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  1. I do uncontrollably grin when mine is gelatinous! Also love it when there is a nice hard fat layer over the top once it's been in the fridge for a while!!
  2. Austin

    The crazy things people say

    WOWSERS! Firstly, I'm amazingly surprised that Fox managed to do an unbiased piece for a change. Secondly, the mainstream dietician is seemingly entirely typical. "I don't have anything to substantiate my claims so i'm just going to keep repeating my point over and over again."
  3. ...When people ask you what you want for your birthday and you wonder if asking for a 5 gallon pale of organic, cold pressed, whole kernel coconut oil is too weird of a request! I already asked my wife if I can have another slab of grass fed prime rib!!
  4. Austin

    The crazy things people say

    Co-worker - "I had a Panera sandwich the other day, it was great, you should go and get one' Me - "Nah, I don't eat bread" Co-worker - "What? No bread at all? In that case, the bakery down the street does awesome calzones!" Me - "hmmmmm............thanks for the tip!"
  5. Austin

    The crazy things people say

    At a birthday party last weekend: My wife's aunt - "So Paleo is working for you huh? I did it for a month and did't lose a single pound" Me - "That's strange, I wonder why" My wife's aunt - "Do you cheat though? I cheat all the time" (Eating something in a sandwich) Me - "Erm................." My mother in law - "No it's because you're old, it's hard to lose weight when you're old" Me - "...................what?
  6. Austin

    The crazy things people say

    Keep hearing so many great ones! At a work party last night.... "I need to give paleo another try. But i'm Jewish and don't you HAVE to eat bacon?"
  7. Austin

    The crazy things people say

    A co-worker overheard me talking about Paleo and reeled off a hundred "can you eat...." questions at me. Afterwards, she came out with this beauty: "I think my son is Paleo, all he eats is hamburger helper"!!!
  8. when..... It requires a backpack to transport their lunch to work!!
  9. Austin

    The crazy things people say

    My wife's co-worker says daily "it's low fat so it's good for you". Last night my mother in law asked if I wanted pound cake and brightly colored store bought ice-cream after dinner. I refused and heard "I like you better when you ate stuff". Her sister then chimed in "it's ok, he's just trying to lose weight". **shakes head and rolls-eyes** My neighbor while telling an anecdote a couple of nights ago - "gluten free people piss me off (few second pause), can you eat peanuts on the paleo thing?" "Your brother in law has been told he has high cholesterol and they want him to improve it with diet before they prescribe medication." Me - "Oh yeah, what diet changes do they want him to make?" "No red meat, no milk, no shrimp, eat whole grains" Me - "urgh" Me- "Can you believe they put soy in canned tuna?" Relative - "errrr, i'm never eating tuna again" Me - "But you drink soy milk" Relative - "Yeah, but I don't want it in my tuna" My wife's aunt quit smoking, cut out most of the refined sugar in her diet, asked me about paleo, bought some books on the subject, then a couple of weeks later I asked her if she'd started and she replied - "no, I could never give up bread". Why do people love bread so much? It was always just been a vessel to get meat into my face!!! Too many!!!!!