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  1. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    DTJ - bittersweet indeed! I'm jonesing for a glass of red right now (but I'm also quite hungry, so that doesn't help matters!) and contemplating waiting until tomorrow, or just hitting it up later tonight after dinner. I'm sure you'll do well during your re-intro phase since you're feeling such a positive change from before. Oh, you have to make ghee if you haven't yet! I've been buying it, but I had a frozen block of Kerry's Irish Gold and made ghee for my coffee from it. It's nutty, smooth and divine! I've investigated the re-intro plan. Thankfully, I won't be reintroducing a ton back in. Thinking dairy (very limited), non-gluten grains (like my beloved tortilla chips, but I don't even eat rice), and wine. I'm sure peanut butter will eventually get in, but not anytime soon. The added sugars and weird oils I'm sure will happen just due to dining out, though I was uber careful throughout the Whole30. I wish everyone good luck and good health during your re-intro phase and your life after Whole30!
  2. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    We're in the home stretch! Everyone keeps asking me how it's going with the expectation that I've given up or given in. I tell 'em I feel great & I'm wary about the re-introduction period; that it might just be easier to keep things as they are. I think a lot of people think that way once their Whole30 is over. We've been making our own mayo for a long time, but I'm going to keep up making a batch of ketchup every two weeks or so. I may have to take out a loan for the spices I'm going to continue to buy however! Zana - great job with the games!! I hope meeting Michelle was fun!
  3. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    Sunshine, I hope your job interview went well! Wrap some sweet potatoes/regular potatoes in foil and set them in the rocks to cook and then throw in some sautéed fresh spinach to eat with your protein. Have a great time!! I've been going hard all week and am about to crash out. I haven't had time to do any sort of work outs, but I think it might make me feel a little better. I like not feeling full or stuffed after a meal and am enjoying the looser fitting clothes as well, but the lack of energy has got me. I probably am not getting 8 hours each night with my recent schedule and I'm sure a moderator would ask about that I braved a networking happy hour and a happy hour with friends last evening and I felt better than if I had been drinking, that is for sure. I will say, out with friends, I was ready to go home far sooner than usual - which is fine. It's far cheaper too! DTJ, agreed, I'm actually beginning to get a little nervous about my re-introduction time. There's a part of my that wants to go crazy, but then I'll probably feel lousy. I think my skin looks more glowy, so I'd obviously not want that to change! I can already see how after a half glass of wine, I'll be quite tipsy-heck I feel drunk right now bc I'm so tired! I'm glad our weather is beginning to get a bit warmer, even though it snowed last week. It will be nice to exercise outside! Happy Friday-eve, team!
  4. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    Thank you everyone for the tea suggestions. Last week I plopped a teabag that was in our cabinet right into a hot mug as I was simultaneously reading the box - too late, the bf was forced to drink it since there was soy lecithin in it. It was a Celestial Seasonings tea. Are the ones you're recommending soy lecithin free? I found a quite yummy tea at Whole Foods called The Republic of Tea Vanilla Almond. Yes, tastes great with thick coconut milk in it. Almost a tea latte! So what, we have like nine days left starting tomorrow? After day 15 I stopped counting - it was easier that way. My wine tooth is aching I love the way I feel typically, even though my energy is not even close to boundless and I've gotten some compliments from people who haven't seen me in 2 weeks, so I'm guessing that's a good sign (weight-wise). We'll find out at the end of the journey. Is anyone going for longer than the 30 days? Is it bad I'm already thinking of my reintegration plan?! It includes red wine.
  5. When you attend a party with passed hors d'oeurves and you politely say, "No thank you," but wonder exactly how each item could be made compliant instead.
  6. Emilie


    True, Black coffee, espresso, or Americanos are the way to go. As a long-time and former barista, those are the only compliant options. If you are looking to get your caffeine fix and it's not the sugar you're secretly craving and aren't afraid of rich, velvety espresso, down a doppio and call it a day. Coffee drinks to try: Solo Espresso* (Doppio, Trippio, aka a Jerry Garcia- 'cuz it's trippy, get it? No, okay, moving on; Quad) That's one, two, three, and four shots respectively. Blonde Roast (black) Pike Place Roast (black) Bold Roast (black) Any of the black coffees above with an added shot* (Red Eye), or two (Black Eye/Hammerhead) Iced Coffee (black) Iced Coffee (black with added shots* (see above) Americano (one, two, three, four shots*, dep on size) Iced Americano (two, three, five shots*, dep on size) *Ristretto any of the shots and you won't have any bitterness associated with your morning routine. My new fave (after much experimentation & fellow baristas asking me "why in the world I wouldn't add vanilla or SF vanilla to" anything, because, you know, that's better (?!?!)) is an Iced (tall, grande, venti) Ristretto Americano. Boom, done. Also, even though they've introduced the much-anticipated coconut milk, don't think for a SINGLE SECOND, that it's even remotely close to compliant. Third ingredient is sugar/evap cane juice. The first was water? Erhm, coconut watery-milk latte? Plech! I do bulletproof blonde (ghee/coconut oil) coffee in one of my blenders at home.
  7. When you use your (non-food related) business license to get a membership at a restaurant supply store for pots, pans, (clean15) frozen vegetables, and bulk spices. Oh, and bulk Cholula, of course.
  8. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    Hey sunshinestate24! Good to hear your pre-D numbers are down! That is a fantastically HUGE win! Pat yourself on the back for that! Lots of cheers and congrats headed your way!!! It's probably only a matter of time for your body to realize what's going on. Make sure you're eating enough. Keeping dinners "super light" is a great way to cut calories and nutrition from your daily diet - don't do it. Eat the template third meal and don't forget to drink lots of water. Your skin will look more illuminated once the toxins are flushed out and you're fully hydrated and revved up nutritionally! Also, I think you're right that you should skip the fruit to see how you feel over the next week or two. Also, if your kids have no choice as to what to eat, they'll eventually eat. They won't starve themselves. They may go to bed hungry a couple nights, but it's not because you didn't provide awesome, bountiful, healthy nutrition for their consumption, vitality, and growth. Dinners make excellent breakfasts-especially these! Zana - how did b-ball at the bar go? Our fridge was looking uninspiring last night so I made a fantastic stir fry with pre-cooked ground meat (for hot plates), frozen broccoli, red and green peppers in egg pancakes (omelette shells) with a spicy ginger sauce (no sugar, no bad stuff). So good. The bf had seconds and raved about it. Jotted down the recipe for future use. These random creations sometimes end up being some of the best tasting, nutritionally valuable food we make in our house. Cheers to spontaneity! DTJ, wholefoodmama, MellowMama, FrauleinMichelle, others, how is your Whole30 going? I keep forgetting what day we're on, but rock on for being over the hump!
  9. Emilie

    PMS and Carbohydrate Cravings

    I think next week is PMS time, so I think I'm going to try to head it off as suggested with additional sweet potato. I'm on day 16 and I've had sweet potato twice at this point, so maybe I'll up that by adding chunks to a ground meat, veggie, egg scramble and pureeing it with cinnamon and egg for something sweet and creamy. This is good to know ahead of time. I would hate to get knees deep in it and want to vacate my entire body/down a bottle of wine and salt and vinegar chips (yikes!). Thanks!
  10. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    Zana - good luck today during the game! I know you can do it! Add a lime or a lemon or both to add a little flavor and you'll feel so good, you won't feel left out of the fun. Petworth-I have a business partner that is flipping homes there and I currently have a client in the Lamond Riggs neighborhood. Maybe the snacking is due to not big enough meals when you do eat? I upped my egg consumption to 3 eggs with vegetables, 4 without for breakfast and I've found I'm not hungry until lunchtime. I'm currently investigating some "dessert teas" that have no added sugar and no soy, no dairy. I know we don't have as many days left as we've accomplished (!), but I've tempered some of my sweeter cravings by incorporating these types of teas before and it's been great. Has anyone else tried this on this journey? I have an industry happy hour to go to tonight (I was avoiding this like a shy, cave-living hermit) so I too will go with Zana's take on the 0 cal cocktail with added lemon/lime and call it a night. How is it going for you? Anyone experiencing boosted energy or looser pants at this point? If I eat properly during the day, I get silly in the evenings according to my bf and have good energy. Not eating properly results in quiet. I think I am thinking more clearly - not having to search for words quite as much as I speak. Although I am taking a "brain boosting" supplement blend as well. I'm pleased so far with the physical changes.
  11. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    To be fair, it is a business breakfast meeting that meets every week in a restaurant. We've requested various things in the past and the owner's answer was that he was going for something "healthy." That sort of shocked me. I too was surprised to see corn flakes at breakfast, and I can say I saw several people slurping it up. I of course, did not partake in anything but black coffee. I haven't heard of L Glutamine for sweet cravings, however you can take an ounce of unsweetened cranberry juice (Trader Joe's has the least expensive bottle) and mix the very tart juice (about 5 calories I think in all) with 7 oz water to help curb your sweet tooth. I used that tart mixture several years ago on Fat Flush and it has permanently tempered my tiny sweet tooth. I don't even have any in my fridge at this point. Also, ISWF said you could end your dinner with a piece of fruit - a clementine is the perfect sweetness and it takes a few minutes to pull apart, so it's a bit more delectable. Give it a try. Of course the warning is that if you have a big sugar dragon to eliminate sugar altogether - that story about the 9 cats.
  12. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    Happy Day 15 March 4th-ers! We are half way (well as of bedtime tonight we will be)! Saturday and Sunday were much more difficult. I ate breakfast, but had to be at work by 11:30 on Sunday and worked until almost 8:30 (no breaks given). To say I was hangry would be an understatement. My bf and I ventured out for me to get a highly-modifed, and super-annoying-to-our-server salmon salad (there's sugar hiding in your salad dressing!). Very satisfying and perfectly satiating. My bf saved me on Monday by mixing up salmon cakes and I pattied them out, (recipe from Well Fed/theclothesmakethegirl.com-love Melissa. She wrote the meal map in ISWF as well.) mixed up a version of her spicy mayo, baked up the cakes and noshed on three of them over shredded romaine salad. It was pure bliss. I couldn't have been happier. Suffice it to say, DTJ, being prepared is a key to survival. If I know what/where my next meal is/coming from, I don't freak out. If I look in the fridge and see ingredients and no inspiration, I'm dead-eyed and in despair. And hungry. I heard skinny girls are always hungry/hangry. Now I remember why. I am aiming to be fulfilled between the three times I eat in a day (it's working when I'm prepared). p.s. I'm not a 'skinny girl' in case you were curious. This morning I went to a business networking meeting and there were danishes. and fruit. and cereal. WTF?! I can't just do fruit by itself! It's not Whole30 approved (I would never eat non-g-free cereal at a business meeting anyway, but that's beside the point!). I drank my coffee black, had water and rushed home to make myself some scrambled pastured eggs. The only positive is that I squeezed myself into a pair of J.Crew skimmers from over a year ago & was boyfriend approved for the meeting. Score! Zana - I'm in the DC area too! Where are you around? I'm in Springfield. I've yet to go to happy hour with anyone. As a former bartender, the drinks just go down too easy. I'm looking forward to a wine happy hour with some new friends once we're done. Okay, off to PT and then to meetings! Have a fantastic day!!
  13. Emilie

    I'm not sure if this is a success...

    EmilyK, meet EmilieK I too am a coffee drinker and am wondering if I will forgo toward the end. I started March 4th and have found I can drink "blonde" or light roast coffee black and enjoy an iced ristretto americano black or an iced coffee black. I will sometimes blend in ghee or coconut oil at home if I only have dark roast. I do love the ritual of it, and currently am not peppy in the mornings (yet?). Even still, I will be working late night into the mornings and need to be peppy then...so we'll see.
  14. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    sunshinestate24 - my bf's entire instagram account is pics of g-free food....he's obsessed with it, so go for it! wholefoodmama - I can feel a difference in my clothes for sure and I can see a slight change in my midsection, so that is good. I don't think anyone else will notice a "difference" in my appearance for several weeks. I've heard it takes 4 weeks for you to notice a difference...(https://www.pinterest.com/pin/119204721361824995/) Like I said above I usually notice a change of some sort within a week. After a two day bout of feeling whiny about wanting this food or that (none of which were really terrible-1 stevia packet split between my two cups of coffee, red wine, and oven-cooked sweet potato fries-which I'm not so doubtful we can't have, I just didn't have time to make any!), I noticed I don't feel strong mental cravings quite as badly. I have been keeping what they say in ISWF in mind about cravings vs hunger, “Am I hungry enough to eat steamed fish and broccoli right now?” I typically am just hungry. Not bored, not angry, just actually hungry and need fuel. I have been known to get hangry pretty quickly, but now I'm more silent about it - maybe the sugar WAS a dragon!! I need to keep a better handle on eating a bit more consistently even with a hectic schedule. Anyone work really late? Any coffee addicts? I've been part time working at Starbucks, but I'm switching supplemental employment to later hours to support my business' needs during the day. I'm a little worried about the fuel/energy needs I'll need for longer days and the effects with cortisol and all of that. I do not want to see my progress slow down. I also can't keep the "no coffee after noon" rule in effect. I'm typically good about it in the a.m. (usually nothing after 10), but if I have to work overnight (most recently snow plowing), the coffee keeps me awake and safe on the road. I may just keep my a.m. rule and then have a second wave right as I'm going in to stay focused and awake. If anyone has tips on this, let me know. I may have to consult Michelle of Nom Nom bc I think she works graveyard at a hospital to see how she handles it.
  15. Emilie

    Day 1 = 4 March... anyone else?

    DTJ - it's okay, keep your chin up! That's what this forum is about - keeping up the enthusiasm & motivation for improving you, wherever you are in your journey! I typically notice a change about a week after I start something - give another week. I bet you'll begin noticing changes, no matter how small. I asked my bf if I looked any different. He said no. Bummer. BUT, I reminded myself he's not ME wearing my pants and my tops. I'M the one that can FEEL the difference in the way things are fitting. He'll notice in about 3 more weeks & tell me side bends and sit-ups are okay, but I better not lose that ---, thank you for that, SirMixalot. wholefoodmama - I typically eat 2 hard boiled eggs or quickly make them deviled with homemade mayo since I'm on the left side of the chart in ISWF and need NO carbs. I've gone through several phases - vegetarian, vegan, raw vegan, paleo, south beach, whatever... I need the protein. My hair and nails look better with it (& am better energized), and I prefer fat to sugar - bring me the butter and avocados & you take the cookies & caramel macchiatos! I do like chocolate though and tried to add some unsweetened cocoa powder to my coffee - that didn't work, don't even try. However, like Melissa and Dallas, I thought, "How can I do better? Can I get healthier?" Both of my parents have health issues - diabetes, cancer, heart attack, high blood pressure, so I figure, I may have triggered something in my genetics & would like to be as healthy as I can while it's still relatively "easy" to control. The answer was "yes." Yes, I can do better; yes, I can slim down; yes, I can work out beyond the 8 hours I spend on my feet everyday and the running around for my business and additional jobs I have that are physical; yes, I'm sure my energy will skyrocket so I can adeptly perform better in life; yes, I can get back to meal planning and doing a great job of providing my family with the best quality and tasting food we can afford and not feel deprived. I was up late working and had a networking meeting at 7:30 this a.m. and am on coffee cup #3, this time blended with ghee, but I'm still a bit tired. I haven't had quite the energy I usually have, which is a little disheartening, but I've heard it will pull back up around day 10 - we'll see! I will say though, that I've had a brightening and vividness happen with everything around me - IDK if it's my vitamins kicking in or if it's the lack of toxins in my system, maybe both. Anyone else? Am I in ketosis yet? I'd like to just burn the fat and then eat the fat