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  1. heatherdarbs

    It's been 3 weeks and I've seen NO CHANGE =(

    Hmmmm.... I used to run and tons of fat and weight melted off pretty easily...a little confused about the training comment above. I also became unhealthy, "over trained" and found myself with a tiny body and a giant potbelly. In my case, I was undernourished. Once I began eating properly, but primarily eating enough, my hips came back (muscle/fat) and my potbelly went bye-bye. I went from looking like a malnourished runner to a healthy hourglass female; two totally different body types, by scaling back on the exercise and providing proper fuel. It's a balancing act, but if you obsess about it, you'll end up having to balance a lot more than your body size. Choose foods wisely and be active when you have the energy. So many of the women here have gorgeous and glowing faces - if you're worried about appearance, from what I see, you all have it nailed. Imagine mirrors and scales don't exists – if you feel great, then you're doing it right.
  2. heatherdarbs

    Dairy again, but different this time

    It is a bummer - I love yogurt and I was in some sort of denial each time I tried to add it back. I've tried 4 times since Whole30 and at this point its undeniable - I get two instant and distinct reactions: pimples and congestion. My husband doesn't like that I delve so deeply into experimenting with my diet, because I tend to overanalyze, but he couldn't even deny the effects of dairy for me - it was as plain as day! I even tried goat and sheep's milk. The biggest bummer is, my denial kept these reintros too close together and now it's taken me well into a month to purge it from my system and the healing of my skin has been painfully slow. My skin was glowing during Whole30. It was fine before, but dairy made it look acne prone - I'll never do that again; it made me feel horrible. Also, around Christmas, I also decided to let loose and have some cookies. The next day I had the flu~ I hadn't been sick in 5 years! I've seen recipes for coconut yogurt, but I personally don't feel like going through the process. I feel like I spend half my day shopping, washing as chopping as it is. Maybe you can check it out! I do use some ghee with no issues, however. Let me know what you decide to do
  3. heatherdarbs

    Facial Skincare Routines?

    OH - and I forgot - when I eat tons of avocado, my skin glows, is never dry and looks better than I've ever seen it; I'm not sure why, but for me, it's tried and true.
  4. heatherdarbs

    Facial Skincare Routines?

    I stopped using Retin a after a crazy amount of years, changed my diet, started washing my face with cold water, a minimal-ingredient face wash combined with baking soda and moisturize with coconut oil. Coconut oil also replaced Retin a at night- I have no breakouts, no weird red skin, no dryness, no thin/sensitive skin. The ONLY time I break out is if I eat dairy and/or processed food; they cause a major imbalance for me. I also stopped using birth control at the same time and have great skin...as long as I eat appropriately! I do a pumpkin/honey/heavy whipping cream mask and love it Oh and papaya works great for inflammed skin....
  5. heatherdarbs

    Gluten/sugar depression?

    I did the saaaaame thing and had zero gut issues; BUT, I woke up with a horrible cold that's lasted for an entire week and my skin looked terrible. I haven't been sick for over 5 years. Aside from resting to get rid of this cold, it's taken the entire week for my body to normalize...at least from what I can see. I probably did more damage than that - and - my digestive system was off a couple days subsequent to Xmas. I will never, ever do that again. Ever.
  6. heatherdarbs

    Dairy again, but different this time

    Soooooooo - for those who may be interested - after about a week of yogurt the condition of my stomach was TERRIBLE. Bummer. Big bummer. I couldn't deny it; that's how bad it was. And I can't deny the zit that keeps popping up every time I consume it. I also noticed that I reverted back to yogurt to remove coconut milk from my diet, because the calorie content is vastly different and for me, I use them with similar foods. So, once again, my body has fought back when I tried to cut calories. I guess I have to get used to this body, because not one thing has changed in 4 months in terms of shape and size.....not when I eat less, not when I eat more. However, I think I need to reinstate Whole30 for a much longer duration. If I'd stop fiddling with dairy, I'd be complaint constantly. Sheesh.
  7. heatherdarbs

    Pure wraps

    I love these plain, but mainly because I love coconut. They don't make good "wraps", so to speak and are TERRIBLEY expensive. I prefer nori, if I want to wrap something
  8. heatherdarbs

    Dairy again, but different this time

    That's a great angle - I'll take that into consideration and pay closer attention to that variable; thanks!
  9. heatherdarbs

    Dairy again, but different this time

    ...and I very much welcome them.
  10. heatherdarbs

    Dairy again, but different this time

    Yes - sigh - I know! I'm most likely sticking with it, unless I feel otherwise down the line. One of the most chronic pitfalls I've allowed myself to wallow in is attempting to force what works best for others on me. I'm discovering that I'm somewhat of an outlier, which makes this phase of discovery extremely long and tedious. Although, I suspect the rest of the world that falls within this category might simply not blog or journal about it…which might make me standard, after all! For now – I love yogurt
  11. heatherdarbs

    Dairy again, but different this time

    Thank you for these responses - great things to consider across the board. Dairy is something I've always been on the fence with, so when I did my initial Whole30, it was dairy that I had to eliminate. Everything else was either already gone or something I had already begun to taper off (lentils). One of the things that backs me into a corner scratching my head isn't caused by any one food, food group, craving or curiosity, but the lack of feeling satisfied. I was typically (luckily, some might say) someone that rarely thought about food unless I was hungry….until I started forcing too many rules. Whole food is one thing, but for me, insisting that I walk the straight line of perfection makes me wobble. When I stopped avoiding yogurt, everything went back to normal – the flat stomach and better sleep were an unexpected bonus, but most importantly I wasn't overly focused on food – and evidently that's all it took. So in comes the mind/body balance that assists with this effort as well. So – it IS a confusing topic buried within a confusing topic; I couldn't agree more. And feeling healthy and being healthy aren't necessarily synonymous. I've been searching for an answer for dairy for so long where no answers have been definitive. In all honesty, I think it's a processed food – but for some reason I allow myself to consume it without much guilt. I suppose that's primarily why I question it and I was very curious to hear the thoughts of others (you) who have most likely pondered it as well. So, I guess I'll see what happens – I know the book mentions adverse reactions to certain foods occurring days after consumption – and maybe even a month, like Tom. I do appreciate the time taken for the responses – thanks
  12. I thought I'd give dairy a shot, again, since I'm drawn to it - I added Greek yogurt, as opposed to goat yogurt from a trial re-intro before and have not only avoided issues, but my digestive system is even better, my stomach is flattening and my sleep cycle is perfect. This whole time I've been reading about goat milk being easier on the tummy and I seem to be the opposite...glad I tried it out, but now what about dairy being not-so-healthy?
  13. heatherdarbs

    Kelp noodles?

    Oh - heck yeah - I though I'd have to spend $100+ on one...ok; awesome!
  14. heatherdarbs

    Kelp noodles?

    Ah - thank you!
  15. heatherdarbs

    Pants are tighter?!?

    Ahhhhhh that's GREAT news! That means your body is balancing - phew! Now don't go running a million miles and lifting weights for hours - your body loves you right now