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    Can I have Marijuana

    Marijuana is a subject that is either accepted or demonized... I grew up in the 80's and remember by the 90's, the only anti-"drug" commercials were against MJ... I could be wrong, but I was a professional TV watcher back then... I NEVER saw commercials saying "Don't snort cocaine" "Injecting Heroin in your arm will leave marks that your teachers will see" "Watch out for people with no teeth, they be on the garage drug, Meth" "If your house needs cleaning right now, buy a bunch of speed... We have some now for 5 dollars and 99 cents now... wait don't answer, we have more we have 200 times that for a dollar 99 open the door and whizbang" The simple fact is, MJ is EVIL because it helps MUCH BETTER than any RX drug can for ANY health condition there is, and that flat out ticks off the Big Pharma companies that can't patent it and their handlers at the FDA... More MJ equals less profits for them, even though they are multi billion dollar corporations... There is no medicinal use for any of the street drugs I mentioned... The Pharma and Government people try Psychological Disinformation and Misinformation on people, claiming that MJ leads to other drugs and is addicting... Both are false My background is in Psychology... I can rip apart everything the government says, and with the MJ debate, it is blatantly easy to figure out their roots... (Congress)... The members of the House and Senate that have no problem with MJ legalization aren't bought by the drug companies... They have NO reason to put people in prison for using MJ to heal their kids having seizures and kids with autism etc... I have seen first hand how the Cannabis plant helps with Soldiers I was in combat with and Marines / Navy / Air Force service members that I know personally that have all kinds of conditions from Traumatic Brain Injury to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder to all kinds of other ailments... A few without a limb... Only a few of the service members I am talking about use MJ to get high, as in smoking or making brownies for the full THC effect... although that does accomplish the removal of pain... Most use a CBD spray or salve, like a version of Flex All 454, without the medicine smell... I know people using the spray or salve that can work regular jobs and play with the kids / grand kids with very few issues... CBD, for those that don't know, is a component of the cannabis plant that does the same thing as the THC, but doesn't make you high... I apologize for getting on the soap box, but for people that haven't done any research and haven't looked behind the curtain, MJ is not the EVIL "drug" that Nancy Reagan created D.A.R.E. around... It... Is... A... Plant that has been a healer since the beginning of time, and like all healing herbs, wasn't put on this planet by mistake...