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    April 1st Whole30 Start date anyone?

    I started 1st of April. I was motivated by a work colleague who lost his whole belly..but it's not even just about the weight loss..for me it's about being able to withdraw and start again. Be more in control. I am feeling quite horrible I just want to stay in bed. I know it's the sugar. I am satisfied with the food. I'm not craving..it's just the withdrawal I guess from the sugar. I saw on a forum how we will feel during each phase..day to day..that is really helpful to recognize that this is normal and I will survive and not to give in....I can't find it haha. Worst thing is it is Easter and everyone comes over for the weekend and it is a huge event for us. It's not the chocolate I worry about..chocolate I'm not fussed on..it's the snacks...the cheese and Dips etc. I gave up smoking 2 years ago and occasionally I feel like one but don't. .I don't buy thdm either just to keep as a back up incase..so I want to use that to help me believe in myself. Just as u ladies use ur running. Good luck everyone