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  1. I have had fibromyalgia since I was 17 or so, going on 20 years. These days I try to think not about exercise but about movement. When I think about exercise, I think about going to the gym and lugging all my stuff, working out with intensity, and getting all sweaty and sore. But with fibromyalgia (and with three little kids), that type of workout just isn't going to happen as often as I might wish. Some days I *can* do heavy lifting or an intense biking workout at the gym, but other days I can't handle it. Swimming is often a favorite choice, but some days it is limited to playing around in the water with my kids. Some days just leaving the house after work is impossible, so doing housework or cleaning becomes the movement of the day. Qi Gong and Tai Ji are really gentle but effective options for healthy movement. I keep a Qi Gong video in my DVD player and try to practice before bed for 15 or 20 minutes on the rare days when I get the kids to bed early by some minor miracle. There are free videos on Youtube too. Some days, the weather is nice and walking outside, even if it is slow and with the kids, can be refreshing. When the pain or fatigue are particularly bad, stretching becomes the option for me. I think the important thing is not to get too down on ourselves when we don't get to work out as hard as we might like, but to remember that healthy movement does help keep "Qi" flowing in our bodies and improves the pain and flexibility, so a good goal can be getting some kind of movement every day, even if it is of the lower-intensity type.