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  1. I'm on about day 34 and staying on plan because I haven't seen all the benefits I want. I just started working out again a few days ago. Here's the thing: I really don't understand the whole "pre-workout"/"post-workout" thing and how neither is supposed to replace breakfast. For one thing, I won't always do a meal pre-workout, because I often do yoga or some ab stuff, and that just doesn't work well with food. But on the days I do strength-training, I'm not sure what to do. I only have a little time in the morning, so I usually work out first, then eat my regular breakfast. But the way the meal-planning template is set up, it says I'm supposed to have a pre-workout meal, workout, then have a post-workout meal, then at some point have breakfast. I think if I follow that plan I'm looking at about 3 hours or more before I can leave the house. Not do-able. Does anyone just throw this out completely and just eat 3 meals? I'm planning on working out 30 minutes a day... I just started P90X3.