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    The 4 letter search thing

    I'm just finding that the minimum of 4 characters in the search function is REALLY FRUSTRATING and I was wondering if this is necessary or if there's some way around it? Searching for things like soy, vitamin E, AIP protocol is out, but I know there must be tons of posts on these.....
  2. I was diagnosed with hashimotos a couple of years ago and was put on the standard synthetic t4 meds, with no relief from symptoms and steady weight gain, hair loss, dry skin, feeling tired etc. my tsh and t4 were in the normal range but t3 was just below normal. Even so my endo would not change my meds. I finally went to another doc who was shocked at how low my t3 was, and she put me on armour, which made everything worse!! I'm now taking compounded t3 and t4 separately, and feeling so much better. Keep searching for a doc who will look beyond the numbers and listen to how you feel! There is a solution, it just may take time, dedication and attention to find it. All the best!
  3. Zoodles

    Nomato sauce

    Sounds amazing - would you mind sharing the recipe?
  4. Goitrogenic foods like kale etc actually affect thyroid function by interfering with iodine uptake. Hashimoto's isn't related to low iodine, but in people who's thyroid function is already compromised, any deficit in iodine will definitely have an impact! So if you make sure you're getting lots of iodine in your diet, you should be able to enjoy normal amounts of greens . I have hashimoto's and haven't had a problem yet.
  5. Hmmmm to me looking at the amount of carbs you're eating I'd say you're teetering between using carbs or fat as your main energy source. You may be giving your body just enough carbs for it to try and struggle through the day without digging into its fat stores too much. Which as far as I know is not a big deal, it just may take a longer time to become fully fat adapted. Day 3 or 4 feeling dizzy/weak is a classic sign of having used up your carb stores and marks the very beginning of the transition from carbs being the body's primary source of fuel to fat adaptation. Increasing your carbs at that point may have stopped that transition from happening fully. If you're up to it, perhaps cutting back on the sweet potato and upping your fat even more for the final week may be what convinces your body to make that transition. It might be worth the pain
  6. Zoodles

    WHOLE 100 starting tomorrow, Oct. 18th!!

    I started on 18th October, then caved at a party around day 25 and stuffed my face with cheese and champagne. Started again the next day and now i'm on day 20. Actually feeling a bit better the past couple of days, have had a couple of nights of sleeping pretty well (relatively speaking) so starting to feel hopeful! I've got a whole week of eating events to get through this week…but I'm feeling more in control the past week or so so I'm optimistic! My lab group's christmas party is at a really great pizza place in sydney… they do pizza. The end. Actually the other options are buffalo mozzarella and prosciutto. I'm going to be the life of the party there! Might be "sick" that day and stay home!!
  7. Zoodles

    WHOLE 100 starting tomorrow, Oct. 18th!!

    How's everyone going? Still no results for me, argh! Well, actually I guess me night time cravings have gone down a bit which is great, but I'm still really low on energy and still lugging around this extra weight. Not really sleeping any better although last night I slept really well so hopefully that's not just a one off!
  8. Zoodles

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Was just at Harris Farm, they have fillets of wild boar and venison now! Apparently they have "minimal human handling"… wasn't really clear if it was actually wild or not, but might be interesting to try one day! Definitely a treat at $13 for one (200g) fillet!
  9. Zoodles

    Overate! Have to share . . .

    Lol! I laugh at your definition of "overeating".... I wish my days of excess were as elegant!
  10. You've had digestive troubles for years. YEARS! Realistically, you probably can't expect all the damage to be reversed in 30 days. If your gut has been unhappy for that amount of time, it's probably really taken a beating, and may need a fair amount of time to start to heal. Quite a few people only start to get real results after 60 days or so from what I've read on these forums. If you can stay motivated, why don't you try to extend for a little while longer? For me, I didn't notice any dramatic changes, but by the end of 30 days I thought I felt a bit better than at the start. It was only when I went back to my old ways of eating and I started feeling how I used to feel again that I noticed that W30 had actually had quite a significant effect on my general wellbeing. I never had tiger blood or fantastic sleep either, but when I eat badly I feel like I'm wearing a lead suit and I have to drag myself around. Your body might be changing, just too slowly and subtly for you to really notice it. I don't know exactly when the holidays for you guys are (no thanksgiving in Oz), but maybe if you stick with it until towards the end of the year you'll have a better idea of whether it's worth continuing through what's left of the holiday season, or whether you should just eat the damn ice-cream. I hope you see some results soon!
  11. Zoodles

    Sourcing food in Australia

    Yeah I googled… looks like I'm inventing things again!
  12. Zoodles

    WHOLE 100 starting tomorrow, Oct. 18th!!

    Woohoo Gin! Well done We don't have thanksgiving here so can't really help you there!
  13. Zoodles

    Sourcing food in Australia

    I thought I read on the package king island beef is grain fed?
  14. Zoodles

    WHOLE 100 starting tomorrow, Oct. 18th!!

    Haha yeah Trez I have the same problem. I always seem to look at food blogs/recipe sites etc after dinner which really doesn't help the snacking after dinner issue. Probably should stop that. Are you going to 100 days? I'm still feeling blah too, and haven't lost any weight... In fact things are exactly the same!! A bit frustrating because my first w30 gave me pretty good results by end... I guess the kitchen tea fail might have set me back... I'll keep going until Xmas and if still nothing I'll throw in the towel I think!
  15. Zoodles

    Breakfast sausage

    Aaahhh it's all making sense! I've never understood those recipes that said to crumble sausage… crumble? Sausage? You may as well tell me to crumble a banana. Ding ding light bulb.
  16. Zoodles

    Too much squash?

    Me too! My palms are orange and when I stand next to my sister/mum I definitely have an orange glow Probably the closest I'll ever get to a tan so I'm going with it!
  17. Did that last night. Bought them to make pesto, opened the bag to just eat one…. no pesto is going to be happening
  18. Zoodles

    How to cook a steak

    Yep I buy that too, I was hoping you could use it for even cheaper cuts that aren't really meant to be eaten as a steak 😜
  19. Zoodles

    Am I doomed?

    Really? Interesting…. maybe I'll try that too - is it a cortisol thing?
  20. Zoodles

    Starchy Vegetable

    I agree with everyone as well! Also FWIW, even the starchiest veggies like sweet potato have a much lower amount of carbs per serving than things like bread and pasta. Sweet potato has about 20g carbs per 100g, bread has about 50-60g per 100g. Other so called starchy veg like beets, turnips etc have much less than that. So even if you ate starchy veg at every meal you would still be eating relatively low carbs. Certainly nothing to worry about!
  21. Zoodles

    WHOLE 100 starting tomorrow, Oct. 18th!!

    LK I bet you'll be back in that dress in no time! You all sound like you're going great. Trez, don't you love those food dreams? You get to eat that delicious but rubbish food without actually eating it. Plus the utter relief when you wake up and realise it was just a dream! Yay! Good on you Gin for sticking to it even though it sounds like it's been tough! You're almost through 1 W30, so quite an achievement in itself, high 5! I'm on day 5, would have been around 29 or so I think except for the restart. Still waiting on some positive changes but I feel like the gears are starting to shift. Hoping over the next couple of weeks I'll get some results to motivate me! It's really hard to stay on track without results. Has anyone got tiger blood/better sleep etc etc yet?
  22. Zoodles

    Life changing? Not sure...

    For me, once I'd completed my first Whole30 and come out the other end feeling great, my logic seemed to be that all the other foods were therefore bad nasty foods that did terrible things to my body. So then I fell into all or nothing thinking. Unfortunately, we are going to have to deal with, and probably eat those foods at some point in our lives again post W30. They're everywhere, and a lot of them are pretty delicious. So what I found hard is being able to eat a little of these foods once in a while without spiralling into thinking I'd done something terrible and so I may as well just write off the rest of the day and start afresh again the next day. And that one day of gluten/carb/sugar bingeing would lead to more cravings and then eventually after several months, I'd got myself into some pretty bad eating patterns. The 2nd Whole30 is always harder because you kind of know what to expect. You already know whether gluten/dairy etc seriously affects you, and if it doesn't, it's easy to think "a little bit won't hurt". The first time around because you don't know what the results will be, the experiment is more fun. I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with W30, and it will make you feel much better (well most people do). W30 helps you work out what you can get away with and what you absolutely can't, and also how good it's possible for you to feel. The learning how to eat in a healthy but sustainable way for the rest of your life bit is the hard part. I'm working on that now.
  23. Zoodles

    How to cook a steak

    Is that where he keeps on flipping it like a maniac? And it works even for cheaper cuts - like what, do you mean topside/round steaks? How exciting, so sick of paying $8 for one bit of steak! Yum, sounds great, I'm going to try this
  24. Doesn't matter, as much as it takes to fill you up
  25. That looks completely normal to me, except - Eat more lunch. I find if I haven't eaten heartily during the day I just can't stop after dinner. If I eat a proper breakfast and lunch then a lighter dinner is usually ok and I don't feel that unending urge to just have a little bit more.