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  1. Helene2310

    Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

    LibLady: I too was diagnosed with both but have decided I only have CFS/EBV. I am on day 11 but doing the AI protocol, like you I have seen some improvements too but I'm anxious to see what our bodies continue to do! Good luck!
  2. Helene2310

    Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

    Daphne: that is great that you are able to do cross fit! Did you have to build up to doing that? I have slowly started to build up to light walking a gentle yoga but I'm so far from cross fit. I still debate on if it is good for CFS to push yourself a little in order to help in the long run or if it just makes it worse? I'm just so afraid of a having a flare up. @pomme: I do agree with Renee that the whole30 is structured that maybe you can just start on the regular plan and see if that helps. My thought with the AI protocol was to just start with that and then try to slowly add things back and see my symptoms. Similar to an elimination diet, it is working good so far. Just find what works for you!
  3. Helene2310

    Fibromyalgia/Chronic Fatigue

    Thanks for starting the thread! I've been battling CFS/EBV for about 3 years. I have dipped into whole30 since October and have seen slow progress. I have to admit due to the holidays I haven't been 100% compliant but I am now on day 5 and I am fully committed! I am doing the autoimmune protocol to really kick start my body and help heal my body, even though it is strict I can really see a difference with cutting out the extra things. I have been slowly trying to get back into exercise, some days it's just impossible. I would love to hear any suggestions anyone has?? Here's to healing fibromyalgia/cfs!!
  4. Helene2310

    Autoimmune success?!

    Hi Christy, Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I am dealing with Epstein Barr/ Chronic Fatigue syndrome. I have cut out all nightshades, nuts/seeds, and eggs. Nuts and seeds were the hardest for me but not eating them is helping my inflammation. Here are some of my staples: Onions, garlic, coconut/ olive oil, olives, acacados, artichoke hearts, spices, and cocnut milk There is actually a lot out there that you can make, you just have to get creative. I do a lot of stir frys which are easy to make for many meals or for your family. Without eggs, a spinach or kale stir fry is really helpful for meal 1. I use the base as coconut oil or olive oil and sauté onions and garlic, then you can add any kinds if protein. I then make it different based on the spices I use (favorites are: rosemary, orageno, sage, thyme, basil, and fennel) you can add any kind of veggie (I like to also add artichoke hearts, sometimes olives etc. and it's always so tasty! I make sure to incorporate 1/2 an avacado or olives with every meal to ensure I have good fats to tide me over (surprisingly I don't miss my almond butter anymore!). I would suggest looking up paleo recipes and tailoring them to your protocol. It takes some work but it gets easier and I have Ben able to make great meals!! Best if luck, you can do it!
  5. Helene2310

    Autoimmune success?!

    Great to hear that your whole appetite has changed, that is my goal. Good breakfast ideas, thanks for the feedback!
  6. Helene2310

    Autoimmune success?!

    Thanks for the response, so glad to hear you have seen progress!! I am on day 15 and can see a slight change. I do hope that I can incorporate nuts and seeds back in to my diet after the 30 days because I just love them! With not eating eggs, have you come up with any good on the go breakfasts? I usually do protein and veggies, or make this red cabbage that is cinnamon and apple sweet but I would be curious to see if you make anything different? Hope you continue to improve!
  7. I am on day 4 of the autoimmune protocol. I have been battling Epstein Barr virus and candida. I have read a lot of health/nutrition books and really believe whole30 is on the right track.... Does anyone have any autoimmune protocol success stories they would like to share for some encouragement to myself and maybe others??? Thanks