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  1. whitjm5

    "It Starts with Food" cookbook??

    Ugh. Here's the description on Amazon: "It Starts With Food by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig was named one of the top 50 health books by the Huffington Post in September 2012, and for a good reason; this book is responsible for changing the lives of it's readers. If you have not read it yet, we highly recommend that you do. Those who choose to apply the program laid out in the book have reported the elimination of a wide variety of symptoms, diseases and ailments in just 30 days. Here is a list of just some of the symptoms people have reported relief from: diabetes · high cholesterol · high blood pressure · obesity · acne · eczema · psoriasis · hives asthma · allergies · sinus infections · migraines · acid reflux · celiac disease · Crohn's · IBS bipolar disorder · depression · seasonal affective disorder · eating disorders · ADHD endometriosis · PCOS · infertility · arthritis · Lyme disease · hypothyroidism · fibromyalgia We designed this cookbook to support those who are on the "It Starts With Food Whole 30†program, and for anyone who believes in the benefits of eating whole foods and avoiding processed foods and sugars. We hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we do!" I vote we get the forum members out in force and flood the product with reviews letting people know it's anything BUT W30 compliant. Mine will be a 1-star review, is all I can say. ;-)
  2. whitjm5

    Homemade Mayo - I think I'm officially DONE!

    Agree with Percypat. Make sure the egg and lemon juice are blended together.
  3. whitjm5

    Baby Octopus

    He even said he would eat brain, but I'm not so sure due to mad cow potential.
  4. whitjm5

    Baby Octopus

    You ladies are awesome and brave. I thought I was accomplished getting my 6 year old open to the idea of cow tongue. :-)
  5. whitjm5

    Day 2: serious cravings and super tired

    I have a default answer for this one: If you're hungry, eat more! :-) This ain't no starvation diet, yo.
  6. whitjm5


    I'm not kidding. The ease blew my mind.
  7. whitjm5

    diet soda -- uh oh!

    Sorry to say that I agree that you should start over. Fake sweeteners can really mess with your body's insulin response. Lesson learned, right? No gum/mints, either. That one got me...
  8. whitjm5

    I'm going to stop being such a .....

    "high-fat unhealthy meal." Ummmm...high fat meals aren't unhealthy. Have you read the book or at least the "start here" section?
  9. whitjm5


    Bought an immersion blender this weekend. That thing is MAGIC! No lines, no waiting when you make mayo with this thing. So easy. So thick. So creamy.
  10. You're golden. Don't sweat it. No reason to start over or stress about it. :-)
  11. Short answer: You're supposed to be changing your relationship with food. When you add things to real food to make them sweeter, you're circumventing nature. Where were you thinking you would/should use it?
  12. Wait till he goes to work. :-D
  13. Throw the sucker away... http://everydaypaleo.com/attention-scale-addicts-part-2/
  14. I recommend listening from 2:02 to 7:39 of this podcast: http://everydaypaleo.com/paleo-lifestyle-and-fitness-podcast-episode-12/ Unfortunately, we don't get to decide what our bodies do with our new eating habits. Build muscle? Heal? Fight disease? Try not to get discouraged. :-)
  15. whitjm5

    Pescatrian concerned about the diet

    As a former vegetarian, I can say that Paleo is somewhat at odds with vegetarianism. The "why" is contained here: http://www.gnolls.org/1141/eat-like-a-predator-not-like-prey-paleo-in-six-easy-steps-a-motivational-guide/ among other places.