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    I've made kombucha. You need to dissolve a whole cup of sugar into the tea to prepare it. Is the idea that, because the scoby converts it all to a fermented state, it is no longer non-compliant? There is also a trace amount of alcohol in it. By and large, it can't be as bad as chocolate cake!
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    Don't want to get to Day 30!

    Ha! Good for you! Keep going!
  3. lisairis

    Lightheaded + head rushes

    If it helps, it happened to me, too, day 14 - 21 was the worst of it. It did subside slowly (just finished and I am a very healthy 50 year old woman, for correlative purposes). It's possible I was drinking too little water or too much caffeine. It affected my ability to exercise (my legs also felt weak).
  4. How are you feeling, Cerena8?
  5. On Day 31. I haven't taken my new pics, not noticing my body changing, but we'll see! Funny, I don't feel any surge of energy or feelings of being born-again. But I am reluctant to go back to eating many of the foods i left out during the last 30 days: Dairy, soy, legumes, most sugars and grains I can either live without or cut back greatly, though I love peanuts and soy. I miss a crunchy bagel with butter! I will reintroduce steel cut oat and oatmeal because I think it's been more beneficial than not having it. And I will need to have a beer or cocktail a night or two a week. Probably the most toxic, but the thing I have missed the most. I will probably go back to eating leaner meats. Bummer about coconut products and most canned fish is that they are imports and can't really be sourced locally. It's been a net positive, probably the most sensible food plan out there.
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    Whole 30 Food is Gross!

    That's really tough - so sorry! But your level of commitment is commendable! Look at what you are doing for yourself! I hope you can feel proud at this moment even if you are feeling frustrated. I believe you can get through this and that it will get better. You've gotten such good guidance here that mine is barely necessary, but every angle is worth considering and I'll try to be brief. It is going to be a lot of mind over matter for you: Concentrate on the sense of accomplishment you will feel, even if it hurts now. You may be feeling depressed from the lack of endorphin rush you'd normally get from the simple starches. Not being a medical expert, I can recommend how to deal with that, but acknowledging this alone may help you think more objectively about your body chemistry. Talking to a therapist could help (it's not for everyone, I just happen to be an advocate for therapy because it has helped me so much). They can often walk you through what you are feeling and why so you can judge it more objectively. Try to attach the food you are eating with the way you look and feel. I do believe you will make a better association with the foods if you make the connection that they are making you better. It may take another week or so to feel physically better, so hang in there! Try to attach the food you crave with the reason you started this plan in the first place. You clearly know that it's making you less healthy, so appeal to your intelligence (the adult) rather than your cravings (the child). Sounds goofy, but you need this imagery right now! Take the time you need to take care of yourself. Take lots of deep breaths, clear your mind, take walks. Don't just change the food! You may need help from family to pick up the slack, but treat your health as something as important as all the other things that take your time. Eventually, it will become habit. If you can't do it now, do it later, but don't give up on it, just get prepared. Either way, it will get easier.
  7. Checking in again on Day 25 (Yikes, sorry for the length!): In a nutshell, conditions are improving from Day 14, though not dramatically. I can’t attack a zebra in the wild, but I can sure pounce a ball of yarn like nobody’s business. I found I had to be honest with myself about non-dietary things that likely set me back on feeling good: caffeine intake, occasional migraine meds, perimenopause, occasional crappy sleep (I blame the cats), just having a bad day. Good news: I run for exercise and I had my first good run yesterday. I haven’t had the energy to exercise much at all, aside from my 7 mile round trip bike commute to work. I see some more defined muscle tone (I am rather muscular to begin with, but with age, it’s decreasing a bit). I feel like I eat like a piggy, and I haven’t moved in body size (I haven’t touched a scale yet!) The food is delicious! My husband and I can eat together though he is not participating. I am satisfied with meals and my cravings have been minimal - the only things I miss are occasional cocktail and my morning steel cut oats. Only when I am having a rough day for other reasons, I notice my desire for a quick endorphin rush go up (unsolicited opinion: I don’t know if it’s stated anywhere specifically, but I think one needs to be in a good emotional state before starting this program). You can do this pretty cheaply if you want, and I love that the founders make much of it available for free to increase access to every demographic. Less than good news: My cholesterol has always been naturally high, but I’ve lucked out out on having good enough HDL, LDL and triglycerides to avoid meds. My high was 254 six years ago, my low of was 210 two years ago. Yesterday my lipid panel results were 264, an all-time high (other lipid levels were safe but worsened). Could be lack of exercise, could be other factors, but much of it has to be this diet (though I welcome an expert opinion). As of now, I definitely have not slimmed down due to the decrease in workouts and energy, but I have very little extra weight to worry about, just enough to make jeans tedious to wear. Though much of this program simply has to be healthier by removing known toxins and irritants, the two things that I don’t like: 1. the large, meat heavy meals with snacking discouraged between meals; 2. the constipation. I will discuss cholesterol with my doctor soon and check back in. You can do this program cheaply, but to make it interesting, it gets a bit spendy. Though I am thrilled for the people whose lives changed for the better, generally (aside from feeling good that I got this far), it didn’t really improve my few minor health conditions. I guess I should feel lucky I’m healthy. Oh - but I have a week to go - let’s see if I am just a slow poke and everything turns around! I’m an skeptical optimist. Thanks for joining the conversation, I learn something from all of you. I hope my input is helpful.
  8. Yes, I forgot I should eat mini meals, not nuts. I believe i'm getting the proportions roughly right. My bike ride is 3.5 miles, I barely break a sweat. Why am I measuring pork: I don't know how to answer that, but I will say that 3 oz ends up being about a palm and a half if that helps. Yes, I could easily eat steamed fish and broccoli when I am hungry between meals. I am starting to up the amount of protein, especially at breakfast. I was also depending on fruit (berries mostly), so I will cut down on those, too. On day 17, I am feeling better, though still slightly constipated. Are aids like psyllium a good idea? Thanks for your answers, they are very helpful.
  9. I am 50, I exercise and am in good heath. But I was relatively carb-dependent. I’m on Day 14. My cravings have not been too bad and I’m enjoying the food – though I am not used to eating so much meat. My symptoms seem to be lagging vis a vis the time line: I’ve been tired and bloated for about a week, my muscles are achy, I get lightheaded at the top of the stairs. I normally run regularly, but I don’t have the energy. I bike to work 4 days a week, and hills are more painful. I do yoga once a week, and it’s more difficult. Also, I feel constipated and I feel like I have lots of weight on (I haven’t weighed myself). I find that I am getting very hungry, especially between lunch and dinner, and I am eating many nuts and seeds as a snack. Yesterday is the first time I have felt moody and cranky on the plan. Seems to help to put sample meals. Today: Brkfst: burger patty and 2 pieces of bacon with steamed mixed veggies, and black coffee. Lunch: 3 oz of pulled pork, 1/2 acorn squash baked with coconut oil, steamed green beans, 1/2 small avocado. Fuji apple as a snack. I haven't had dinner, but it will likely be baby back ribs and sweet potatoes (I have a 15K run tomorrow). I often snack on almonds, raisins, sunflower seeds. In the mean time, I’m going to try to work on these things and my hope is to report next week that I am feeling much better. Any advice is welcome! Thank you.