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  1. Higgles

    No time for an early breakfast

    I used to not eat prior to a workout, lots of people say that, but they don't really try it. You'll find lots of posts that say they never could but now they do. I have a hard boiled egg before I leave to go to the gym, I used to have a handful of nuts as well before I cut out nuts completely. I go to the gym, shower/change and head to work and eat breakfast at my desk. Yes, its later than an hour, but it keeps me on track and after a workout I'm starving!
  2. Higgles


    Chillyjilly, I like your reframed attitude of saying I want to start the program today. Maybe don't name it when you start over? I've had "day 1" when I knew I would be blowing it 2 days later. This time, I'm really trying to focus on doing 1 day at a time. I've done a complete 30 and a reintro so I'm not trying to go for a full 30 right now, I'm trying to make each day a success, with yesterday being another start. I find that writing down what I ate the day before helps, and knowing that I"ll be posting my diet has helped me think about whether i wanted to eat that unhealthy thing or not. When I got out of the tracking habit I spiraled downhill, I didn't realize I would negate 7 months of healthiness in 2 months... but I did, and I'm back at square one. Thank you for sharing, and continue to post about your progress, I think it'll help you be stronger
  3. Higgles

    Pre work out

    I used to have a banana or like a waffle w/nut butter as my pre-workout telling myself I needed the carbs. It was a bit of a transition, but now I'm used to having a hard boiled egg on my way out the door. I know it stinks to experiement because that means that it may affect your workout, but try something for more than just one day. Doing an egg was weird for me, but after a few days I was fine, maybe something else will work for you.
  4. Higgles


    Thank you all of you for replying. That is a great article, I think I fit into the "no fear of the restart" section, which led me to another article by Mellissa which was very helpful (http://whole30.com/2014/09/five-things-melissa-hartwig-learned-whole30/).I think it was harder to stick with it when I'm like oh I know a little bit of dairy is ok, or rice was fine but then rice branched into bread.... 22twelve you sound so much like me. I can't do moderation... at least not yet. I don't think it had to do with committment, I felt committed, but I have not been in this mindset long enough to undue years of poor food relationships. Like you all said, I need to start one day at a time... a whole 1 or 2 is better than a day making poor decisions, and maybe if I try to point out the good decisions I made everyday, it will be helpful in standing up against the other bad choices that are in front of me
  5. Higgles


    I had a successful Whole 30 for the month of June, and spent the month of July doing introductions. I lost weight and felt great, but the restrictions put a strain on my family as my husband makes all our meals and he is not following the protocol and we travel a lot because we currently live in Germany (big language barrier when trying to order compliant food). I attempted to "ride my own bike" in August but was completely derailed by September. Now its October and I've gained all my weight back and I feel awful. My clothes are tight, my skin is broken out, I feel embarassed and defeated. I know I should just jump right in, but I feel like I always have one reason or another that stops me, (4 work trips in Sep/Oct, next/last 2 have set meal plans and not a lot of compliant choices)... all excuses, trust me I know. I feel like when I was on plan I had more willpower...I had gone so many days, or it had been so long without a certain food that I didn't crave it. But being off-plan, I have zero willpower,. Every "Day 1" I'm in situations where I don't control myself. For example...my next trip is a conference in Italy, pasta and wine everywhere. I want to be healthy and happy.. I start out every time so motivated, and then somewhere along the line I lost it. I know I just need to jump right in, but I don't want to lose the motivation. Somehow the thought of knowing this will make me feel better isn't enough, as ridiculous as that seems. Are there things that some people do to maintain motivation that is outside of the NSV's? Using quotes, or an accountability buddy (I lost mine and i blame that for some of my failure). I can't believe that I spent a majority of this year slowly losing weight (starting with an unfinished 30 in February), and then I gain it all back in 2 months. How frustrating! I really thought I was going to be a success story, and then I lost my way....
  6. I'm sure they've changed it up a bit, you can never rely on the stock... I'm in Germany right now and I think there is one pouched tuna in oil (but I don't know if its olive oil) and the others all have seasonings that are non-compliant. All of the typical canned brands have soy, but the canned in olive oil doesn't so that's what I use. The salad bar does come in handy, plus the ready to go small containers of olives I found!
  7. Commissaries should carry tuna packed in olive oil, that shouldn't have soy. The bagged tuna mine carries has soy just like the tins. I thought about ordering compliant tuna from Amazon but decided the cost wasn't worth tuna in my life so I stick with the olive oil kind.
  8. Higgles

    Too Much Kombucha?!

    I just started brewing my own and I'm in love. I'm currently playing the game of wanting to drink it all, but trying to make one batch last until the next is ready. What I find funny about myself is I never had Kombucha before I started brewing it. I live in Germany now and I wanted to try it but could not find it in the stores anywhere, so I decided to go about making my own and ordered a SCOBY from KombuchaKamp. I'm glad I did because this stuff is great and cheaper than it would be to buy it in the store.
  9. I would absolutely start now even if you have to take a break, it will help you become more aware of what you're eating, make you more conscious of your food choices while you're on your trip, and it may help your "hangover" symptoms on your restart because you were eating better prior to the start. I will say, that I took several weekend vacations while on my Whole30 and extended reintro plan and while it was really difficult, it wasn't impossible. Try to stick to the plan as much as possible. I brought the small plastic single serving black olives, hard boiled eggs, and mini packs of nuts to help tide me over if we had difficulty finding a restaurant where we could eat. I do a lot of grilled meats or a steak with veggies, always get a salad and ask for oil and vinegar on the side. In fact a lot of times I endedu p throwing my food on a salad to make it more hearty (for example we went to a Mexican restaurant, and I ordered fajitas with no tortillas, no cheese, no sour cream, just guac and pico salsa, and I threw it on a bed of lettuce for a fajita salad. Ask about what oils and seasonings they use but since you know you'll have to start over just do the best you can on your trip. Good luck!
  10. Higgles

    Breakthrough Bleeding normal during whole30?

    Mine didn't show up at all for the "2nd" period, but I expected that. now that my Whole30 is overwith, I'm sticking to W30 eating but doing a slow introduction so I'm wondering when it will show up this month since I'm staying pretty darn close to a 2nd whole30 this month (in principle at least)
  11. Funny, where I am I have found the opposite to be true. All the tuna packed in water that I have found contains soy bc of vegetable broth, but all the tuna packed in oil is just tuna and oil. They don't have the Wild Planet where I am, I looked on Amazon but its just too pricy, I don't really need to eat canned tuna, although I love nomnompaleos spicy tuna cakes!
  12. Higgles

    Frustrated Husband

    Chezjulie, Thank you for your insights I think you understand both sides of the story even though the hubs is unable to give his side. And you're right, he does all the cooking and he has been a great supporter of the W30 needs even though he doesn't love it. I do plan on doing the reintro because he does want me to figure out what's wrong. MrsStick, I have been taking very detailed notes on my reactions (although I only reintroduced one thing). I want both of us to be keenly aware of any consequences that may occur, and Ithink he gets most of it, it was just a really big shock and most of that was my fault. For now, we're not going to focus on the way forward until I finish the reintro. Edited to take out my longwindedness and I forgot to finish a sentance
  13. Higgles

    Frustrated Husband

    Tom, I love that you wrote this, thank you. You seem to be the Whole 30 guru for the forum and so its oddly comforting that you're able to stick to the lifestyle you choose even if you're not surrounded by it. That is the situation that I would hope to have one day, we eat the same thing but he can add some grains and cheeses whatever. I like eating veggies instead of grains, its what I originally felt like when I was a vegetarian.
  14. Higgles

    Frustrated Husband

    Hannlib, I understand where you're coming from, that's why I tried to show the support he actually has given because he's not trying to be the bad guy. I agree that its weird he won't get over the idea that he can still eat things even if I don't, it doesn't make sense because to me its not two different meals. And maybe he's just overreacting and will realize that someday (hopefully soon). To note, he doesn't call me overweight ever, but I am and its not like he'll deny it either. I could easily eat twice what he eats, but then he'll go and snack on crackers the second we leave the dinner table, that piece annoys the crap out of me. So when he sees me get upset about my weight, and sees how much I eat (not necessarily whole 30, just in my life total), he will mention that he doesn't understand how I can eat that much and if I controlled my portion size maybe I wouldn't have such an issue. Its a pretty easy thing for a skinny guy with no idea of weight loss to say..
  15. Higgles

    Frustrated Husband

    All of you have been so amazing with your posts, I'm so thankful someone understands both our sides. I completely agree with the "girl who cried wolf" thoughts... Last night I quoted something he says all the time, if you keep doing what you've always done, then you'll continue to have the results you've always had. Going back to eating the way I have isn't going to fix anything even if I cut out the foods that negatively affect me. He knows I'm unhappy with my body and the way my body feels, but I just haven't been able to figure out how to get to a place where I'm good, and I felt like I finally found it. LadyM, you're right, its not a Whole365, and its not meant to be... maybe I'm just getting swept up in the idea, but it sounds like so many people on this forum have continued the Whole30 frame of mind and sound healthy and happy. He really wants me to do the reintroduction, he wants to know what foods bother me and he's willing to write them off forever, but he doesn't understand why I'd want to write off the foods that don't bother me too... I ended the convo with the fact that we shouldn't be having these conversations until I finish the reintro, its silly to fight over things we don't even know about yet. He apologized several times for making me upset, but honestly, if I had said much of anything back I would have said something mean so I just stayed quiet because I was still pretty hurt and frustrated with both of us. I really appreciate everyone's insight.