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    Starting February 15, 2016

    Hey, Everyone! I'm behind the 8 ball on posting but better late than never! I started my whole 30 on the 15th like the rest of you. This is my second one-- first one was four years ago. It was life changing for me. I broke a major sugar addiction, became 'regular' for the first time in my life, and learned that some types of food adversely affect how I feel. After the completion, I began eating Paleo. I ate well for about a year, then I got lazy. I'm now 51 y/o, perimenopausal, dealing w/joint aches, and 15 pounds heavier. I knew it was time. This time around has been a bit easier (fingers crossed!) I still deal w/ cravings, so I find something to do for 5 minutes & that helps. I DO like flaked coconut and cashews!!! Got to watch THAT! Way to hang in there, you guys! It's gonna be worth it!
  2. splash883

    Hurricane Planning

    Don't forget canned sweet potatoes and the like!
  3. splash883

    Bones, Bones, Glorious Bones

    When I make bone broth, I add a some garlic & vegetables, too. I let it simmer for a full 24 hours. By then, there's nothing to skim. I just strain it and put it in mason jars or ice cube trays to freeze(then on to a container in the freezer.) Once it gets cold, remove the hard fat at the top and use it for cooking fat. Good stuff. It always turns out wonderfully! I love it!!!
  4. splash883

    Day 23: Whole30 and mourning.

    I'm so sorry for your loss. Maybe just taking a 10 minute walk or something else to get you moving a bit, then find something on the whole30 compliant list that can become a "comforting-type" of food. I love hot bone broth. I love sweet potatoes w/ghee. Take it day by day, hour by hour and you'll get through it. You can do this. Prayers for you during this difficult time.
  5. splash883

    Have you done your reintroduction?

    I'm glad this discussion came up. The one thing I really want on day 31 is Ben & Jerry's ice cream. Now, I'm not so sure. I have a serious sugar problem & I'm thinking this might send me over the edge. I don't want to go back to scary type cravings again. If it makes me sick--I'd be ok w/that. It would discourage me from eating it again. If it gives me crazy type cravings...not so good. I'm so afraid of going back to the way I was. I'm going to really consider this. I have 11 days, so we'll see.
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    I Believe, and Now Is the Time

    That was awesome! Yay!
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    I found this at the regular grocery store in a bin near the floor, under the potato section. Google it for good pictures. It reminds me of a larger, flatter rooty potato. You'll see what I mean. It was a bit expensive, I thought. Good luck! BTW, I looked up the pronunciation: hee-kah-mah. I know...I just can't help it!
  8. I followed the directions in the "It Starts With Food" recipe section. (I made it and it turned out great! I may go lighter on the salt next time, tho.) I am a nerd. Does anyone else feel a great sense of accomplishment when making something that you used to just go out and buy in the store? I had to laugh at myself. I told my husband, "Look! I just made mayo all by myself!!" Thanks for listening to my goofines! Kelsey
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    Ok. As a total newbie at this, I bought a jicama the other day. I thought I'd venture out and try something new. I did the research for peeling and serving ideas. No one said anything about choosing a good one or storage. I had no idea that I was supposed to refrigerate it. I thought it would be treated like a potato--no. I cut it up and it had brown spots all over the inside. Brown spots all over are bad. So I guess the moral of the story is this: pick a smaller jicama w/no wet spots or other noticeable markings on the outside. The bigger ones tend to be more fibrous, not as flavorful. Dang. I wish I would've known this sooner.
  10. splash883

    Homemade Mayo & My Self-Image

    @ 1Maryann & slw600. *said in a reverent voice* I sit humbly before you... *snickers* Seriously, you guys rock! Way to make your own stuff!!!!
  11. splash883

    Cellulite? - Day 10

    I get my bones from a butcher that only uses grass-fed or grass-finished beef. It's about 10 or 11 dollars for 3.5 lbs. There's a health food store that sells them, too. Only problem, they don't always have them in stock. The health food store tends to be a little cheaper.
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    Menopause kicking my arse :)

    Fortunately for me, I started a hormone balancing supplement program a month before doing the Whole30. My night sweats have disappeared and I'm not crazy w/my emotions. I think cleaning up my diet is helping a lot, as well. All I can say is this: do your research, ask a ton of questions and go the road that works best for you. There are a lot of opinions out there, but only you can choose what works for you.
  13. splash883

    What? I did it? Yay ME!!!

    Way to go! Well said.
  14. splash883

    Whole 30- A lot Learned

    That was awesome!
  15. splash883

    Homemade Mayo & My Self-Image

    I actually REALLY "laughed out loud" Derval!
  16. splash883

    Starting October 1 2012

    Hey, All: I'm starting tomorrow, as well. Glad you guys are here for support. I feel like I'm probably going to need it! I'm the only one in my family doing it. The others aren't really understanding why. I've got a few things on hand to start off breakfast and probably enough for lunch. I head out to the few stores tomorrow. Man, I do hate to shop! So, good luck to you and I'm sure I'll be checking in for accountability.