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    just need an encouraging word

    While I don't have personal experience (yet) because I'm just starting, but from what I read here, this sounds normal . They mention it on day 8-9, but that doesn't mean that is when it happens for everyone . Also if you're close to your menstrual cycle, that can absolutely do it. Back when I used to weight myself I realized that about three days prior, my weight goes up five pounds! Then about two days in the weight is gone. I imagine this is what always gave me my bloated feeling. Hang in there, it should pass.
  2. thehudlermom

    Starting tomorrow the 16th.

    Good luck! I'm another person starting today If you weren't already planning to use the logs here on the forum, I definitely suggest it. I started using mine (linked to the image in my signature) the past few days and have really enjoyed the community I've found by using it. You've got this, you can do it