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  1. Friends look at you oddly when you pour olive oil on your "specified plain" sweet potato at a restaurant.
  2. Kelli

    Questions about Reintroduction

    Completed W30 on June 22nd. Have been doing a very slow roll reintroduction. Stomach issues have slowed me down. Things I already know. Gluten and lactose intolerant. Tested peanut butter but my ankles swelled after. So no legumes. Also had a bad day and chose to have a gluten free bun and kettle chips...not like a planned reintroduction. These is my question. Do I need to restart reintro with 15 compliant days Things I don't want to try; gluten; dairy; legumes. Would like to try white rice and 85% chocolate. In the past I have been able to limit myself to two squares without over indulging. So I want 2 things occasional white rice and 85% chocolate. How do you think I should proceed?