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  1. I actually do teach this and counsel them to put the scale away but sometimes knowing something in your head isnt the same as ACTUALLY really getting it. I think thats why its an issue in the first place. I definitely have an unhealthy relationship with food and body image. Ive worked on it for a long time and am WAY ahead of the game then ever before. I guess I came on here and maybe opened up a little too much about me and now feel slightly judged. Im a good trainer, really help my clients deal with many issues, usually related to food and I think what gives me the abolity to do that is having struggled with it myself. This whole30 was taking that a step further, thats all. Thanks everyone for your ideas. Maybe I wont step on that scale., who knows?
  2. MelanieR

    Day 1 of no Calorie Counting.

    Woo hoo!!! I send you all the positive vibes possible and wih you all the best!!!!!
  3. Ok, so here is my story in brief. Im a trainer, a runner and I love lifting. I use to workout 5 days a week, ive been gluten free for about 2 yrs and I LOVE to exercise. Last January, I tore a muscle in the medial head of my gastrocnemius which wasnt discovered with tests until July ( In Canada, the health care system may be free but it takes a LONG time to get results, LOL) and I have basically been rendered useless in terms of exercising since January. I cant run , I cant do any type of Olympic Lifts, I cant squat ect..... On top of all that, I had to be tested for Celiac disease over the summer, which meant I had to reintroduce grains/wheat into my diet, a minimum of 4 slices of bread a day. Yikes, that was hard. Anyhow, with the cumulation of the lack of exercise and the added wheat, I gained 10 pds ( Im a size 2-4 so 10 pds is a lot on my frame). This is one of the reasons I started the whole30. To be honest, the two main reasons were weight loss and to fix my unhealthy relationship with food. Now that my whole30 is ending, I am so scared to step on that scale and take my measurements. Im telling myself that the changes and how I am feeling are awesome but I feel that if I get on that scale, and its not what I expected, that all my talking will come to nothing. BTW, not weighing myself is not an option, as this was a little experiment for me and many of my clients and I want to document the changes, in all its forms. Ive already decided that I will have a Martini and some chocolate covered almonds ( minimal amounts) on halloween and then I am starting another whole30 on November 1st with 6 of my clients. Does anyone else go through this? Is my relationship with food THAT unhealthy that I would be that scared? This is the first time that my body image doesnt consume my every thought, should I be continuing this until thats all gone? Is that even possible?
  4. MelanieR

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!!

    Thanks guys! Ive added the sweet potato and I am drinking my hot water and lemon in the morning. I am happy to report things are moving again, slowly but surely
  5. MelanieR

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!!

    My husband loves kimchi. Me, not so much.LOL I will start to add sweet potatoe and also beets to my plan and see what happens. Im on day 25 today, and things are starting to get moving down there
  6. MelanieR

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!!

    I do eat a lot of spaghetti squash but the others squashes only about once à week. Robin, I stay away from starchy food for several reasons. One is that my husband is diabetic so I often think in terms of blood sugar levels so I stay away from pineapple, mango ect..... cause they are higher carb then berries and such. I also try to always eat my fruit with a protein or fat or right after a meal so that my sugar doesnt spike and have AGE occur. I also have been eating in the low carb mindset for some time so I tend to choose less starchy options for my veggies. I will have to rethink this. So much of my relationship with food is warped that I really need to reset my thinking, which is why I am doing this whole30. For example, I ate a 2 egg, 2 egg white omelet for lunch packed with spinach, chinese mushrooms and a sweet potatoe and now I feel fat cause I think that the sweet potatoe isnt low carb. I know its idiotic and unhealthy thinking but that is why im doing this and Im working on changing that mindset.
  7. MelanieR

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!!

    Thanks, I may have to try the sweet potato as a few ppl have mentioned it. It will go against anything Ive ever done though as I try to stay away from as much starchy vegetables and fruits as possible. Maybe Ill start by adding a quarter of one and see if that helps
  8. MelanieR

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!!

    I was hoping no one would say the coconut milk I love it so much. I was thinking that maybe it was the extra protein. I always ate protein and a good amount but now I feel like I am eating a ton of it!
  9. MelanieR

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!!

    Breakfast usually consists of 3 eggs fried in a tsp of evoo, half and avocado and a whole pepper and some cucumber and I add himalayan pink salt. French vanilla flavoured coffee with coconut milk Workout followed by either lunch or hard boiled egg for protein and raw almonds Lunch Cauliflower rice with garlic and fresh chives, sauteed ground turkey in evoo with onions and organic whole tomatoes and juices with sea salt 1/3 cup blacberries Dinner Coconut milk and curried black tiger shrimp (about 12) with sauteed brussel sprouts and garlic Another coffee with coconut milk Berries with organic coconut shreds and drizzled with coconut milk I usually drink about 6-7 bottles of water and a couple glasses of Perrier Another day Same breakfast and coffee Lunch Brussels sprouts and parsnip sauteed with garlic, grilled pork tenderloin in epicure Greek seasoning with evoo and lemon juice fresh squeezed raspeberries Dinner Kirlkland mixed veggies mix with onion and garlic sauteed in evoo with sea salt and pepper, beef tenderloin steak with pink salt Bowl of blackberries, raspberries and strawberries, about 1.5 cups with coconut shreds and drizzled with coconut milk Another coffee with coconut milk I always wait at least 4 or 5 hrs between Meals. I don't snack unless its a post workout protein. I also wake up really early as I have clients in the early morning so I don't eat, just have water until 8 when I have a break before my next client shows up. I also sometimes don't wait a full 2 hrs after I eat before going to bed. Hope that helps
  10. MelanieR

    Severely Constipated!!! Whats up with that??!!

    No, I'm on day 22 and when I do go, my stool is as it should be in terms of consistency ect....
  11. Hey Everyone, Before starting the whole30 plan, I was regular, to the T, I could even tell you to the half hour both times a day when I would go. After starting the whole30, Im now down to once every 36 hrs, if that. I can admit that I havent been drinking as much water as before, but then again, I was drinking a ton and probably too much water. Im now consuming about 6 bottles a day, and a couple more on exercise days. Today, I went for a small bowel exam, a test that should only take at the most 2 hours. It took me 4.5 hrs to complete. This means that by the time I drank the bromium, it took 4.5 hrs for it to get to my large intestine. The lady who did it at the same time as me took 40 min! The radiologist said that I was severely constipated! I was a little embarassed as I am usually soooo regular. Is this normal?
  12. MelanieR

    Caloric Intake?

    Im a Personal Trainer,have watched my weight and councilled others on weight control for a long time, counting calories ALWAYS being part of that equation. You know what, I WAS WRONG and I admit it. I was obsessed with staying within my 1400 calories, added exercise time, deleting exercise calories, on and on and on. Its just not mentally healthy. I am so freed now by the fact that I dont need to do that. Its liberating! On day #16, I decided, just for fun, to see how many calories I ate, and it was a lot more then 1400, and I could feel myself get back into that prisoned mindset. For me, one of the main reasons I decided to do the whole30 was exactly to get away from feeling trapped with my food. It was to free me from this imbalanced and warped relationship Ive had with food for years. I already ate within the paleo framework so this whole30 is more to work on my psyche, my emotional and psychological dependence I have with food. If I were to give you any advice, it would be to NOT count your calories, throw yourself 100% into the program and trust it, give it your all and liberate yourself!
  13. MelanieR

    Diva Cup

    Ive used my Divacup since 2010, both sizes, and I really like it. The only problem Ive had with it is this. I bleed A LOT so the first couple of days I tend to take it in and out many times. I find that after my period is done, sex with my husband really hurt, to the point where we had to refrain because my insides were irritated from the cup. So now, I use the cup for the first few days and then switch to tampons on my last days and that has seemed to ease the irritation and sex is back to normal ;-)
  14. Youre right! Letting go of obsessions is so true. So far, Ive been liberated from the counting calories obsession, the step on the scale obsession and even the ' I need to burn this many calories at the gym' obsession. The thing is, I dont need to lose weight, Im very fit and at my ideal weight, but thats why obsessions are obsessions! Thank you for reminding me of one of the reasons I started this plan, to break free of my obsessive behavior.
  15. Thanks. Im just an all or nothing kind of person and I can get quite obsessive so I feel like Ive failed the plan and myself Its already done and I need to move on so tomorrow will be Day #17, without an idiotic mistake!