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    Hey! That's exciting about your trip to Oz. It's such a big country. Do you think you'll try and cover a lot of distance or get to know one or two states? If you love getting off the beaten track I totally recommend my region - Blue Mountains, NSW. It's world heritage national park - it's a very mountainous region so the valleys are amazing. It's cold enough to snow in the colder months so be prepared for that depending on what month you are travelling. Let me know what you have in mind and what activities you like doing and I can be a bit more specific. How is your Whole30 going?
  2. miemoo


    Hello Everyone! I'm in Australia and excited and nervous to start January 1st (tomorrow!!!!!!!!). I've done one Whole30 before and I definitely got some amazing results. If this is your first time - I can't wait to hear all about the exciting changes about to happen. I carried forward a lot of the things I learnt from my first Whole30 like: embracing fat; ditching the scales; and learning to read labels but I have let bad habits creep back into my life and I'm SO ready to ditch all that is not serving me for the start of 2016! Current issues that I'd like to address: Shoulder pain causing neck pain and tension headaches (inflammation methinks) Clicking jaw (improved last time through this diet) Low energy - lack of motivation Caffeine addiction Poor sleep (waking up extremely tired and grumpy) Breakouts on face, chest and back Brain fog Cellulite on thighs My goal is to have consistent, radiant energy that allows me to nurture my relationships and fulfil my duties and passions; to be pain free; to have glowing skin, and to wake up looking forward to the day ahead. I couldn't have done my last one without support so I'm grateful for this little community we can make online here. Looking forward to hearing from you. All the best!
  3. NY2LA2MONTREAL - How are you going? I'm in the middle of Day 2 here. It's going well - right now in the afternoons are dangerous times for me though, all I want is bread and coffee but I know that dinner will be so sweet if I just ride it out. I'm feeling positive changes already. Feeling more productive and wake up a little brighter in the morning.
  4. Hi GoJo09, Yay, a Sydney person. Thanks for the support. I'm also going through a stressful time. I'm staying down in Sydney 3 nights a week and being away from home makes it more challenging to be strict with food. I'll just have to find a way though. If you are on FB and prefer to be accountable there I find it more convenient so feel free to send me a friend request (Mieke Nyssen), otherwise, on here is fine too. Cheers.
  5. Hi NY2LA2MONTREAL, Omg, haha, I know Darrell Lea liquorice! I am also a huge fan. Did you get to Blue Mountains west of Sydney? That's where I live. Thank you for helping me out on here, looking forward to it.
  6. Hi, This will be my second Whole30 - I've fallen off the wagon big time and need to clean things up. I got great results last time and I have no idea why I went back to my old ways. I'm a bridesmaid in 8 weeks time so I have a little extra incentive to lose this creeping muffin top and get happy and glowing. Happy to connect over FB if anyone wants an accountability buddy - this helped me a lot on my first one. Measuring myself and chucking the scales now. To good health everyone!
  7. Everyone is going so well! Woohoo Day 26 for me. I haven't been on this forum much but thought I would check in. I honestly can't believe I only have 4 days left. This experience has put me in connection with myself and with food again and I am so grateful. At Day 26 I feel that I am now fine tuning because I've really deepened my knowledge of my triggers and sensitivities. I made a big jump from 4-5 milky coffees a day to 1 (2 max) black a day. I haven't reached all my goals within 30 days so I know that the next step is to ditch the coffee altogether if I really want to heal my gut and I feel so ready. I know that I can do it because sticking to this program has given me the confidence that I can change anything I put my mind to. X
  8. Hi I'm considering doing a second W30 (low FODMAPs). I've written out the list of high FODMAP food and I can recognise quite a few on there that trigger me. My question is - should I eliminate them all for maximum gut healing - or just the ones that I feel a reaction to? It's just that I'm worried about cutting out avocados because I rely on them as a fat source. I guess it's likely that if onion and garlic are making me really sick then even avocado is doing damage (even though I don't get symptoms).
  9. Hi - I have a sensitivity to coconut milk too! & coconut water (which I was extremely frustrated with). I'm interested to see what people say on this thread. At first I thought it might be high in oxalates as I seem to react a little to high oxalates -- but no. An interesting connection that I found though is that I'm Type 0 and according to the Blood Type Diet it's on the 'avoid' list.
  10. Hi Everyone - I cannot believe I am on Day 14!!! I feel like a winner I've never stuck to anything this long. Keeping this promise to myself has boosted my confidence in so many ways. As per the description in the book - this week I've had a sore tummy but I just like to imagine my poor old gut healing itself. There are a few things that I'd like to improve on for the next two weeks: more water; earlier rising; earlier breakfast; and to make ghee without burning it I'm still struggling with my sleep quite a bit and I don't wake feeling very rested. I'm pretty sure it's from all the exercise - my adrenals are loving it but I'm staying 'high' for hours Love to hear how everyone else is going
  11. miemoo

    Goodbye Lattes

    Hi Everyone, Excited to start tomorrow..it's time to have energy all day long and to feel that inner peace and confidence that comes from keeping the promises I make to myself. Goodbye lattes - my No. 1 weakness - relieved to hear that I can drink black coffee but deep down I know that coffee doesn't nourish me and my plan is to phase it out gradually over the 30 days. I've experimented with lots of different eating styles before and I know that the inclusion of animal protein and the elimination of grains and dairy benefit me. Usually, I eat pretty well, little sugar and plenty of unprocessed food but things creep in and I end up getting out of balance which leads to bouts of depression, headaches, low energy, cellulite and skin breakouts. It's my belief that there is innate wisdom in the body and that food is medicine. I'm so ready to take the next step and really eliminate all this stuff that is harmful. I'm grateful for this forum, looking forward to meeting others on here