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    I'm in! It has been over a year since my last one and I am ready!
  2. I have previously completed a whole 30 and a whole 45. I am really bad off the whole 30 meal plan, and decided to go all in for a whole 100. I am also doing a 100 day burpee challenge, which I think will actually help me stay on track because I need to mark my days off on my burpee calendar. One issue I already see in my future, the Minnesota State Fair. We are regular fair goers and plan on going this year as well. I will be considering my choices that day, but who knows. Maybe I can find some great Whole 30 approved options there as well. And avoid the inevitable post-fair stomach ache. Goals: I need some time to really focus on my health. I have 2 kids, a full time job, and we run a small farm on top of that. I do NOT spend a lot of time focusing on my health. Stress and lack of sleep controls my eating habits, and since doing my last whole 30 in March I have gained about 20 lbs. I think my stress and lack of sleep often leads to eating at night, and eating a lot of carbs and sugar, which generally makes me feel pretty lethargic most of the time. Starting in September my job is being cut to part time. At first I was not very happy about it, but I am looking at this as an opportunity to focus on some of the other issues I have been dealing with and spend more time with my kids.
  3. Lard and Cast Iron

    Thanks for the suggestions! I think I might try the salt trick as well. What my husband thinks is that the lard may still have a lot of fat solids left in it, we rendered it at home and ran it through a strainer but not a cheesecloth. So the idea that other little bits of things might be getting burnt in the pan may be what we are dealing with.
  4. Greek-Style Green Beans

    I added some salt cured black olives as well.
  5. Greek-Style Green Beans

    I heard this recipe on The Splendid Table today and had to give it a try. So good!
  6. Lard and Cast Iron

    We have been using cast iron pans for years. Initially we used cooking oil to season them, but over the last couple of years we switched to butter, and recently lard. We have one smaller pan that my husband has reserved specifically for eggs. Since we started using lard on it we have been having trouble with the eggs sticking. Any ideas why this could be? Anyone else use lard in their cast iron?
  7. Beef Tongue?

    I'm going to follow this topic! I also have a beef tongue in my freezer. I've never tried it before. I was going to make tongue tacos, because thats the only way I've seen them prepared.
  8. I used the emails for my first whole 30, and thought they were great. As for the cost, it seems marginal compared to what people pay for popular "diet" programs. For me the cost was worth it because it gave me a small financial incentive to complete the program. The emails had a lot of really great info, organized and sent to me when I needed it. It seemed like if I was thinking about something when I went to bed at night, the next morning's email addresses that issue. I purchased the book for my second whole 30 and that was really informative as well, but I do miss the daily interactions.
  9. W30 and "morbid obesity"

    Personally I never found counting calories to benefit weight loss or, more importantly, body image. In previous attempts I would use one of those online calorie counters. I would try to keep calories under 2000 a day, for a moderate to highly active person, and I would be starving. Plus the counters would add up my percentages and I would always have over 50% of calories from fat. On days that I would actually stay under 2000 and 20% fat I would be so hungry and tired, and it was so mentally draining. I would follow the counting program for 2-3 weeks before I would just get frustrated and quit. Depressed that I just didn't have the "will power" to eat less. That is why I became really interested in the Whole 30 program. No counting! During my first I lost about 12 lbs, and I am sure I was eating well over 2000 calories a day, and lots of yummy healthy fat. I do have a question about the portion sizes. I didn't read ISWF during my first Whole 30 and I am about half way through reading it now, a week in to my 2nd. I didn't follow any portion sizes and still don't, and probably won't. How essential is that to the Whole 30 plan? Wouldn't that be kind of similar to counting calories? Looking back at my meals I think that the eating plan seems to naturally dictate the portion sizes with out me trying. Larger portions of fat or protein at one meal seem to prompt me to eat less of that at the next.
  10. Coconut Squash Bake

    I made this based off another recipe I made for Thanksgiving. I was looking for a different way to prepare my squash and use more coconut. The original recipe called for butter, cream, and honey. I substituted the coconut oil for the butter and threw in an extra egg instead of cream. about 3 cups squash, cooked 1/2 cup coconut oil, melted 4 eggs 1 cup finely shredded coconut cinnamon and ginger to taste mix together and put in casserole dish, top with pecans and a little more shredded coconut, bake at 350 for an hour. A little dryer than the original but still very tasty!
  11. Pork broth

    Started a batch of broth from pork rib bones this morning, and I have been adding vinegar to all of my broths. I used the traditional carrots and onion, but the addition of the asian pear and ginger sounds amazing.
  12. Finished my first Whole 30!

    I didn't cook apart from the kids. Our meals consisted of a meat with veggies. My husband and kids still had bread, potatoes, and dairy, but they cut back on the processed food. And we still have been pretty good about keeping the processed food out of the house. Starting Whole 30 #2 in January and going to see if I can get the family to come along this time.
  13. Looking for some support!

    Thanks for all the advice! I've been working on sticking to Whole 30 protocol most days but not at holiday events. I have resorted to writing it in my daily planner, which serves as a great reminder. I am planning on getting the book now and using it as I do my second Whole 30 in January. Seriously, following the Whole 30 eating plan was NOT that hard for me, I just need to plan better. A couple of things that I have noticed since finishing my first Whole 30: 1. I can really recognize my triggers. Like if I have one Hershey Kiss (or any type of sweet) I will have more (they are gone now, by the way. We had them for a special event at work, I try to keep that stuff out of the office now). Also, alcohol is a huge trigger for me, and I don't even drink that much. I have a beer or wine once or twice a week, but just one beer or one glass of wine seems to trigger this urge to eat and I end up snacking late night. 2. There is so much sugar in everything! I don't even eat a lot of processed food, but there were a lot of things that were left out of my diet during the Whole 30. I do a lot of home pickling and canning. Often there is sugar in the pickling brine, and I make salsa and tomato sauce, both of which have sugar. I canned ketchup this year, one of my favorite condiments, but again, sugar. I thought I was cutting back on sugar in my diet, and I probably did but there still is a lot of sugar sneaking in. Honestly when I finished my first Whole 30 I really didn't feel ready. I probably should have planned my timeframe better. So I am hoping better planning through the Holidays will help me feel better while I prepare for my second Whole 30 in January. Thanks again for the responses!
  14. I finished my first Whole 30, with great success, the day before Thanksgiving. Over Thanksgiving weekend I ate what I wanted, and pretty liberally. All weekend long I suffered from bloating, stomach aches, and then a few days ago my chin broke out. I used the Whole 30 Daily, which was a great motivator. I am having trouble with that motivation now. I obviously know what is best for me, but I keep telling myself "TOMORROW I will eat clean", then I don't. After a long weekend all my poor habits seem to be back. I've already had a handful of Hershey Kisses at my desk today. UGH! Stomach ache here we come! So here is where I am right now. I am not going to pretend that I will stick to a strict Whole 30 over the Holidays. I would like to stay clean on most days but be able to enjoy gatherings with no restrictions. I am planning on doing the Whole 30 again in January, but are there any suggestions on how to stay on track without the daily emails? I figured I can't do the Daily again because I have already. I haven't read ISWT, I've considered buying it, do I really need to? Or is the information in the book going the same as the Daily? Suggestions from people who have done multiple Whole 30's on how to take it up a notch? It is obvious to me that I have issues with sugar that are unresolved. And after my second Whole 30 I plan to do the proper reintroduction so I can see if it is dairy that makes my chin break out. My long term goal would be to get to a place where I can enjoy some of the "forbidden" foods every now and then, and not have that lead to a day of poor choices. Do people get there? Any thoughts from people who NEVER get there? Is this stuff in the book? Has the Whole 9 team considered a daily email program for intermediate or advanced Whole 30 participants?
  15. I am also planning on being flexible over the Holidays, and doing a Whole 30 again in January.