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  1. -When you only shop on the outside circumfrence of the store, and never go down the isles -when you panic realizing if you ever got a new job you wouldn't be able to go home and cook lunch every day.
  2. AuntB

    The crazy things people say

    I'm on day 10 of Whole30. Yesterday our work hosted a cookout for us. I ordered a flat iron steak with No seasonings, and green beans. They offered baked potatoes, mushroom glop (ew) and cookies, and ice cream and all kinds of sodas as well. I only had the steak and green beans. My boss was grilling me on why I wasn't having a "treat". I told them what I was doing. She said "WHY would you limit yourself so much when you're already so limited (I have celiac)" I just didn't respond. I'm NOT limited. There are endless lists of things I can eat. It's so infuritating that if you don't indulge in the crap that everyone else is eating that you get harrassed. I'm not going to sit around and feet bloated and fat all day just to justify your own LACK of will power. No thanks!