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  1. Can't leave til 5:30. Cucumber water I don't think will do it. I was thinking of mushing up some strawberries in club soda when I get home. Would that be terrible? *sigh* I just don't know if I can do without my drinks for 30 days. Not to mention I feel like crap in the morning without my coffee (I only have 1 cup a day) and I can't drink it black - I really tried. It's unbearable.
  2. It's day 3 for me and my cravings have not gone away for Sweet N Low. Or something sweet to drink besides water. In my office I smell these delicious coffees other people are drinking (WITH CREAM & SWEETENER) and I've tried to do plain coffee or tea but its not the same. WAHHHH. HELP. When will this craving go away?! :( I thought cravings only lasted 20 minutes. Mine is going on 72 hours... *sob* Close to giving in and going for a Starbucks... How sad that its not the food I can't deal with - its the drink!
  3. I think I'd have no problem staying 95% Paleo if I could just have my coffee in the morning with heavy cream and 2 sweet n lows. Man am I craving sweet n low today. I usually put it in iced tea throughout the day too. Maybe 4-6 packets a day. How long does it take for the cravings to go away? I went in Fresh Market today and smelled the coffee samples they have and longed to have a cup but I hate black you ever learn to like it after being used to it with cream and sweetener?
  4. Sounds good, will up his portions. I'm making a big meatloaf (so we have lunch leftovers for tomorrow) tonight with lots of veggies and salad. Maybe a califlower mash too. He's new to paleo and not sure he's totally on board with the concept yet and right now he thinks he's eating too much fat, oy. I'm trying to tell him - then how did I lose 12 lbs already if its too much fat?
  5. Oh yeah I forgot to say - he doesn't like avocados or sweet potatos or coconut milk - so what else can I give him? Also he's 6 ft. tall, about 200 lbs.
  6. ideas for upping intake without upping protein

    I have a hubby doing Paleo for the first time who's kind of a picky eater and I had the same question for him. He doesn't like avocados or sweet potatoes and so I'm trying to find other foods to keep him full. Imagine he won't do coconut milk either...
  7. good unsweetened iced tea recipes??

    I was thinking about mushing up some fresh strawberries in a pot of iced tea to naturally sweeten it a little...and feel like I'm having fun beverage too...
  8. I started Whole 30 today and have been 90% paleo for awhile now. Hubby has not done Paleo before but decided he'd do a modified Whole30 with me to support me. Today we had for breakfast 3 eggs, two pieces whole30 approved bacon, and a banana. For lunch I sent him with a piece and a half of grilled balsamic chicken with asparagus and an apple, and a snack of cashews. He's complaining he's still hungry. Is he just in carb withdrawal? Seems like enough food to me... but maybe I'm just used to eating less carbs than my onion bagel loving', bread sammich for lunch lovin' hubby...
  9. I MISS KETCHUP. Is the low-sugar Heinz really that bad?!
  10. Low blood sugar

    I was wondering this too. I'm also a reactive hypoglycemic but my doc says the best cure for it is eating low-carb and eating 5-6 times a day instead of 3 meals a day. So I'm going to start Whole 30 in October but try it 5 meals and eat fruit if I get woozy.
  11. Cancer diagnosis

    I had hodgkins lymphoma when I was 23 and honestly the paleo diet is about the healthiest diet you can do while you have cancer. Refined sugars feed cancer cells because cancer cells metabolize sugar 3x faster than normal cells. Maybe it was a blessing that you went to the doctor in time. I'm praying its not cancer for you but if it is - feel free to reach out if you need someone to talk to - been there and done that. Chemo, radiation, the whole bit - and I'm here 10 years later healthy as a horse! Chemo is not as bad as it once was too - I threw up one time the whole time I was on it because my nurse forgot my anti-nausea meds that day. I tolerated it really well. Best of luck to you.