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  1. lixer

    Reintroduction Starting 10/30

    I did my gluten re-into yesterday. It is amazing that I went 40+ days not caring about bread but today I've just been a HUGE WHINY BABY about how much I want all the the bready items in the house. Ugh. It really is a drug
  2. I was on Nuvaring when I started Atkins a few years back. I think my first period or two were fine (and super short due to Nuvaring), but then I had a 17 DAY period. Ugh! I went to the doc and everything checked out fine. I think it is an effect of the weight loss or hormone effects from such a drastic change in eating. Hopefully things go back to normal for you!
  3. lixer

    Eating out annoyed!

    KB's post really touched me. I'm doing the Whole 30 because I care about myself and want to honor my body but yet I am also the type of person who would rather just be quiet and "nice" in most situations. I'm learning that honoring my voice is just as important and that doing so (in a polite way) doesn't make me a *itch. I actually haven't eaten out at all on my Whole 30.... 36 now, just because I'm too paranoid. When I was a little "looser" paleo before and when I choose to eat out in the future I understand that my order may be a bit odd, but everyone has been wonderfully accommodating since they want to make you happy. And, it should go without saying, tip those that make your dining experience a breeze well!
  4. lixer

    Not sure if eating enough

    Wow, these meals sound much larger than mine! Maybe I'll have to try snacking less so I won't feel guilty about enjoying a big meal. Duh!
  5. lixer

    Whining about wine....

    I'm on day 27 of my Whole 37 (started a week before my support group) and wine is one of the harder things for me too. I would usually only drink 4-5 glasses a month so it wasn't much of a habit, but man it makes me sad to have some wonderful steak dinners with no red wine!
  6. Glad you're doing a Whole 43! It might also helpful for you and others to know that YOU WILL MESS UP. Maybe not during your whole 30, maybe not for a while, but at some point you will eat something you didn't plan on because a) didn't know what you were eating or b ) ate it because you decided you wanted it for whatever reason. That is ok! What really matters is how you react to it... do you continue "messing up" and gorge yourself, or do you move on and get back on track with your next bite?
  7. lixer

    Day 4 and crazy lightheaded

    I would double check both water intake and electrolytes like salt (make sure it's high enough). When you reduce carbs the water balance in your body can get out of whack. Cramps would also be another sign. Otherwise, it might simply be carb/ sugar withdrawal headaches. Good luck!
  8. lixer

    Organizing all these recipes

    I've really been enjoying Evernote as well. Not only can I pin recipes from my browser, but if I'm at the dentist and flipping through a magazine and see a good recipe I can take a picture of it (tech is amazing, I can still read text from a picture on my ipod). Then when I do a search it will even pick up words in pictures! I do try to be good about tagging things like w30, pork, etc. but if I want to search for beef and cauliflower it will search through all the documents and pictures. After I've made a recipe I will take a picture of it along with any modifications or notes and add it to the original recipe.
  9. lixer

    Repurposing Butternut Squash soup

    I'd either freeze it so you can enjoy a meal later or possibly cook up some chicken and at it along with some curry paste and other veggies like cauliflower for a pseudo curry.