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  1. thumbsupgirl

    Starting July 20 - Who's In?

    Okay, I am already being challenged because tomorrow I am heading out for a 3 day excursion with two of my girlfriends. This was totally unexpected, so I am packing a cooler and hoping they will be patient with me!!
  2. thumbsupgirl

    Starting the Whole30 tomorrow !

    I started today, also. I live in SW Michigan, USA where summer is in full swing. My family and I attended a beautiful outdoor concert last night with Rachel Platten, Christina Perri and Colbie Caillat where I had my last glasses of wine for the next 30 days. Woke up with a headache this a.m., so I am not saying good-bye to wine as much as good-bye to wine headaches!! Good luck to you all!
  3. I am starting this a.m., Monday, July 20 and I am a teacher also. I thought this would be a good time, before I go back with students. I am going to struggle most with wine with meals and friends, also! My house is the go-to house for my friends to come and grab a glass of wine and a's going to be tough on them! Nervous and excited is a good way to describe my feelings this morning. My husband will support me, but I know there will be moments where if I don't plan ahead, I'll have temptations. Two of those times in the upcoming 30 days is my 40th wedding anniversary and a girls weekend in August. Hopefully, I can celebrate the anniversary feeling so good it doesn't matter if there is wine and for the girls weekend, I can be a healthy example to them. Well, off we go!
  4. thumbsupgirl

    Starting July 20 - Who's In?

    I am prepping to start my first Whole 30 on Monday, July 20, also. I've been taking baby-steps this week to gear up. Not a huge life-style change because my husband and I have been conscientious consumers for some time, but my hardest struggle will be giving up the glasses of wine that my husband and I share during dinner each night. I've already made it this week, so I know I can do this! Good vibes to all who will be joining us!!