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  1. I am in day 4 of my first Whole30. I am doing it for Lent, but decided starting at beginning of week is better. I am struggling with two things. One I have always drank Spark from Advocare before working out. It has equivalent to 1 cup of coffee of caffeine. I love the jolt to get me going, I teach hour long spinning at 5:30am. Getting up at 4:45am. I am eating a few macademia nuts before teaching, but need either SPARK or V8 with energy- it has sucralose in it, but only 11 carbs??? UGH help!!! Also, post workout, I am showering and getting ready at gym for work. So can't eat anyting I've seen suggested- hardboiled egg would make me sick. I have just been eating macadamia nuts then eating sweet potatoes, eggs, spinach, sausage as soon as I get to work for M1.
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    Help on energy drink pre-workout

    Thanks, will try to look at the pre/post workout as just fuel! I have tried for years to only eat and enjoy, not waste empty calories! Different mindset to see these as needed fuel! Thanks
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    Help on energy drink pre-workout

    Thanks for the feedback. I will try chicken and sweet potato afterwards. The thought of chicken for breafast sounds disgusting. I will be forcing myself to eat versus enjoyment. I will try though and see if I can get past this lull of no caffeine in the morning. I am loving the taste of all of the food I am eating otherwise. I can't believe the difference in the taste of real food versus lowfat/low calorie foods. I just need to fight off the mornings! I thrive on my workouts and really need to lose about 10 pounds and lean up to be in really great shape! Thanks for your help this is a very foreign way of looking at food. Still on the learning curve.