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  1. If you're like me, some of this comes from feeling like "Why do I have to miss out on everything? I've been good for so long now. Everyone else gets to eat this fun food, why do I always have to say no?" And the truth is that everyone else gets to live with the consequences of their unhealthy choices, too. And for me, at least, I haven't really been eating well compared to how many years I ate all of the unhealthy foods and ingrained those into my lifestyle. I'd suggest when you come back to W30, pay attention to healthy foods that you enjoy and can use as an alternative when you want a comfort dish: sweet potatoes, a perfect steak, a blended soup. Anything to reinforce the idea that you don't need to feel deprived when you eat healthy foods. It takes a long time to build up memories of comfort, so start building your new memories now.
  2. Alcohol

    Kombucha is a fermented tea beverage with a faint hint of alcohol because it is, well, fermented. It is Whole30 compliant if it has 4 grams of sugar or less (sugar is required to make it, but you don't want one that has more sugar than that). If you have been completely off alcohol for a while, you may notice the alcohol in it, but don't try asking for a glass in a bar. Still, it could be something you BYOB and pour it into a wine glass to drink.
  3. Failed Mayo 101

    The key is to get the emulsion started with only a little bit of oil. An immersion blender in a narrow jar works because not all the oil is mixing up with the egg at once. Too much oil in the blending process at the beginning leaves you with sauce, not mayo. If you are using a regular mixer, then start with only a very small amount of oil, and drizzle the rest of it in after you see the emulsion form (should look like pudding).
  4. Alcohol

    I'm a wine drinker, and my rule is no more than one glass for the whole evening. I make it a game to sip and savor and make that one glass last all night, drinking lots of water as well as eating something. No hangover for me, but I absolutely have to stick to one glass. I've had wine twice now since finishing my last round of W30.
  5. Whole30 in Germany

    I know I've seen some shoppers in Europe who order many of their pantry products online. Try Amazon as a source, for example, if you can't find products at your grocery store.
  6. Steaks and roast

    This is a quote from the Whole30 website that guides me. "Shop with the understanding that we’d much rather you put your money into “clean” protein sources than organic fruits and vegetables. While pesticides aren’t delicious, eating high quality meat, fish, and eggs is far more important to your health." You'll find it on this page, a guide to shopping around the grocery store: http://whole30.com/2011/01/paleo-poor/
  7. Steaks and roast

    The reason for recommending lean meat is that animals raised by standard industrial farming methods will have more toxins stored in their fat than organic pasture-raised animals. Bacon, in particular, is one of the worst animal products in this regard. So the rule of thumb is that if the animal is organic and pasture-raised, buy meat with as much fat as you like. If your choices are only standard meats in the grocery store, try to buy the lean cuts, to reduce the toxins on your plate.
  8. What does WholeLife look like for you?

    Be prepared for your old favorites to treat you poorly. I went to a movie last night at a cinema grill. We ate ahead of time, so we wouldn't order much off the menu. I didn't want sugar, so I ordered a basket of waffle fries. After we got home, I started feeling the indigestion and by the time it was over, I was doubled over in pain on the floor with waves of nausea. I can still feel the stomach cramps this morning. Waffle fries used to be a favorite snack, but I will happily never go near them again.
  9. Hi Patty, Welcome. Like jmcbn says, this plan can be simplified to suit your tastes. I also eat fruits as a condiment in meals (not as a dessert or snack), and I don't eat nuts at all (I have braces on my teeth). So my fats are pretty much avocado and homemade mayo, which are enough for me. I mix mayo into all kind of foods like ground beef or breakfast casserole, in addition to traditional things like tuna or egg salad. You can start with these simple ideas and then expand as your tastes require.
  10. Continuing past 30 days

    Congratulations on completing your 30 days! If you are not ready to go off plan, then don't. Add variety to your eating by trying new recipes and new gadgets and kitchen tools. Eventually, you will run into something where you think "I'd like to try that but it's off plan." You can give yourself permission to try those things and see what happens.
  11. Stress eating?

    I sympathize. Stress eating is so hard to break, but you have to stop raiding the fridge, especially at night, to get your hormonal balance back. Instead of food, I make tea. Get some really good loose herbal non-caffeinated teas and a teapot or thermos with a basket (Teavana has a good one), and treat yourself to some tasty brews. In fact, I don't drink tea at all except for after dinner, when I close up the kitchen after dinner. Food is officially off limits, but I enjoy these teas like I used to enjoy dessert.
  12. The Avocado Problem

    Can you describe what "putting a little onion in" means?
  13. Doing it right this time!

    Yep. These are the exact situations that derail us, a combination of limited choices in what is served, combined with a social environment that encourages our old habits. The way out of it is to plan as best you can and forgive yourself for what you can't control, without letting those off-plan items give you permission to dive in and eat that box of donuts because "Who cares? I can do another Whole30 whenever I want! Ha ha!" Your lifestyle retraining has to include handling all these situations, and because this is unfamiliar territory, you have to plan your events until it becomes more automatic. Some things you can do: map out your day. Where will you be? What is likely to be available? What will you eat? What treat will you plan? How will you answer if people offer you something? I've posted this on several threads, but here is an example of how I handled a dinner a few weeks ago, where we had no idea what would be served except that it was certain to include alcohol. I went to a dinner party the other night with some wine drinkers. Gave myself permission to have one glass of wine and had to make it last the whole evening. They served wine with cheese & crackers before dinner. I accepted the glass, took one sip and set it down. Said no thanks to cheese & crackers. Took one more sip of wine before dinner. Left my glass full all through dinner so they wouldn't refill it. Drank water instead. Then at the end of the meal, I finished my wine while everyone had dessert (brownies & sugar-free ice cream, they have diabetics in the family and this is what they eat ). So that's how I got through a social event without running off the rails. It wasn't particularly difficult, it just took a liittle bit of planning.
  14. Sorry, I can't help with tapering. I quit coffee cold turkey several times and took OTC painkillers as needed for a few days. The withdrawal is much easier for me if I am not quitting coffee at the beginning of a Whole30. And the benefits are totally worth it, from hydrated skin to better intestinal function. I'm 8 months in to a 2-year coffee break that is feeling really good. Good luck!
  15. Thank you. I had no idea what EFT meant, either.