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  1. emalt

    Balsamic Vinegar and Mustard??

    Just made chicken tenders with mustard that had white wine it arghhhh! Will scrape the coating off so I don't waste the chicken
  2. emalt

    March 30th Starters

    Hey! I'm starting today as well. (second attempt) but a year later!
  3. This post was exactly what I needed right now. I am already the 'health freak' at the office—hey I like spirulina and nutritional yeast! Anyways, we have a weekly team lunch at the office on Fridays. It's catered and we all take 30 minutes to chill together. Usually I'm the one eating "just the salad?" on these days, and that's because I won't eat the lasagna/fried chicken/etc because I'm gluten free. We also have team happy hour once a month too—never enjoyed drinking much, I'd rather eat my calories. This thread helped my attitude going into my first Whole30 and not worrying so much about people judging me. thanks.
  4. emalt

    Starting March 30th (first whole30)

    Yes! Huge Paleo Mom fan. She's amazing
  5. Hey there! I'm starting my first Whole30 March 30th. I have Hashimoto's and have eaten a paleo diet before, but I've strayed from it since I stopped dancing ballet professionally and became a little "freer" with my life. I don't eat gluten still and avoid sugar, but I am looking forward to the positive changes that will come with this challenge. For me my goals are to get control over some not so great eating habits and cravings--mainly sweets (paleo mug cakes, chia puddings, still healthy but in moderation) and snacking in the evening. This is more about the emotional journey than anything else--not looking to food for support or as a "reward" of sorts. Wish me luck!
  6. emalt

    Daily Goal - What's Yours

    I'll be starting March 30th, and my goal is to break some not good habits. Eat complete meals so I am satiated and less likely to snack at night. Looking forward to kicking the sugar habit, too.