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  1. ANY commercially prepared dressings.

    Thanks for the lemon wedge suggestion! We are eating out with my in-laws for dinner tonight and restaurant salad dressing is always a mine field. I love lemon so this solution is perfect!
  2. The craziest thing is happening

    Same here! I'm amazed at how receptive my taste buds have become. All foods are more flavorful and the sweetness of fruit is almost too much. I ate some banana a few days ago and it was too much. I never, ever, ever thought those words would escape my lips!
  3. Coops-sugar

    That would be a really small store considering how short the compliant food list is! I totally agree with you! I can't stand that all dried fruit has sugar. Like dried fruit isn't sweet enough on it's own! I know it's a texture thing but still, it's ridiculous! I've been taken in by reading labels too quickly and consumed non-compliant nuts. I could kick myself for not paying closer attention. Live and learn!
  4. Cashews with Peanut and/or Cottonseed Oil

    I finally found canned tuna without soy at...of all places...Sam's Club. It's the store brand, which I think sometimes have more simple ingredients than the national brands.
  5. BACON!!

    I've taken to using prosciutto instead of bacon. The flavor is amazing and a little goes a long way. Baked in the oven on a tray at 325 until crisp and it crumbles beautifully for a salad topping.
  6. IBS

    When my IBS was flared up I couldn't even think of eating anything in the cruciferous (cabbage/broccoli/cauliflower) family. It didn't matter if it was raw or cooked. Those foods acted violently and rapidly on my digestive system with bloating and diarrhea. I also had issues with peppers of any sort and tomatoes...I suspect due to the skins. Luckily, that was may years ago and I have since recovered from IBS. From time to time if I am especially stressed I will experience issues. But I'm able to recognize it and control it before it gets bad.
  7. Coconut shavings / chips?

    Thank you MeGA! That is the brand I found at my local market. I'll give them a try!
  8. Where do you find compliant coconut shavings or chips? I'm having a hard time finding chips that don't contain sodium metabisulfite as a preservative. I assume the 'sulfite' makes this non-compliant. Any suggestions? I can't stand the texture of shredded coconut. It's like eating sawdust. I thought maybe the shavings or chips would be less woody and more pleasing. For those who have tried the larger pieces, is that the case? Is it less woody? Or do I need to cut my losses and give up on finding coconut I can swallow?
  9. Day 31: Success! But...

    Congrats on completing your Whole30! I can really see the difference in your before/after pictures! You look vibrant in your after shots, for sure!
  10. Day 31 Surprises - My Whole30 Results

    That's fantastic!! I would much rather wear a smaller size and feel comfortable in my own skin than have a lower numeric output on a scale.
  11. Day 9 Itty Bitty Brag

    My steamed shrimp and veggies came with rice and sauce on the side, even though I specifically asked them to be left out of the order. I tossed them without a single thought, drizzled with some coconut aminos, a little olive oil and enjoyed my lunch! I even picked out the baby corns, just to be certain my meal was compliant. I'm feeling pretty pleased with myself!
  12. Are any allergy meds okay?

    I don't have an answer about meds and Whole30 but I did notice you mentioned essential oils. To me that means you are open to essential oils as a remedy and I wanted to share the recipe I've been using to help with sinus issues through this allergy season. It's really helped to keep my sinuses clear and my bronchial tubes open. Sinus Blend = 25mL carrier oil (I like sweet almond but any carrier would work), 3 drops geranium, 3 drops eucalyptus radiata (the species of eucalyptus is important here as globula has different properties), 2 drops peppermint and 1 drop lavender. I apply this to my neck, chest and on my face (under eyes and forehead) after my shower. I also reapply as needed throughout the day at the base of my skull. It really helps to keep my sinuses from congesting, which always leads to other issues. I also use a blend of 80 drop carrier, 60 drops lavender and 20 drops peppermint for headaches. It's been successful for stress headaches but not as much for environmental/allergy headaches. The sinus blend has actually been helpful with avoiding those headaches. I hope you can get an answer on the allergy meds and that your husband can find relief. Allergies take all the fun out of summer!
  13. Start date 6/12

    The greatest challenge I face is changing my mindset from a weight-loss-calorie-counter to listening to my body and hunger signals. I've been on a diet since I can remember, counting calories, logging food etc. I had some success with changing my mindset from dieting to listening to my hunger signals and body a couple years ago but fell back into the food=comfort=shame=food downward spiral. After reading Whole30 I'm confident this will be the approach to address the issue as well as health issues and food sensitivities I'm facing. I'm taking this week to fully prepare, clear out the pantry, fridge and freezer, create a few go-to menu items, assemble my shopping list and prep some ghee and mayo. I chose Friday to start so I have a full 4 days at home to get into the groove and (hopefully) deal with the initial physical effects in the Whole30 Timeline before I have to be around people, other than my husband. He fully understands what I'm doing and why and will be supportive in every way...except for the way that requires him to give up Mountain Dew and Cheez-its. Here's to the start of a journey with the first step!