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  1. lauragh13

    Planning ahead for pushback

    Elimination diet has always been my best answer, especially because it is TRUE. You are eliminating things that you think you might react to, and you will reintroduce some of them systematically at the end of the 30 days. You don't really have to mention the dr except vaguely. "I talked to my dr about it...and this is what I am doing..." People have been very receptive when I explain it like that, and they end up asking a lot of questions and getting really interested because *everyone* feels like crap one way or another and they all suspect it might be something they are eating.
  2. lauragh13

    Discreet meals ideas for work events...?

    That's what bathroom breaks are for! Have your eggs pre-peeled and salted and peppered in your little baggie or whatever. Mostly in those situations I depend on trail mix - nuts and dried fruit. It's not the best, but I can chew it faster than jerky and it keeps me going. Have a little compact mirror to check your teeth!
  3. lauragh13


    I love scallops sautéed with a lot of garlic and lemon over zoodles (zucchini noodles - I sauté them in the same lemon garlic oil as the scallops). Yum yum! I might have to get some today!
  4. lauragh13


    I've done 2 Whole30s and am starting another in Early January. Betweentimes I have some dairy (milk in coffee, sour cream in mexican food, some cheese) and a few sweets in social situations. I eat grain free in restaurants, whatever I am served in social situations, and at home I am pretty much compliant. Oh, I do drink wine pretty much every day. I am very much looking forward to going back on W30. I do better if the decisions are taken from me, especially about wine.
  5. I thought that too, but then I did (am doing) 2 back to back W30s (took 2 days off in between). I'm near the end of the second one, and realized I'm kind of depressed because I have let my social life fall by the wayside - who knew so much of it revolved around food and wine? It was just too hard and frustrating, and honestly, no fun to go out and always get a plain salad with meat that inevitably was grilled with butter or some marinade with sweetener and never have wine. I will definitely eat clean at home, but I am looking forward to getting back out with friends for lunches, coffee, book club,and if it's no fun without the wine, I will have the wine.
  6. lauragh13

    Can I have Marijuana

    But Melissa, it's a VEGETABLE! Leafy greens! I bet it's excellent sauteed in coconut oil with a little nutmeg, coconut aminos and coconut milk. And pomegranate seeds of course. Everything is better with pomegranate seeds. Throw a handful into the crockpot when you are stewing the bone broth. Just like parsley, only better. Mix it in with the pico de gallo or mash it in guacamole...just like cilantro, only better. I bet it would be good in broccoli slaw too, or as a garnish for stir fry. Mixed in the salad...... TRUE story: Back in the day my parents grew their own and kept it in the fridge. My mom went to the hospital to have my baby sister and her mom stayed with us. She found the baggie of what she thought was oregano and cooked up a big delicious pot of spaghetti sauce. Yes she did. Used allll of it. And funny, I was a kid who didn't sleep, but I sure did sleep that night! Hahahahahaha!!!
  7. lauragh13

    It's starting to wear on me.

    Time of the month is really hard for me too. I ditto getting through it with sweet potatoes, and I love mashed roasted butternut squash with A LOT of ghee and raisins and cinnamon and a tad of cumin, curry, coconut milk. It's sweet, desserty, delicious, and compliant. AND very filling. I'm on my second of 2 back to back Whole30s, and I definitely have times when it really wears on me. Either the cooking or I just get tired of my choices. I've addressed it by having some really really easy meals - I got compliant turkey salami at Whole Foods that I can eat for a really fast and nicely salty protein, and I have a banana and almond butter or shredded carrots with oil and vinegar. And then I try a couple of new things in a row - celeriac, bison meat, a new kind of fish, roasted cabbage (never did that before, yum!). The combo of easy and new jolts me out of the slump pretty well. Then I remind myself that that bored/tired of everything slump would get me when I was eating non whole30 too, and I would go to a couple of new restaurants and spend a lot of money and eat food that was terrible for me and feel like crap and grow out of my fat clothes. Which is better? LOL! Keep with it! It's not worth it to bail now! Laura
  8. NOT that my post was really relevant, but apparently I still needed to vent about it. LOL!
  9. Thank you TOM, that is a big load off my mind. I went to a restaurant last week and ordered the salad with plain steak and oil and vinegar on the side. They brought me canola oil and a really sweet balsamic viniagrette. I asked again for olive oil and regular vinegar - they said they don't have that. Wha? Who doesn't have olive oil and plain vinegar? Restaurants in small Texas towns, that's who. Finally I asked for lemons and got that. As it turned out, the steak was supposed to be plain, but was marinated in something really sweet, and the salad itself tasted noticably sweet. I looked - the bottom half of the salad was DRESSED with that balsamic viniagrette!!! I guess they put it in, remembered I wanted my salad w dressing on the side, and just took off the top layer of lettuce and put new plain lettuce on top. OMG! By that time everyone else was almost done and it was a birthday dinner and I felt like I had made enough of a fuss, so I just ate what I could and let it go. Luckily I'm in my second of 2 back to back Whole30s, so I'll just add some days to the end and not be too upset, but I'm frustrated that nothing is safe! Laura
  10. lauragh13

    Can I have Marijuana

    Looking forward to seeing the answers on this one! I have no issue with it generally, unless it makes you snack on weird stuff, in which case the snacking would be the problem. Also looking very forward to election results on it!
  11. lauragh13


    Yeah! I found some at Whole foods - roasting it in strips right now.
  12. lauragh13


    I just read about celeriac/celery root, and it seems like an interesting thing to try. It's potato-ey - is it too potato-ey to be compliant? Or are all roots ok except for regular potatoes?
  13. lauragh13

    Day 1 of no Calorie Counting.

    I wouldn't eat it on a nonorganic chicken, but if it's organic, that skin is fair game. And YUMYUMYUM!!!!! I am bummed I'm eating Thanksgiving at a friend's house because I was really looking forward to savoring that crispy turkey skin for the first time since I was a kid. Think I'll order an organic turkey and do that anyway. MMMMMMMMmmmmmmm. As Dallas and Melissa say - I'm an adult - there's nothing stopping me from buying myself a turkey, and nothing stopping me from making a roast turkey on a day besides T-day. Duh. So sad for your skinny to the back of the closet they will go with the fat clothes. Replaced with NEW skinny clothes.... Mwahahaha!
  14. lauragh13

    Day 1 of no Calorie Counting.

    It's totally weird, isn't it? Especially since we are so encouraged to eat things we haven't eaten freely in...welll.....ever. CHICKEN SKIN!!!! I'm on Day 6 of my second Whole30 and pouring the oil and ghee on so freely I'm a little concerned...but I'm going longer between meals and my muffintop continues to shrink, so I guess it's fine. AND my food is so darn delicious I can't even believe it, but I have no desire to overeat - even my most delicious coconut milk curry thing - when I'm satisfied I stop. WOW, that's a change - with calorie counting if I was satisfied, I was sad because I knew I ate too many calories, and if I ate the "right" amount, I was never quite satisfied. The feeling of "DAMN that was good and I ate enough of it" is incredible. It helps that I'm really enjoying my cooking, and I know that if I liked it that much, I can always make more for the next meal. It does get easier, and now I don't even look at where my scale WAS in the mornings. That was a really hard habit to break, but again - soooo liberating.
  15. lauragh13

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!!

    Along the same lines as kimchi, cabbage in general is doing the trick for me. I had the same situation - from very regular to "wth are my innards doing in there? NOTHING!" I got cabbage just to try, and as long as I eat some every day...things are moving on through. Plus cabbage is a heck of a lot better than I thought it was going to be. LOL!