too! I have very vague ideas for dinner tonight and that is NOT good. I'm thinking of finding some take-out place where I know I can get a good salad and just throw leftovers on top. But I need a plan, stat! I had that issue with food yesterday morning and evening where I just wasn't hungry. I powered through as much as I could, making sure I ate as much of my protein and fat as possible. Lunch was ok, it was just leftovers. This morning it was fine. I felt like eating instead of food making me nauseous, I ate what I had, and I was satisfied after I was done. Yesterday I had my worst craving attack. My daughter was being a pill and I was so stressed out I just wanted some freakin chips. I actually laid on the couch like a sick person and whined to my husband that I wanted chips. It was pretty pathetic :-) I was so exhausted that I didn't go walk on the treadmill I just went to bed... at 8pm! I figured it was better that I stick to whole30 than exercise. I feel more "hungover" today than I did yesterday! But, onward and outward (inward? I am trying to get healthier and thinner!) to day 4.
  14. Alexian28

    Calling all 10/27 starters!

    Welcome to our new people and our veterans! I LOVE waking up and reading this forum first thing in the morning. Y'all get me pumped for the day. Regarding food/expenses/gadgets etc.... Although I have a fun zoodler, and a food processor to make cauli-rice, and a hand blender to make mayo and dressings... I'm purposefully keeping it as simple as possible this first week (and maybe two weeks) so as to not overwhelm myself. No new recipes, no extra prep, lots of frozen veggies... if anything I'm trying to keep prep to a minimum. The only "work" I'm doing this week is making and eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. It's hard enough for me that I have to make time for breakfast, that I have to pack a lunch, and we can't go "oh we're tired let's go out to eat", without worrying about making stuff I've never made! I just don't eat the rice at dinner, or I sub our regular package taco seasoning with homemade, or I buy more onions and garlic to cook with rather than relying on spice mixes that have something called "natural flavor" in it. I found I'm a bit overwhelmed with everything in life PLUS the whole30. However I can see myself making that yummy ranch recipe in the Well Fed cookbook next week for my carrots and broccoli and salad :-D Last night was pretty good; it was nice to come home to a crockpot full of already done dinner. I snuck in a few pecans at the end and they were oh-so-tasty! Slept pretty well last night, I fell asleep faster than usual and went back to sleep faster than usual when I woke. I'm hoping it's the start of a trend and not just a fluke. My lower back is hurting though because I didn't do my stretches at my desk yesterday. Feel ok today, no headache (yesterday's headache sucked), just a little lethargic. However I'm pumped and excited because today is my daughter's first day at her new PT and we're hoping to get her a walker to use at school! Happy Day 3 Everyone!
  15. Alexian28

    Eggs fail

    Y'all make me feel better :-) I have anodized calphalon cookware that is great at releasing food when it's cooked, not so much with eggs unless you want them over-medium. I figured out the trick this morning though! Normally I add just enough coconut oil to coat the bottom of the pan after the oil is heated and I rock the pan all around. I added about twice as much (not really sure since I don't measure) and voila! Very little sticking. Huzzah!