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    Do you think I need to start over??

    After all my reading, I've decided to keep going on and do the best I can. So with today being day 6- I definitely won't drink any more 100% juice. Since this is my first Whole30- I'm not going to start over because the information I'm reading on the Whole30 site say it is "technically" compliant to drink a glass of juice but, it's not recommended. So, technically I don't see that as a fail. (I know some of you do- and I can appreciate that.) I'm really starting to understand what they mean about rules vs recommendations. Like the whole snacking thing. I see that if I just continue to snack all day, even on Whole30 compliant foods, then I won't be breaking my bad habits.
  2. jale_g

    Do you think I need to start over??

    Thanks everybody. It seems like the book have the rules more clearly defined. Hmmm...
  3. When I started I read all about the rule vs recommendations and thought I understood them. Well, today I decided to drink some 100% Naked Juice. Then I got on the forum to read more about it and am getting very mixed answers. Technically, would I still be compliant and therefore not have to start over??? (I won't do it again- promise! I read this on the rules: Fruit Juice: Yes. Fruit juice is the only acceptable added sweetener on the Whole30. (We had to draw the line somewhere.) Use it to flavor sauces, soups, or entrees.Tip: While drinking a glass of fruit juice may be technically compliant, we really wouldn’t recommend it, even if you juice it yourself. Juicing strips many of the nutrients out of the fruit, but still leaves all of the sugar. We’d much rather you just eat the fruit.
  4. Excited and nervous about the next 29 days!! I've never tried to follow a set healthy eating plan before. I'm here because I am ready to make a change!! I realize I am addicted to sugar and processed foods. I would love to see what I feel like without these in my system. I've read a lot about the program, went grocery shopping and planned a menu for this week! Off to a good start so far.