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  1. Doing well, thanks! Cravings are down as well as bloat, so that's a huge win for me. I find that high protein & fat breakfasts will get me through the morning. When in doubt, always add avocado! How are you doing?
  2. Hello - long time W30 believer, first time posting! I usually do a W30 in January to get back on track after the holidays and reaffirm my food choices. This year, things went off the rails very quickly and very badly due to the COVID lockdown and I feel worse than I have in years. Maybe TMI, but I am also 3 years post-menopausal and it seems my metabolism has come to grinding halt, even with daily sweat sessions and mindful eating. Lockdown has meant daily happy hour, where I lose my willpower and make extremely bad food choices in the evening, including indulging in sweets like I haven't