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  1. Rhonda 8280

    Starting September 1 - Who's with me?

    my husband and I are starting today!
  2. Rhonda 8280

    Start date June 1

    Made it!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Rhonda 8280

    Start date June 1

    Is there a place to find the reintroduction plan if you don't have the book?
  4. Rhonda 8280

    Night Shift Nurse!

    Hi there, I am also a night shift nurse. I usually have my meal a bit later in my shift, or I split it into 2 smaller meals with the 2nd being closer to the end of my shift. I always keep a couple hard boiled eggs at work in case we get too busy for a break, and I have them on my way home.
  5. Rhonda 8280

    Start date June 1

    I would try sweet oil in your ear with a low heating pad, and maybe cool bath or shower for temp
  6. Rhonda 8280

    Start date June 1

    Day 10 - NSV! I have been riding my new bike alot this week, There is a pretty steep hill on the bike path. Until today I have always had to get off my bike and walk it up the hill. Today I was able to bike up the hill for the first time, it wasn't easy, but I made it!!
  7. Rhonda 8280

    Start date June 1

    Hello Maggie! I found a whole 30 recipe that I made last night with ground turkey and it was very good. I tweeked the recipe somewhat, using ground turkey and italian spices instead if italian sausage..I will send it to you if you want. It is for Zuppa Toscana, but I tweeeked the recipe a little by using more greens , subbing baby potaoes for parsnips and leaving out water and using chicken broth. My husband liked it and even took leftovers to work today for his lunch!
  8. Rhonda 8280

    Start date June 1

    Day 5! so far so good, I am feeling a little nervous about the weekend. It is my first one since I started that I will be working. I work the midnight shift at a hospital every weekend. I usually work 3 nights in a row. This weekend I am split, Work 1, off 1, work 1. This not only messes with sleep, but is usually my hardest time with eating healthy. Can anyone relate? Does anyone have any helpful suggestions?
  9. Rhonda 8280

    Start date June 1

    First day, first little glitch, my teabag has a non compliant additive, any help?
  10. Rhonda 8280

    Start date June 1

    I am also starting June 1st! I am so ready to make a change, tired of living this weigh(way) @ SallRain, also celebrating 35 years this summer, Happy Anniversary and best of luck to all of us starting whole30!