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  1. Today's the big day! I'm not sure why I feel so sure that this time is going to truly be the WHole30 that changes my life, maybe because I'm letting go of so much other emotional junk in my life that I feel like it's time to let go of the physical junk, too! In any event, I'm ready to go!
  2. Hi everyone! I'm also starting on Sept 16th and am eager to receive and lend support. A little of my history... I started eating low-carb about 5 years ago and lost 30 pounds, however, I continued to struggle with addiction to sweets and binge eating. I transitioned to a paleo diet about 2.5 years ago and gave up sugar and grains completely thinking my food addictions would be solved, however, although the frequency and intensity of my binges decreased, I still found myself binging on paleo-friendly foods. I completely understand why the Whole30 does not allow Paleo-ifying desserts or junk food! Even though I was eating a diet that most would consider to be very healthy, by the spring of 2012, I had regained the 30 pounds I lost originally plus an extra 15. Yikes! I attempted to do a Whole30 about a year ago but I did not follow the program faithfully. What I realize now is at that time I had not done enough work to address the underlying emotional issues driving my food addictions. Thankfully I discovered EFT tapping in March 2012 and since then have cleared many of the emotional problems that were fueling my binge eating. I've lost 15 of the 45lbs I'd gained, however, I have been stuck on a plateau for several months. I believe the problem is I have still been overindulging in protein shakes, protein bars and dark chocolate that are sweetened with stevia (all paleo-approved). I don't believe I will be able to break this plateau and be cured of my food additions completely unless I give up these foods. I recalled that the Whole30 was the only one of the paleo-type programs that recognized the addictive quality of stevia and did not allow it so I came back to it. I am committed to do the program faithfully this time but I think being part of a community of others on a similar journey will help tremendously. Best wishes to you all!