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  1. Anyone tried to cook this in a crock pot?

    you shouldnt have any trouble in a crock pot. Anything you can cook in an oven you can cook in a crockpot I would think 6ish hours on low would do it.. but you may have to experiment with it... it may differ depending on the size and the heat your crockpot puts out

    Fresh is always better.. absolutely. But not always convenient!! Some days you just dont have the time to shop for and prepare fresh. Tinned is good for last minute.. but I wouldnt make a constant habit of using it. Very important when using tinned products to read the labels. Tinned foods are generally higher in sodium plus companies are sneaky with "added ingrediants" Specially soy found in many cans of tuna fish.
  3. Salt Maniac

    Raven... Sorry I never saw your question until today.. My cravings tend to lean more toward texture than taste normally... I crave chewy things... I used to eat dried meats to satisfy that urge... but I havent found a compliant one I like so I just gave it up completely!
  4. cauliflour mash

    Coconut cream.. Let a can of coconut milk or cream sit until it separates... pour off the water and add the thick creamy part to your soup When you bring it up to a boil then turn it down to a simmer.. it will be lovely thick and creamy (an immersion blender is a great tool for thick creamier soups as well) (save yourself some time.. when you buy canned coconut milk or cream... shake the can.. if it makes a sloshing sound... put it back.... if it makes no sound.. that can is one that has already separated)
  5. Agave Necter

    Thanks! I do drink LOTS of water... roughly a gallon a day...(sometimes it just boring!! and I dont like fizzy waters) I dont think I heard of or to the best of my knowledge had agave before Adding it to my list to avoid!..(but I AINT! starting over!! lol) Ultrarunnergirl... thank you for that list.. I dont think I have seen that before!!! that will be handy!
  6. Agave Necter

    I am confused about Agave. While out shopping I bought bottle of Unsweetened Organic Lemon Rose water to drink. The ingredients were.. Purified Water, Lemon essence, Rose essence and agave necter My shopping companion checked what Agave necter was and what she found was it was just cactus juice. It was organic...So I went for it Later while trying to find out if I could order the drink on Amazon..... I Iooked it up further and found it is actually used as a sweetener So now I am confused.... would it be considered just a mixed juice drink? compliant? non-compliant? Help!!
  7. Salt Maniac

    This is my 4th Whole30... I really have actually enjoyed them and try to stay 90% clean between (sorry.. I like bluecheese.. cant help myself) This one has been different. Normally I don't salt my foods.. I always leave it out of any recipes I make.. and I don't keep a shaker at the table... Just not interested in it UNTIL NOW!! The salt cravings are driving me insane. I bet I have put more salt on food in the last 21 days... than I have in the last 21 years. I haven't found anything on here covering this... does this seem normal? Folks have told me to drink more water... but I drink nearly a gallon a day... more if it is really hot. Any suggestions or insight?
  8. Sticking eggs: HELP

    A line I always remembered from an old cooking show with Justin Wilson...."Hot Pan, Cold Oil.. food wont stick!"... then he would toss in a "I Garrrr-un-teeee"!!!!! I have discovered for the most part he was correct!!
  9. Smoothies vs soup

    This summer I took my left over chilled soups that i would have served in a bowl...(carrot/ginger/kale coup) froze it onto popsicle sticks and had a great fast ice cold nutritious lunch I could grab on our way out the door on a steamy hot day I would have also poured it ice cold into a cup and drank it as a breakfast It wasnt a substitute for a frozen sweet treat... it was a fast meal on the go When I know I am making a pureed veggie soup for dinner and pre-make it in the am to heat through later.. I will grab a cup of it cold for breakfast with a few hard boiled eggs and a banana on my way out the door (as I am more often then not... forced to eat on the go most mornings) hot in a bowl.. or cold in a cup... or frozen on a stick... its the same soup in some cases... its all relative Fruit on the other hand would be my downfall.. fruit or sweet smoothies would be to much like a desert for me
  10. Substitute coconut milk for Greek yogurt.

    How about just leaving it out... at 1/4 cup it doesnt sound like enough to miss but if you do want to add something a little creamy to it Hit up Traders Joes for a can of coconut cream instead of milk... it is much much thicker consistency may give you what you are looking for (but it wont add that slight tang of yogurt)
  11. HELP!!!!!!

    Im not sure I have ever screwed up the mayo... even when it comes out flat and runny.. doesnt hold up ... or whatever... toss in some herbs and use it as a dip for fresh veggies....(non W30-ers never know the difference!!) Separate a little out ... mix it with a splash of OJ... some pepper and a dash of Franks... and serve on top of a grilled chicken breast with a thin slice of lemon as a garnish.. Or mix it with a bit of fresh dill, minced onion and garlic for a great sauce for fish Dont give up on what you think might be a mistake... use your imagination!!.. you might just stumble on something you love!!
  12. Smoothie Ideas

    Ngrod... try making just a bit more of your dinners each night and setting that little extra aside for a fast breakfast in the morning you can warm up a left over chicken breast and veggies in as much time as it takes to make a smoothie you will be surprised when you discover that what you think of as just a dinner food is actually a great morning energy boost.that will sustain you for hours! Dont limit yourself to just eggs.. you will get very tired of them very fast!
  13. Dinner in a Jar?

    Thanks everyone! Shannon... yes I have a dehydrator.. I do my own dried broths also and do soups and such.. You can dry meat... a cooked chicken breast dries very well and re hydrates pretty well Seafarer.. I also use them as salad toppers.. ground to a powder and mixed into mashed potatoes is SOOO yummy! I use the ground veggies in place of salt at the table My favorite is to mix the powdered mixed veggies and fruit into a BBQ style rub for meats... and its killer on fish as well. (dried lemon rind/ pepper ground together with dried leeks.. sprinkle on a piece of salmon and bake...YUMM!!!) Also tossing some dried veggies into a small bottle and adding olive oil.. leave it for a few days then use it on salads or for cooking.. it adds a deep broad flavor I always keep a batch of dried soup in my desk for a quick meal if I am stuck in the office late... and very handy and lightweight meals to carry when hiking/camping Always looking for more ideas to use them!!!!!! or maybe some combinations I haven't thought up yet!
  14. Dinner in a Jar?

    Its more my wanting to add to my list of uses for dried foods while doing W30... since I dry them myself for pennies... and I have a good stock pile... Thrive looks to be a place to buy them already dried
  15. Apple Syrup

    Oh that does sound yummy!... but no worries about using it on deserts... i have given up deserts until Thanksgiving and Christmas day... when I fully intend on indulging in every pumpkin or apple pie within 10 miles from me!!!