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  1. Is it okay to not follow the pre and post workout part of the meal template if you just do your exercise in between two normal meals? For example, on weekends I typically eat breakfast first thing and then a couple hours later will work out. By the time I finish working out it's lunch time. Is this okay? I can't imagine eating again right before my workout when still full from lunch, and then eating two meals after. I just want to make sure I'm not compromising my nutrition by skipping these meals! Thanks!
  2. hayley52

    Day 7 - Feeling bloated and a little discouraged...

    It sounds like what others said (that you aren't eating enough veggies) and also just not enough in general. Try to make every meal fit the recommended meal template: protein, lots of veggies, and healthy fat with occasional piece of fruit.
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    Not eating pre and post workout meals

    Thanks. My meals are a lot bigger than I was eating before Whole30 because of what you said about cutting out so many food groups. I want to make sure to maintain as many calories because I am not trying to lose any weight. With that said you are probably right that I should eat a post workout meal.
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    Not eating pre and post workout meals

    I was trying to delete and sign up with a different email, but then I found the change email option
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    Not eating pre and post workout meals

    Thank you for the helpful info! That makes total sense. I think what deters me from doing that is it's usually around noon when I finish the workout and Id rather just have lunch instead of eating a post workout meal and then lunch right after. I guess I could try doing that and just waiting a little bit in between the two, so having a later lunch? I will try eating immediately after protein and starchy veg and then a normal lunch an hour or so later.
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    Not eating pre and post workout meals

    *still full from breakfast, I meant!