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  1. Tasha


    Try getting rid of nuts, or nut butters. I discovered this as an issue on my W30
  2. Tasha

    nut allergy

    Look for coconut flour-specific recipes. The abundance of nut flour and nut butter recipes can be frustrating (seems like almost every recipe has them!) if you can have hazelnuts or other nuts (maybe macadamia?) they do make nut butters out of those as well, and you could try making your own hazelnut flour in your food processer.
  3. Primal Parent is writing a book, too. You can check out her blog for info too. The release date keeps changing and I'm not sure what it will be like, but here's the link: http://www.amazon.com/Primal-Moms-Look-Good-Naked/dp/1936608669/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1358477730&sr=8-1&keywords=primal+moms+look+good+naked
  4. I found them really helpful--it was kind of like an advent calendar!--counting the days going along. I liked reading them in the morning, and gave you a good "check in" to make sure you are starting your day off right. I didn't know what to expect, but they are quite substantial each day (not just a paragraph or two) with lots of external links and additional resources. Each day kind of has a theme that sometimes eerily lines up with how you are feeling that day. Some days are better than others but overall, totally worth it. Less than 50 cents a day? Even if just ONE DAY it helps you, gives you a recipe you love, helps you reframe something, provides that motivation you need, totally totally worth it. I can think of 25368049 different useless things I've blown $15 on
  5. Tasha

    Well Fed's chocolate chili

    I made this last night too. For those worried about the chocolate-ness it doesn't taste like chocolate at all (to me, anyway). It is just a different flavor profile, less tomatoey, and a nice change. For us it wasn't spicy enough (but a good heat for the kids) so we sprinkled some chipotle powder on top and that was delicious!
  6. Minouki, I am in a somewhat similar situation. I have been GF since the end of July and while gastro symptoms have improved I have some other weird symptoms that could be related to Celiac (but also a host of other things). My doctor ordered the celiac blood test, not knowing that I have been GF. I know that the test will likly come back negative (and even when eating gluten, the test has a high rate of false negatives!). I didn't know if I should restart gluten just to get an accurate test result (for the blood test it has to be 1-4 slices of bread per day dor 2 weeks) and didn't want to undo any healingi have made So I decided to have the blood work without adding in gluten again as it was included in the panel that needed to get done already. The benefits, to me, for having a diagnosis would be that I think I would be more strict and conscientious about gluten esp in restaurants and hidden sources Ike body products, make up etc. in addition, you must have the blood test and biopsy confirmation for Celiac to receive tax benefits on the additional costs of GF foods (in Canada). It would be nice to know I NEED to avoid it not just that I CHOOSE to. In terms of your children, the blood test is not effective for under the age of 3. In addition, because Celiac is a progressive disease, you basically have to be having symptoms and damage before you can test for it UNLESS you get gene testing done. Gene testing can identify if you or your children carry the celiac genes or genes that mark for gluten sensitivity. This may be a better option for your kids. If you choose to eat the bread before your challenge, do it for the full amount of time. My sister didn't do it long enough and as a result her test may not have been accurate either. Good luck to you!
  7. Tasha

    p**p issues.....haha

    Try avoiding the nuts and dried fruit for awhile and see if that helps. I found avoiding them for 3 weeks then reinro-ing them things got better
  8. B6 needs to be in combination with UNisom to be effective (or as a tablet of both, known as Diclectin in Canada). http://paleohacks.com/questions/87321/hyperemesis-gravidarum-tips#axzz2BbEh7mKx I was very sick with both pregnancies so I feel for you! I wasn't Paleo then either but I just coped by always keeping small nibbles of things in my stomach. I hope you feel better soon!
  9. Tasha


    In Well Fed the other Melissa says she always uses bottled lemon juice because it has a more reliable acidity...so try that maybe? Or try without?
  10. Tasha

    Thanks for the new allergy Whole 30

    Cashews are also highly allergenic.
  11. Tasha


    I "follow" things but haven't ever received any notifications of them? And yes, I would love to see new comments on things I've posted!
  12. Tasha

    Coconut aminos--say what?

    Alana not sure where you are in Canada but Planet Organic in Edmonton carries them, so maybe another oragnic store? They are also online at a place called something like Lo Carb Canada or something. It's like soy sauce. Braggs IS soy but doesn't have wheat (so maybe an post w30 option if you choose to have soy in your life).
  13. Tasha

    Beef Heart; Recipe needed!

    http://www.thepaleomom.com/tag/heart She's got a roast, some skewers and some jerky! I've never had heart myself, just remember her posting about them.
  14. Tasha

    Upset growling tummy.....

    Apples could be a FODMAP issue http://chriskresser.com/fodmaps-could-common-foods-be-harming-your-digestive-health http://www.eat-real-food-paleodietitian.com/paleo-diet-and-fodmap.html
  15. Tasha

    I hate that this is so hard!

    I just pulled the trigger at 10 am one morning. I knew that so far that day I hadn't had anything non-compliant so I just did it (like they say in the book, just do it. Start now. Right now. This instant. ) I had a major sugar dragon, so I know what you're talking about. The beauty of starting it, once you stop you have a built-in excuse to just keep going. In the beginning, it took awhile to break the habits but then it was second nature. And it is SO FREEING to not be held victim by the sugar urges. Once you break it, you will be overjoyed. I found the "limitations" of the W30 helpful, because it took away the "everything in moderation" aspect that tends to become all moderation, all the time. I said to my sister, I gave up alcohol/sushi/soft cheeses/caffiene/etc when pregnant, for my babies. I gave him dairy when I nursed them because it hurt them. I was quick to give up stuff for my kids because I knew it was better for them, but sooo sloowww to give it up for myself. Do it for yourself. And tell yourself, this stuff isn't going away. It will still be there after 30 days. So if it's a party, or a wedding, or a birthday or whatever, you can throw yourself a party with champagne and birthday cake when you are done. At the end, you will be surprised it went so fast. You can do it!