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  1. Thanks for the concern, but I'm done with this thread. I get what you guys are saying. I really don't need to be told every single time I log in. it's not like I didn't see what you said. I saw it, and read it, and moved on. I didn't want to keep discussing this, and I understand that it's my fault because I posted it. I wanted support with my AIP30, but all I'm getting is constant lecture on what I'm doing, instead of support. I'm really not trying to be childish, but this isn't what I envisioned. Anyone who was truly interested in my journey can find my Whole30 Log.
  2. Exactly, Zoe. I did the whole30 and only lost 4lbs the whole month. Meanwhile, everyone around me had dropped like 15 or more lbs. It was very discouraging because my body just doesn't drop the weight like normal people. Today's been slow so far. Nothing much to report! Dinner will be a repeat.. Cauliflower mash with grassfed beef, and some blueberries!
  3. Jenn- Welcome!!! I'm not trying to start a debate with the Mod who posted, because she has good intentions, but what works for someone may not work for someone else. While I understand they don't avocate IF here, it's what I do. Nothing is going to change that. I've done a lot of reaserch on this, I'm certainly not starving myself. I eat PLENTY of calories 5 days a week. I'm not sure unless someone has done reading on IF and the method I'm doing, they can honestly know fully what's going on. I still am not going to justify why I'm doing it to anyone. I am not starving, and I feel great. I've read many articles online as well that say that IFing Is GOOD for people with autoimmune disease. You just have to do what works for you, and not worry about what someone else says isn't right. I'm glad you are here. Last night I ended up cooking sweet potatoes, and making cauliflower mash and making grassfed ground beef. It was very tasty! I think having meals prepared that I can just grab is the biggest key for me. AIP is especially hard without eggs!
  4. Day 3. Although, I guess it's day 0? Last night I decided to have some green olives that have been in the fridge. After munching on a few of them I see there are kinds of weird ingredients including Guar Gum. Great. It's astonishes me how much crap is in food that seemingly shouldn't need it. Today I've have a banana, shredded chicken breast, carrots with avocado, and tuna with olive oil, and 2 dates. I thought I was well stocked, but a lot of the food in my house needs to be cooked up. I am going to do something tonight with the grassfed beed and sweet potatoes and maybe throw some kale into the mix. I think this would be good for breakfast.
  5. That sounds amazing! I really need to get creative for breakfast time ideas. I think making some of the AIP sausage I see on Pinterest sounds pretty good. I had some kombucha this afternoon and that kept me pretty full. Didn't need any snacks. dinner will be carrots, a few dates, and some tuna with olive oil. We won't be home and this was the best I could bring with me!
  6. How is everyone doing? Day 2! Going to be having some pulled chicken breast, and avocado and carrots for lunch. I'm trying to think of something to make for dinner, but we have to go out and do laundry, so it'll probably be more pulled chicken and some more veggies.
  7. Also, I know bananas are not a great choice but I'm at work and that is all that's available. I usually don't eat anything until dinner, but I'm pretty hungry today.
  8. Zoe- The doctor thinks the reaction was too much medicine too quickly. I started on 50mcg. He now has me on 25mcg every other day for 1 week. On Saturday, i'll start taking it every day until I see him again on 3/17. However, my doctor is an idiot and I'm going to see an Endocrinologist starting in April. Hopefully she will understand the thyroid better and consider a medicine change if I'm still having issues! Day 1 here and I'm doing okay. I've had a banana and that's it. Full disclosure, I do Intermittent fasting. I'm pretty sure it's frowned upon not following the 3 meal a day plan, but this is the ONLY way I can lose weight. I've tried every other thing out there and it just won't budge. I've now lost 7.5 lbs since 12/30 and this is the most weight I've been able to lose since about 2008. So, I have to do what works for me. 5 days a week I eat normally, and 2 days a week I only eat 500 calories. I really like it.
  9. Hello!! Thanks for commenting! I've been looking for people doing AIP specifically because it's hard when you can't have things the regular whole30 people can!
  10. This breakfast sounds amazing! I need to make it!
  11. Zoe - can you cook ahead of time? We do meal preps on Sunday where I spend the whole day cooking and prepare everying in Tupperware so I can easily grab dinner when I get home and don't have to cook. Is this an option!?
  12. Sorry it has taken me so long to come back! My post didn't get any replies for most of the day, so I thought no one would respond! I started yesterday, and had a couple accidental mess ups, so I guess I'm TECNICALLY starting today! We made shredded chicken in the slow cooker yesterday that will be the MAIN parts of my dinners this week. It was delicious. I am a huge egg eater and it's going to be HARD for me to not have eggs, but I also have no problems with eating regular things for breakfast! yesterday I have chicken breast and cauliflower mash! Zoe- I am on Levothyroxine for my thyroid and I had a bad reaction to it. My doctor took me off for a week and is reintroducing me at a lower dose every other day to see if it happens again! Grrr! I'd rather be on Tirosint which has only 4 ingredients. Hope everyone is having a good day! I will be back more often now that I know there are others with me!
  13. Hey everyone! I was going to start a whole30 on 2/1/15, but then found out that I have Hashi's and got a little sidetracked and overwhelmed. My antibodies are almost in the 1,000's, and I really know that AIP is necessary for me, but I'm really struggling. I've been gluten free for 3 years, and got into paleo in 2013 (on and off). I already feel so limited in what I can eat, and being 100% honest, I do not like cooking, and that's why I'm intimidated by the AIP, you pretty much have to cook everything. I've started doing meal prepping on Sunday's. We've been baking chicken breasts, and making veggies and putting them ready to eat in the fridge and it's been nice. I love my husband, but he's not always supportive. He always brings home gluten free sweets when he knows that I'm "trying" to do better, and I always give in. I need to get serious. ANYONE else out there wanting to start an AIP whole30 (+) ? I'd love to have some daily support!!
  14. AuntB

    February 1st

    I'm trying to get my husband on board, but he LOVES bacon. Trying to find compliant bacon in this town is pretty hard. We have to drive 30+ minutes to a place that MAY have it. *sigh* that's why I have to get this all figured out ahead of time, so when we get to the store I know exactly what i'll need.
  15. AuntB

    February 1st

    Me!!! I am spending the next 13 days looking up recipes and meal planning.