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  1. ginsinnot

    Off track and negative thoughts

    Perhaps a moderator will weigh in here as well... It's okay. 30 days can't fix a lifetime of habits. And a world full of cues to behaviors that you're trying to change. The number of fast food and junk food ads that you get in a day, it's staggering. And we don't even realize a lot of it, like on the radio or in print. There are constant cues in our environment that can trigger the very behaviors and habits you're trying to change. I did my first W30 in the fall of 2012 and felt so amazing. Really. And I kept at it for a few months, not on constant W30+, but just sticking to thinking about what I was doing and making good choices. Then I stopped making consistently good choices. Then I started feeling like junk. Which lead me to eat more junk (hey I'm tired and didn't sleep, I bet pizza will make this better, which leads to feeling like more junk and thinking hey, maybe that ice cream is a good idea). And I would try to start a W30 and stop about mid-way through. Then I started one again and kept going. And I learned more about my triggers and behaviors as I kept my log. And I've gone way too offroad again after a time, so that I start feeling poorly again. We so often hear about the physical issues related to eating junk. But I can honestly say that one of the biggest things for me and eating W30 style is that I'm just happy. And confident. And less irritable. And even when I do get upset or stressed, it's much more manageable and passes quickly. I never had what anyone would call a mood disorder before, but I just feel so much better and even and happy when I'm on a W30 or staying close to W30. I was way off track most of this year. Not able to wear most of my beautiful closet full of clothes. Tired. Irritable. Sick. Then it just clicked again. And I started a W30 and kept at it. And I learned more about myself. Like, I can't have any pop. Not one. Not a sip. It's not a slippery slope, it's like an ice luge down a rabbit hole into bad choices. Really, just one pop can do that to me. Try not to get overwhelmed. Maybe a W30 isn't the right choice right now. Maybe try looking at it in smaller pieces. Everytime you sit down to eat (or grab something as you're on the go), just focus on that one choice. You've done a W30 before. You may again. But for today, it's just today or even just right now. I had a moment where it was very clear to me this last W30 that I often choose "what I want right now" over "what I really want". And that's more than just with food choices. So I spend time now, and ask myself "is what I want right now (a cocktail, dessert, a new pair of shoes, a nap), in line with what I really want (to feel healthy and energetic and happy, to pay off my debt, to be well rested and healthy, to have a clean house, etc)? Sometimes the answer is yes, this works for me. And sometimes the answer is no, find something else to do because this doesn't support my goals. So re-read the book. Maybe jot down notes in the book when you read something that speaks to you. And I hope today you feel well.
  2. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    Don't be discouraged! I'm not a cross fitter, but it seems like a lot that have been on the forum over time find they need to eat significantly more. Maybe you're not eating as much as you need with all that exercise? check out the forum spot for athletes, you may find some better guidance as you look through that. And were you keeping a food log on the forum daily? I'd do that if you weren't, because you can ask others here for feedback. The scale is no one's friend. Really. Hulk Smash Away. And consider that this may just be where your healthy body feels it should be?
  3. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    Good morning, it's Day 31 and I feel awesome. Bought myself some beautiful peach roses to celebrate yesterday. I'm proud of myself. I've found my willpower, which I misplaced for a long time. I've only needed to draw on it a few times in the last 30 days. I'm thankful for my supportive husband, who has made it easier for me to not need willpower by keeping his junk food out of the house. He's feeling better too, just eating W30 when he's home (he lost 6 pounds apparently in the 30 days) I'm thankful for my best ladies, including my sister. They've been super supportive as well, and this counts for a lot when our usual girls night included cocktails. I've been enjoying cooking and meal planning again. I'm just so darn happy. Pretty much every day. My skin is just nicer all around. My sleep is pretty darn great 90% of the time. Even when I am tired, my mood stays good. My energy is consistent from the time I wake up til I go to bed. I'm 5'4", and while I feel prouder and standing taller, I'm still 5'4" I weighed about 148 the day I started. I'm down to 140.5 today. I'm down 7" all over the body And I'm ready to keep going.
  4. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    I don't think there's any reason not to post them today:) I just want to do my measurements in the morning and i didn't think to do it today. Great work everyone
  5. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    Happy Day 30'!!!! I'll be doing my measurements tomorrow morning. At this point I'm going to keep going until.... My plan even once I decide to go off the W30 for a really good reason (read a mimosa with my ladies, some beef bourguignon calls my name, or a fall cup of mulled cider), is to stay what I'll call Whole 9 eating. That means no grains, dairy, legumes. Limiting sugar to things like salami and bacon. Saving paleo baked goods and desserts for special occasions. And maybe ketchup, because honestly I only really put it on eggs and I love it. Possibly the occasional corn item, but we'll see. Non negotiable: no soda pop. It's just bad and I lack control once I have it. No fast food. No junk processed ready made foods. I'll be keeping my W 30 log until I have a non W30 item, then I'll be posting in the post W30 section. I've still got work to do and habits to cement.
  6. I second Shannon on the Wholly Guacamole. They even make individual serving cups so you don't waste it. Love those! I get mine at my Meijer store, near the "fresh" salsa in the produce area.
  7. It can be scary for some to change things. When you start to feel overwhelmed with the changes, just remind yourself that it's 30 days. Or break it down in to each day. Today, you are doing this. Repeat tomorrow. When you think about how much you love (insert food here), think how much more you could love feeling more energetic, sleeping bettter and waking refreshed, or your clothes feeling good on your body, or treating yourself to new clothes that make you feel even better. Really follow the meal templates. Try ricing cauliflower, it's an awesome transition away from rice and grains for many food dishes. You just rough chop cauliflower and pop it into a food processor on a pulse chop til it's about the size of rice grains. I highly recommend toasting the riced cauliflower in the oven. Then spoon just about anything over it (adapted paleo swedish meatballs in mushroom gravy, jambalaya, beef stew). Experiment with guacamole for the creamy mouth-factor that dairy can provide. I love a big W30 taco salad with a big dollop of guacamole. I also put guac onto my chili. You can do this
  8. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    Great blog post today by W30 about non-food rewards. What non-food ways can each of us treat ourselves to celebrate our accomplisment? I'm definitely going for a food processor. Which is sort of a gift to me and my sister as I'm always asking her to rice my cauliflower in her food processor (and she makes me mayo, but I'll keep asking her for that I think... ) And I think i'm going to arrange a spa day for my sister and girlfriends this Friday. I'm thinking massage and facial..
  9. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    It's Day 29!!!! How awesome for everyone that you kept at it. I really encourage everyone to focus on how you feel and how far you've come. It can be easy to dive right back in to old habits, but then you'll be right back to feeling not so great (or flat out bad). Really keep to the re-intro plan. It helps going forward, to make good informed choices about what you're putting into your body. Hope that everyone has a great Monday and first day of fall.
  10. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    Good morning lovely Day 24 Seems a natural point to think "what next". If you're doing your first W30 (or it's been a while), be sure you follow the reintroduction schedule. They've even added a "slow roll" re-intro and I really like that. It spaces out the groups more, with like 10 days to 2 weeks in between back on the W30 before doing the next group. I think it sounds like a really great way to pinpoint any food issues. I also love the idea of keeping a journal for the whole re-intro, I think that would be especially helpful for those small problems that can creep up on you and for the psychological food issues. Dairy for me (when my Crohns Disease is under control) is not really a big deal in small doses. So I'll start eating and enjoying more and more of it. Until I suddenly am just "blerg", I'm getting minor annoying breakouts, I'm sort of allergy-sniffly all the time with what I call the "puppy dog" wet nose, and the under-eye circles really make a strong showing. But these things creep on so slowly, that I am inclined to dismiss dairy as the problem (because so much of it tastes so good). So I can really see the value in the "slow roll" re-intro. I'm pretty sure that I'm going to keep with the W30 after day 30, maybe for a few more weeks. And then: ?? I'm thinking basically paleo with occasional cocktails. I'll probably go back to ketchup and worcestershire sauce. Other than that, not thinking about changing much in the food department. And NO pop (soda pop and I have an unhealthy relationship) What do you see for your post W30 eating?
  11. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    That's a bummer. You definitely need some more sleep! You could drink some carbonated water, sometimes the fizz will help settle things or help to expel the gas you may have from broccoli. Do you normally have a problem with cruciferous veggies? You said you took Imodium, so I'm guessing you have some diarrhea as well. It's possible you got "dosed" with something (dairy, soy, wheat) that doesn't agree with you at the restaurant. Or, given that the broccoli wasn't steamed well, it could have gotten contaminated in the kitchen and you could have some food poisoning. I'd recommend some easy to digest veggies today, like soft well-cooked carrots or squash or sweet potato. Those are so easy on the digestive tract. I'd say some chicken soup might be just the thing, but your schedule sounds a little busy to whip that up at home. You can try a heating pad or heated corn bag on the stomach, that can be a great thing for cramping. Make sure you get enough fluids today, and might find some mint chamomile tea soothing overall. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    Happy Day 23. Busy week with a trip out of town with my husband this weekend. Meals for the week are already made chili and leftovers from Sunday dinner (grass fed beef roast, roast veg (potatos, carrots, leeks, elephant garlic), green beans). Got to empty the fridge before we head out to Virginia on Thursday evening. Wednesday night I'll be making some breakfast meatballs for the trip and hardboiled eggs. I'll pack a cooler full of W30 goodness (sparkling waters, iced tea, eggs, meatballs, raw veggies, apples, maybe some nuts). I've got a plan for eating out. In no time at all, it will be day 31!
  13. ginsinnot

    Starting Monday 25th August

    Hello all, realize I haven't checked in, in a while. It's Day 22 Sort of just cruising along, feeling well. Had time to make a pot of chili this morning, so I'm looking forward to dinner being tasty and already to go. I'll be taking a road trip to Virginia this weekend with my husband. I'll be sticking to my W30. I made a plan last week, for packing a cooler and staying compliant while eating out. My guy's being very supportive. Of course, when I thanked him for this last night, he thought I was being sarcastic (as he'd just had a McDonald's milkshake and cookies while sitting on the couch with me). I told him no, he can eat what he wants but I appreciated his not keeping junk food in our house. He went out for his treat. And I really appreciate that.
  14. ginsinnot

    Doctor Frustrations and Whole30

    A doctor of osteophathy. A DO and an MD are both fully licensed physicians in the U.S. Similar paths, with undergraduate degrees followed by medical school and then residencies and fellowships. An osteopathic medical school has a different philosophical approach to healthcare historically. Some would say they take a more "whole person" approach to medicine in general. They've tended to be very centered on family practice, general medicine, etc.
  15. ginsinnot

    LaCroix Sparkling Water

    My local Target is now carrying all kinds of La Croix flavors I couldn't get before, like apricot and mango and passionfruit, Oh MY! And I've found some other brands of sparkling water that are sometimes cheaper and still appear to have the same ingredients/quality. I recently finally treated myself to the Perrier Grapefruit, and I do feel fancy