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  1. jenn fengels

    How many eggs do people eat per day?

    2 - 3 in the morning, and maybe another 1 - 2 in the afternoon. love me some deviled eggs!!!
  2. jenn fengels

    Starting over on March 18

    Hi Maren! I'll be starting my second W30 tomorrow (first completed last October). Good luck to ya!
  3. jenn fengels

    Day 14: I'm waiting...

    Hey Lindsey! I just came across your post as I was sifting through the forum this morning to see how people are getting along with their W30's. I completed my first W30 last October and am gearing up for another round starting March 18. What you're experiencing right now sounds almost identical to what I experienced. I was extremely frustrated and quite frankly thought this was a waste of my time and effort, but since I had already gotten half way through I didn't want to give up. I kept waiting and waiting for the magic to happen. Kept waiting for glowing skin (I also got a pimple or two through out the process!) and more than anything I longed for this amazing sleep and boundless energy that I had read about. I would have a decent/energetic day here and there, but it was not consistent and therefore disappointing. I think I had really high expectations based on the things I had read, and when I didn't experience those things I started to get frustrated. While the changes I experienced during the W30 were not profound to say the least (in fact, they were somewhat negative), I will say that the changes I noticed AFTERWARDS made the most difference. The week after I completed the W30 everyone wanted to know what I thought and if would I recommend it, etc. To be truthful, in those first couple of weeks following I didn't feel that my experience was convincing enough to recommend it to anyone. However, here I am 6 months or so later and now I can honestly say that I do believe the W30 changed my life. I have not reverted back to some lifelong bad habits (i.e. loads of sugar and cream in my coffee), and I continued to lose weight and "lean out" in the months following the W30 -- despite the fact that carbs, sugar, and dairy crept back into my diet. I truly believe that the W30 is a nutritional/metabolic reset and I am so glad that I stuck through it, and even though I didn't stand 100% behind it at the time, I absolutely do now. From everything I've read on the forum and based on my own personal experience, as well as the experiences of my close friends who have also completed the W30, my best advice is to stick with it. As Nico said above, you are halfway there and this is positive! Try to focus on the positives as much as possible -- as difficult as it may be. Forgive this long-winded reply! Just felt like I needed to reach out and share my experience, which sounds very similar to yours so far. Best of luck!
  4. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    Hey there! Feeling really good about having accomplished the W30! I'm actually still on plan until tomorrow (Friday) at least. Figured I might as well keep on as long as I can. I haven't weighed myself yet, but I'm one dress size smaller now than I was 30 days ago (whooo hooo!). I'd say I feel pretty good overall, most noticeably my energy levels are elevated and consistent throughout the day compared to what they were pre W30. However, I'm not sleeping all that well and I still battle with hunger pangs between meals and cravings for certain things. I'd say these issues have gotten better in the past 30 days, but they certainly haven't disappeared. I'm taking a new approach to food/eating away from this experience and hope to eat as clean as possible from here on out. I know that bad habits will eventually creep up on me, at which time I will likely go for another round of W30. Thanks for your support on the forum! I really believe this forum has been a life saver for me throughout the program. Best of luck to you all and congrats on your success!
  5. jenn fengels

    Day 17-Is anyone else struggling with being tired?

    I have been struggling with sleep since I started W30 on Oct 1st. I was really really looking forward to (and expecting) to sleep like a rock during this experience, but unfortunately it just hasn't happened.....yet. What's really strange is that the first week of the program I slept great, but things changed as soon as the second week started. Someone else also recommended eating more carb dense veggies, which I have tried. No luck. I do tend to spend more time on my computer in the evenings, so perhaps I will tune this down and do some reading instead. I have noticed that I have more energy consistently throughout the day, which is nice. But I'm really longing for 8+ hrs of good quality sleep at night. These past couple of weeks I'm getting between 6 - 7 hrs....and it's not quality.
  6. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    @Fee -- sounds like things are really going great for you! glad to hear you were able to dodge the bullet at lunch yesterday. going out to eat has been the scariest thing for me, so i have just tried to avoid it all together. i did go to a steak restaurant last week and managed to stay within W30 guidelines, thankfully! unfortunately, i haven't been blessed with glowing skin during this experience (yet!). in fact, 2 days ago a pimple popped up on my chin! i can't remember the last time i had a pimple. i was really surprised. i'm just going to chalk it up to the fact that my hormones are changing for the better through this process. and, i am STILL not getting the amount or the quality of sleep that i have been expecting. i feel great after my morning shower and have a good consistent amount of energy throughout the day, but i'm just not getting that sleep, sweet sleep that i've been looking forward to. i'm guessing that the w30 magic is just taking a little more time for me, and that's ok. i feel great and my clothes are fitting better, so i can't really complain! and i'm really loving all of the yummy food i've been cooking/eating. i haven't snacked or had any cravings in the last couple of days -- and this is monumental. really glad to hear how well things are going for you!
  7. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    @thechels -- big hug to you! you did really well getting this far. don't give up! you have a good solid foundation now and you know exactly what expect, so give it another go. i'm with jazzywhit on this one -- congratulate yourself for being honest!
  8. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    @tracey -- love that you posted this delicious recipe. i'm going to give it a try this week!
  9. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    @ tracey lynne -- welcome, and good luck! @ thechels -- i have been eating a fair amount of sweet potatoes and other dense vegetables, but perhaps i need to step it up? i had pureed sweet potatoes with coconut milk with my dinner on tuesday and then proceeded to not sleep well that night, so not sure. will definitely keep that in mind and try to add more of those veggies to my meals. thanks for the suggestion! last night was, again, not a good nights sleep grrrr!
  10. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    Hey there! I was feeling great up until yesterday/today. I slept terribly last night have just been generally tired for the past 2 days now. Rather disappointing considering that I had been sleeping great and feeling a bit more energized the days prior. Not sure what happened or if I just haven't turned that corner yet, but I'm hanging in there. Definitely noticed that I'm not as hungry and not craving as many things as I used to. I still have my moments, but they are noticeably less. My clothes are also fitting more comfortably! Would LOVE to drop a dress size, but that's not the reason why I'm doing the W30 (though I wouldn't be disappointed if it happened). I'm starting a crossfit class next week (never done it before!) and am looking forward to the physical challenge. @Fee - I totally know where you're coming from re that one glass of wine in the evenings and it being more of a mental habit than anything sugar related. Glad to hear everyone is doing well and keeping on!
  11. jenn fengels

    Larabar recipes?

    Found a bunch of great recipes here: I've only made the Pecan Pie (added cinnamon) and it is DIVINE!
  12. jenn fengels

    Started Oct 1 ~hi

    welcome, and good luck! how are you feeling on day 5? i am fighting some pretty intense cravings today
  13. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    my curry turned out great tonight. thanks for the tips! wishing strength to everyone on the battleground!
  14. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    @Fee -- that's too bad! I can only imagine how frustrating that must be. At least you were only 3 days in when this happened, rather than 3 weeks. I've caught myself mindlessly reaching for "illegal substances" more than once, but so far I haven't committed any crimes. Your shrimp curry sounds yummy. Care to share your recipe?
  15. jenn fengels

    Starting October 1 2012

    Battling through hunger pangs and cravings at the moment (mmmmm......dark chocolate). First 2 days were a success, though I'm certainly not feeling at the top of my game. Could not get over how poor my performance was at the gym yesterday! And despite getting 8+ hours of "good" sleep the last couple of nights, I feel tired and sluggish. THIS TOO SHALL PASS! How is everyone doing out there? Breakfast is proving to be the most difficult meal for me too. I love eggs, but I'm already getting a little bored with them.