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  1. jess in the uk

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    Zimmerack: I am doing another whole30 because some things stuck from before but...other habits crept in again and I just feel like it was so worth it so why not? Day one was pretty uneventful..good meals, no snacking, went to the gym, and NO COFFEE!!! No headaches either..we will see what tomorrow brings:)
  2. jess in the uk

    Day 1 today (11/13) and looking for some team mates!

    Hi! Im planning on starting tomorrow so I would be a few days behind but would love to join you all. This will be my second time doing a whole30. Nervous and a little scared because my job is stressful and tiring which for me means emotional eating
  3. jess in the uk

    The "Return of the Dirty Thirty" 12 January start date

    First day drawing to a close and how's this for a start?? On my way to work and I got in a car accident! Nobody was hurt so thats all that matters. But I made it through the day without inhaling the chocolate in my fridge out of stress. And the only caffeine I had was green tea this morning which is amazing for me. Here are my meals for the day...nothing exciting because I was supposed to do my big shop after work but that is hard to do when your car is out of commission! M1: hard boiled eggs, tomato, celery, drizzled with olive oil ( celery first thing is something I will never ever have again..ever) - not a lot in my fridge and had to leave early Midmorning-decaf coffee with coconut cream M2: mixed greens, peppers, cucumbers, tomatoes, avocado, chicken breast, olive oil and lemon juice dressing M3: shredded zucchini, sweet potato, spring onion, kale, coconut oil, beef mince, lots of mixed herbs Hope everyone had a good day!
  4. jess in the uk

    The "Return of the Dirty Thirty" 12 January start date

    Hi all! I completed my first whole 30 in was tough but loved it. Then I signed up for January 2nd...then pushed it back to January 5th...then...well I think everyone can see where this is going. My job is incredibly stressful at the moment and I feel like I cant do a whole30 with that as well. But the hard truth is that I can but I am using that as a crutch because frankly does anyone have an entirely stress free month? I am in for January 12th. This seems like a great group so if you all will have me I would love to be part of it Dave - I live in the UK so I will check the exchange rate and put the check in the mail! Looking forward to the journey again.
  5. jess in the uk

    Starting January 5th! Who wants to start with me? :)

    Hi all! I was going to start on January 2nd but now I am starting Monday ....this will be my second whole 30. I did my first one in November. Sooo looking forward to it!! This time around I am trying to go with no coffee and no nuts/nut butters. If this is your first time, dont overthink it and try a couple of recipes a dont want to stress yourself out. There are hundreds of recipes out there but the book provides basic recipes that you can start with. Have fun discovering new foods and seasonings:)
  6. jess in the uk

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Kaykay: its not just coffee because I drank it throughout the whole30 with coconut milk. But I like it better with milk and i drank it black as well on some days. But in the back of my head, I knew I could go back to milk. But I realize I cant because milk isnt my friend. So Im thinking I need a break from coffee..its the only time I drink milk. Until that connection disappears, coffee is out for me. Plus I need to work on my caffeine addiction. I think it effects me more than I realize!
  7. jess in the uk

    Having trouble remembering the "why am I doing this?"

    Emantey1013: I felt the same way during my first week...I felt like a child having a tantrum...seriously. All you can do is try and complete it. It is 30 days...there may be unknown discoveries still to come. Dont stress..if you slip up, ask yourself why but dont judge yourself. The harder you are on yourself, the harder it will be. You want to eat peanut butter for the sugar. Sugar is addictive stuff so detoxing from it means having mood swings, cravings, grumpiness. The "why" you are doing it is entirely different for everyone really. Personally, I wanted to eat consistently better and have stable energy throughout the day. Remember why you wanted to do it. Im a huge stress ball so ive had to find ways to manage that. I used exercise in the past but that can be a stressor too. Be nice to yourself and do what you can
  8. jess in the uk

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    2babies2kidsmom: yes it is amazing to discover this but im feeling a little sad about it...dont know why. I wish I could say im happy about it but I wouldnt be honest if I said that maybe coffee was my crutch? Dont know...its a mental thing for me. Positives though: no alcohol yet, no artificial sweetners, so thats good. But those three days were not nice at all. I started to crave sugar when I had dairy...especially when having milk. The only thing that seemed to be ok was parmesan cheese..but just a little. Ive also discovered I like having the same thing for breakfast during the week. Eggs, sweet potato, green onions, spinach, herbs, and coconut oil. Love it! Im going back to just tea for now...I think coffee and I have to break up because our relationship isnt healthy.
  9. jess in the uk

    Anyone planning to jump in on January 1st? Join me!!

    Hi! Im planning on doing another whole 30 January 1st. I just completed my first one and previously tried one for eight days and fell off the wagon on that first attempt. Not nervous at all because I liked the way I felt. Looking forward to trying new recipes though!
  10. jess in the uk

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Oh dairy!! So dairy was my first intro on Wednesday...ummm three days into reintroduction I can honestly say I dont feel well mentally and physically. I honestly was so excited about milk in my coffee but its not that exciting....Tomorrow I'm going back to the whole 30 template but not calling it another whole 30..still havent had alcohol since October 29th and dont have the urge!
  11. jess in the uk

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    2babies2kidmom: umm 10 pounds? Thats great..seriously! If you lose too quickly it is harder to maintain. And you havent starved yourself! And the scale doesnt tell the whole story Reintroduce if you want or continue if you want...if it feels like an obligation, you body will rebel. Feel good about your decision whatever it is...I am definitely doing it again January! Ive decided im adding dairy back tomorrow. I was going to continue a few more days but decided I need a break. Im not going crazy this month though. See everyone in January or on the reintroduction forum!
  12. jess in the uk

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    2babies2kidsmom: people will be negative about what they dont know. People have made comments to me bout this "diet" I on even though I probably eat more than them just smile and just say it is something im doing. Enjoy yourself regardless of comments and just decline if you want. We are brought up to never decline food but worry about yourself first. Dont worry about others opinions because frankly who cares and do what is best for you! Yay day 30!!!
  13. jess in the uk

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Good for everyone on their successes!!! Abigayle: I salute you for making it through Thanksgiving! Im on Day 29 but still thinking about going some extra on the fence. This morning I wasnt hungry nor did I honestly want to eat but I couldnt eat lunch until noon so I had two eggs and some veg and I was full until lunch so that worked for me. Im not thinking about food unless im hungry and there is nothing I want. I thought I would really want milk and sugar in my coffee/tea when I finished but now im not so sure...regardless im doing it again in January!!!!
  14. jess in the uk

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    Congratulations KayKay!!! I have two more days and I feel like I am rebelling a bit. I had coffee first thing and didnt eat until hours later...oops. I felt a little blah the rest of the day so who am I rebelling against exactly? Myself? Ummm why? Interesting realization. I did this to establish healthier eating patterns, stop relying on sugar, better sleeping, and more energy. I didnt do it to lose weight because I dont need to and I just dont care anymore what number is on the scale. I feel like I am much closer to reaching the goals I set. Funny when I started, I thought I couldnt make it thirty days. Now, it feels like it was such a small amount of time and in a way I dont want it to end because I really feel like I still have more to learn. By the way, I made Xmas cookies with my nephew last night and my husband said they were the best cookies I have ever made. But I couldnt taste them! Oh the evil irony!!!
  15. jess in the uk

    Roll call: November Whole30s!

    2babies2kidsmom: You are definitely not alone. Sugar is an addiction; a real addiction. It makes us feel good momentarily then you crave more just like hard drugs. I think we are all here because of distorted eating patterns in some way. Personally, mine started as a teenager so its been twenty years! Eating too little, too much, lots of sugar, exercise to compensate, it is a vicious cycle! It was not 20 years straight but patterns have been set. Take what you learned and keep going. Dont be hard on yourself because you are actually making a huge commitment to living! It is going to take time to change the mindset of "I cant do this". We are all going to probably have moments of sugar overload after this but what matters is what we learn from it. Do it for yourself because you matter