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  1. Cheryl Epp Colgan

    Cycle changes

    Glad I found this. I am on Day 10 of my first Whole30 and just got my period 22 days into my cycle, 6 days early. I have always been perfectly on time in this regard. Explains my sugar cravings the last couple days...I ended up eating more fruit than previous days and now I know why.
  2. Cheryl Epp Colgan

    LaCroix Sparkling Water

    Yay because I'm already in love with the Coconut flavor
  3. Cheryl Epp Colgan

    LaCroix Sparkling Water

    Saw this in Target today. LaCroix Sparking Water. The ingredients are: Carbonated water, Natural Flavors. Their statement regarding the natural flavors are: "The flavors are derived from the natural essence oils extracted from the fruits used in each of our LaCroix flavors. There are no sugars or artificial ingredients contained in, nor added to, these extracted flavors" There are no calories, sodium, or artificial sweetener. Bueno or no bueno?